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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Yu Bin9pCho Hunhyun9pB+R2432003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
2Rin Kaiho9pKato Masao9pW+R1702003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
3Yoda Norimoto9pO Rissei9pB+R1472003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
4O Meien9pYamashita Keigo9pB+2.53132003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
5Dong Yan7pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R2242003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
6Huang Xiangren3pYuki Satoshi9pW+R1422003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
7Lee Changho9pDing Wei8pB+R1532003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
8Lee Sedol6pLiu Jing8pB+R2312003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
9Wang Xi5pSong Taekon4pW+R2042003-04-27CSK Asian Cup, 2nd1
10Cho U8pYu Bin9pB+0.52712003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2nd2
11Zhou Heyang9pNie Weiping9pW+R1842003-02-13CSK Asian Cup, 2ndChinese preliminary
12Luo Xihe9pDong Yan7pW+0.52382003-02-13CSK Asian Cup, 2ndChinese Preliminary
13Dong Yan7pChang Hao9pB+R1292003-02-16CSK Asian Cup, 2ndChinese preliminary
14Gu Li7pLiu Jing8pW+R2342003-02-16CSK Asian Cup, 2ndChinese preliminary
15Lee Changho9pHane Naoki9pW+R1642003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
16Cho Hunhyun9pKato Masao9pB+R2472003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
17Yoo Changhyuk9pYamashita Keigo9pW+R1782003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
18Ding Wei8pRin Kaiho9pB+1.52852003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
19Wang Xi5pO Rissei9pW+R2122003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
20O Meien9pLiu Jing8pW+0.53082003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
21Yoda Norimoto9pLee Sedol6pB+R1432003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
22Yuki Satoshi9pSong Taekon4pB+R1832003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
23Dong Yan7pHuang Xiangren3pB+R1812003-04-28CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 2
24Rin Kaiho9pCho Hunhyun9pW+8.53122003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
25Yu Bin9pHane Naoki9pB+R1672003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
26O Meien9pYoo Changhyuk9pB+1.51792003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
27Liu Jing8pKato Masao9pB+2.52522003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
28Cho U8pLee Changho9pB+R1852003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
29Lee Sedol6pO Rissei9pW+R2582003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
30Yuki Satoshi9pDing Wei8pB+R2012003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
31Yoda Norimoto9pDong Yan7pB+R1612003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
32Yamashita Keigo9pWang Xi5pB+R2292003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3
33Song Taekon4pHuang Xiangren3pB+R1312003-04-29CSK Asian Cup, 2ndRound 3

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