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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Wang Yao6pLi Kang5pB+R2692006-04-20Chinese City League A, 8thYunnan vs Dalian
2Wang Yao6pLi Kang6pB+R2632007-11-17Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Guangxi vs Team Yunnan
3Wang Yao6pLi Kang6pW+0.52992008-11-06Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Guangxi vs Team Yunnan
4Li Qincheng1p ?Wang Yao6pB+R2612015-05-06Mingren, 28th1st round
5Li Xuan Hao3pWang Yao6pB+R1052010-11-16  
6Li Zhe3pWang Yao5pB+R1572003-10-30Chinese City League A, 5thRound 15
7Li Zhe4pWang Yao6pB+R1572006-02-09Xinren Wang, 13thFinal, game 1
8Wang Yao6pLi Zhe4pB+R2052006-02-10Xinren Wang, 13thFinal, game 2
9Li Zhe4pWang Yao6pB+R1892006-02-11Xinren Wang, 13thFinal, game 3
10Li Zhe5pWang Yao6pW+R1622007-09-21Year 2007 Chinese Individual Champion, round 6Round 6
11Wang Yao6pLi Zhe6pB+R2512008-03-01Mingren, 21st2
12Li Zhe6pWang Yao6pB+R1112009-05-28Chinese A League, 2009Team Yunnan vs Team Wuhan
13Wang Yao6pLi Zhe6pB+1.52452009-10-10Chinese A League, 2009Team Wuhan vs Team Yunnan
14Wang Yao6pLi Zhe6pW+R2062010-06-03  
15Li Zhe6pWang Yao6pW+12732010-06-26Changqi Cup, 07th3
16Wang Yao6pLi Zhe6pW+4.53052011-03-15CCTV Cup, 23rd2
17Wang Yao6pLiang Bochao1p ?B+R1272005-06-11Chinese City League A, 7thRound 5
18Liao Hangwen1p ?Wang Yao6pB+R1872006-12-02RICOH Cup, 07th1
19Wang Yao5pLin Feng5pB+29.52242002-05-23Chinese City League A, 4th1-7-d
20Wang Yao6pLin Shuyang5pB+R792009-01-03  
21Wang Yao4pLiu Jing8pB+1,83272000-11-02China National Team Championship, 2000Round 18
22Liu Jing8pWang Yao6pW+0.52132005-01-29Tianyuan, 19thRound 2
23Wang Yao6pLiu Shizheng6pW+R2242005-08-20Chinese City League A, 7thRound 11
24Wang Yao6pLiu Xiaoguang9pB+R1312005-10-01Chinese City League A, 7thRound 12
25Wang Yao5pLiu Xing6pW+R1522004-03-08Ricoh Cup (China), 4thSemifinal
26Liu Xing7pWang Yao6pW+R2122009-06-01Changqi Cup, 06th2
27Wang Yao6pLiu Xing7pW+R1562009-07-11Chinese A League, 2009Team Hangzhou vs Team Yunnan
28Liu Xing7pWang Yao6pW+R1882009-12-19Chinese A League, 2009Team Yunnan vs Team Hangzhou
29Liu Xing7pWang Yao6pW+R2082011-03-11CCTV Cup, 23rd1
30Luo Delong3pWang Yao6pW+R2542007-06-30Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Xicai vs Team Yunnan
31Wang Yao4pLuo Xihe8pW+8.52602001-06-19Chinese City League A, 3rd10
32Wang Yao5pLuo Xihe8pW+R1982001-09-20China National Individual Championship, 20016
33Luo Xihe9pWang Yao5pB+R2352004-04-29Chinese City League A, 6thRound 2
34Wang Yao6pLuo Xihe9pW+R1882004-10-23Xiaoqi Cup, 1st1
35Luo Xihe9pWang Yao5pW+6.53022005-10-15Chinese City League A, 7thRound 14
36Wang Yao6pLuo Xihe9pW+R2262006-01-21Tianyuan, 20thRound 2
37Wang Yao6pLuo Xihe9pB+R1612006-05-11Chinese City League A, 8thBaejing New vs Yunnan
38Luo Xihe9pWang Yao6pW+R1722006-10-28Chinese City League A, 8thRound 14
39Ma Xiaobing3pWang Yao6pW+R1822006-02-06Xinren Wang, 13thRound 2
40Wang Yao6pMa Xiaobing4pB+R1412007-03-21CCTV Cup, 19th2
41Ma Xiaobing4pWang Yao6pB+R1452007-08-18Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Yunnan vs Team Baejing Ocean
42Wang Yao6pMa Xiaobing4pW+R1662008-03-29Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Yunnan vs Team Haidian
43Ma Xiaochun9pWang Yao5pB+R1472004-05-13Chinese City League A, 6thRound 4
44Wang Yao6pMa Xiaochun9pW+0.52662005-01-27Tianyuan, 19th1
45Ma Xiaochun9pWang Yao6pB+R1912005-08-06Chinese City League A, 7thRound 9
46Ma Xiaochun9pWang Yao6pW+0.53052008-07-01Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Yunnan vs Team Wuhan
47Mao Ruilong4pWang Yao6pB+3.52222009-02-17CCTV Cup, 21st1
48Wang Yao6pMao Ruilong4pW+R1662012-10-19Longchen, 04th3
49Meng Lei3pWang Yao6pW+R1542009-06-30  
50Wang Yao6pMeng Tailing4pB+R1652007-12-15Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Baejing Ocean vs Team Yunnan
