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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Zhang Zhenxi Cheng Lanru5p ??1761740-01-01  
2Zhang Zhenxi Cheng Lanru5p ??1101740-01-01  
3Zhang Zhenxi Cheng Lanru5p ??1261740-01-01  
4Zhang Zhenxi Cheng Lanru5p ??2181740-01-01  
5Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ??1961740-01-01  
6Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ?B+91701740-01-01  
7Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ??831740-01-01  
8Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ??1441740-01-01  
9Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ??1611740-01-01  
10Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ??2071740-01-01  
11Zhang Yuanruo Cheng Lanru5p ??1011740-01-01  
12Zhang Gongshu Cheng Lanru5p ??2031740-01-01  
13Zhang Danjiu Cheng Lanru5p ??1581740-01-01  
14Yun Mai Cheng Lanru5p ?B+0.5 (zi)2001740-01-01  
15Yu Changhou Cheng Lanru5p ??1531740-01-01  
16Yao Pinsan Cheng Lanru5p ?W+2651740-01-01  
17Xiuqin Cheng Lanru5p ??1891740-01-01  
18Wu Guansan5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1941740-01-01  
19Wu Fenglai Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1921740-01-01  
20Wang Zhanglun Cheng Lanru5p ??2061740-01-01  
21Song Mingqi Cheng Lanru5p ??2071740-01-01  
22Shao Hanzhang Cheng Lanru5p ?W+52211740-01-01  
23Shao Hanzhang Cheng Lanru5p ??1371740-01-01  
24Shao Hanzhang Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1511740-01-01  
25Seng Guanru5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1661740-01-01  
26Seng Guanru Cheng Lanru5p ??2361740-01-01  
27Seng Guanru Cheng Lanru5p ??2121740-01-01  
28Qian Donghui Cheng Lanru5p ??2281740-01-01  
29Qian Donghui Cheng Lanru5p ?W+2391740-01-01  
30Pei Jingyun Cheng Lanru5p ??1871740-01-01  
31Niu Liangzhou Cheng Lanru5p ??1691740-01-01  
32Niu Liangzhou Cheng Lanru5p ??2351740-01-01  
33Mei Chishu Cheng Lanru5p ?B+2461740-01-01  
34Lu Shijing Cheng Lanru5p ??2051740-01-01  
35Liu Jiwu Cheng Lanru5p ?B+2381740-01-01  
36Liu Jiwu Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1171740-01-01  
37Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R2221740-01-01  
38Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R2091740-01-01  
39Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R2061740-01-01  
40Liang Weijin? proCheng Lanru5p ?W+R2601740-01-01  
41Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R2361740-01-01  
42Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?B+R2111740-01-01  
43Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?B+R2081740-01-01  
44Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R2251740-01-01  
45Liang Weijin Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1721740-01-01  
46Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R2761740-01-01  
47Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R1911740-01-01  
48Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R1651740-01-01  
49Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R1951740-01-01  
50Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R1851740-01-01  
51Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ??2031740-01-01  
52Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+R1851740-01-01  
53Liang Weijin5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ??2241740-01-01  
54Li Yipin Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1631740-01-01  
55Li Yipin Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1631740-01-01  
56Li Yipin Cheng Lanru5p ??1631740-01-01  
57Li Linzhuang Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1901740-01-01  
58Li Linzhuang Cheng Lanru5p ?W+2051740-01-01  
59Li Jingwen Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1561740-01-01  
60Li Jingwen Cheng Lanru5p ?W+7.52441740-01-01  
61Li Jingwen Cheng Lanru5p ?B+2391740-01-01  
62Jin Zaitian5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1521740-01-01  
63Huang Younan Cheng Lanru5p ?W+821740-01-01  
64Huang Younan Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1401740-01-01  
65Huang Younan Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1681740-01-01  
66Huang Younan Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1641740-01-01  
67Huang Younan Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1151740-01-01  
68Huang Younan Cheng Lanru5p ?W+1431740-01-01  
69Huang Jilyu Cheng Lanru5p ??2421740-01-01  
70Hu Zhaolin Cheng Lanru5p ??2051740-01-01  
71Hu Zhaolin Cheng Lanru5p ??2511740-01-01  
72Hu Zhaolin Cheng Lanru5p ??2021740-01-01  
73Hu Zhaolin Cheng Lanru5p ??2301740-01-01  
74Hong Yuxiang Cheng Lanru5p ??2081740-01-01  
75Hong Yuxiang Cheng Lanru5p ??1911740-01-01  
76Hong Yuxiang5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1921740-01-01  
77Han Zhuchen Cheng Lanru5p ??1921740-01-01  
78Han Zhuchen Cheng Lanru5p ??2151740-01-01  
79Han Zhuchen Cheng Lanru5p ??2361740-01-01  
80Han Zhuchen Cheng Lanru5p ??1711740-01-01  
81Han Zhuchen Cheng Lanru5p ??2231740-01-01  
82Guo Huangyou Cheng Lanru5p ??2171740-01-01Chinese ancient game 
83Guo Huangyou5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1741740-01-01  
84Guo Huangyou Cheng Lanru5p ??2251740-01-01  
85Guanru Cheng Lanru5p ??1