51Wang Yao6pMeng Tailing4pW+R2042008-07-05Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Haidian vs Team Yunnan
52Wang Yao6pMeng Tailing4pW+R2822008-09-16Year 2008 Chinese Individual ChampionRound 3
53Meng Tailing4pWang Yao6pW+R2102009-06-27Chinese A League, 2009Team Yunnan vs Team Sian
54Wang Yao4pMok Jinseok5pB+R1992001-06-07Chinese City League A, 3rd8
55Wang Yao5pMok Jinseok6pW+R1962003-04-07HaoMao Cup 20031
56Wang Yao5pMok Jinseok8pW+R1562005-05-21Chinese City League A, 7thRound 4
57Wang Yao6pMok Jinseok9pW+R462005-10-29  
58Wang Yao6pMok Jinseok9pW+R2682012-03-11Bailing Cup, 1st, integration preliminary tournament 
59Nie Weiping9pWang Yao4pW+8.52772001-05-31Chinese City League A, 3rd7
60Nie Weiping9pWang Yao5pW+R2162004-07-01Chinese City League A, 6thRound 11
61Wang Yao5pNie Weiping9pB+R2182004-12-16Chinese City League A, 6thRound 22
62Wang Yao6pNie Weiping9pW+R2282010-09-01Qiwang, 06th1
63Wang Yao6pNiu Yutian6pW+R1962006-10-21Chinese City League A, 8thDalian vs Yunnan
64Wang Yao6pNiu Yutian6pW+R1302007-06-23Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Yunnan vs Team Dalian
65Niu Yutian6pWang Yao6pW+R1862008-04-17Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Yunnan vs Team Guangxi
66Wang Yao6pNiu Yutian6pW+R1642009-05-09Chinese A League, 2009Team Guangxi vs Team Yunnan
67Niu Yutian6pWang Yao6pB+3.52842009-09-05Chinese A League, 2009Team Yunnan vs Team Guangxi
68Wang Yao6pNiu Yutian7pW+R2602010-12-04  
69Wang Yao6pPark Jungsang9pB+R1572006-07-27Chinese City League A, 8thKueichou Weishi vs Yunnan
70Wang Yao6pPark Jungwhan2pW+R1942007-08-01Samsung Cup, 12thintegration primary tournament
71Park Young-hun9pWang Yao6pB+R1792008-05-28LG Cup, 13th1/8 Final - 6
72Wang Yao6pPark Young-hun9pW+0.53612009-10-13Samsung Cup, 14th1/8 Final - 6
73Park Young-hun9pWang Yao6pW+R2282010-06-07LG Cup, 15th1/16 Final - 06
74Wang Yao6pPark Young-hun9pW+R2162011-05-03LG Cup, 16th, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
75Wang Yao6pPark Young-hun9pW+R1622011-05-03LG Cup, 16th, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
76Wang Yao6pPark Young-hun9pW+R2342012-06-14  
77Peng Liyao3pWang Yao6pW+R2002007-03-13Chinese Southwest Qiwang, 6thRound 1
78Wang Yao6pPeng Liyao4pW+R1102008-01-28Tianyuan, 22nd1
79Wang Yao6pPeng Liyao5pW+R2522010-01-25  
80Wang Yao6pPeng Liyao5pW+R2182010-10-30  
81Wang Yao5pPeng Quan5pW+R1282003-11-27Chinese City League A, 5thRound 19
82Wang Yao5pPeng Quan5pB+R2152005-05-07Chinese City League A, 7thRound 3
83Wang Yao6pPeng Quan7pW+R1282007-05-19Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Baejing Daixing vs Team Yunnan
84Peng Quan7pWang Yao6pB+R1332008-04-01CCTV Cup, 20th3
85Wang Yao6pPeng Quan7pB+R2192008-12-13Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Xinxing vs Team Yunnan
86Peng Quan7pWang Yao6pB+R2232009-07-09Chinese A League, 2009Team Yunnan vs Team Xinxing
87Peng Quan7pWang Yao6pW+R1882014-12-31RICOH Cup, 15th1st round
88Wang Yao6pPiao Wenyao5pW+R1882006-10-24Chinese Changqi Cup, 4th1
89Wang Yao6pPiao Wenyao5pW+R2822007-09-15Year 2007 Chinese Individual Champion, round 2Round 2
90Wang Yao6pPiao Wenyao5pW+Time1882008-02-29China NEC Cup, 14thpreliminary tournament final
91Wang Yao6pPiao Wenyao5pW+4.52492009-05-23Chinese A League, 2009Team Guizhou vs Team Yunnan
92Piao Wenyao5pWang Yao6pB+R1672010-11-10LG Cup, 15thSemifinal - 1
93Piao Wenyao9pWang Yao6pB+R1132011-02-13Tianyuan, 25th2
94Qin Yuexin2pWang Yao6pB+R1992008-01-06  
95Qiu Jun6pWang Yao4pW+R1522001-02-05Xinren Wang (New Stars), 8th1-07
96Wang Yao5pQiu Jun6pB+R1732003-12-11Chinese City League A, 5thRound 21
97Wang Yao6pQiu Jun7pB+R2152005-01-31Tianyuan, 19thRound 3
98Wang Yao5pQiu Jun7pB+R2712005-12-31Chinese City League A, 7thRound 22
99Wang Yao6pQiu Jun7pW+R1682006-06-17NEC Cup Chinese, 12th1
100Qiu Jun8pWang Yao6pW+R2022006-09-18Year 2006 Chinese Individual Champion, round 4Round 4

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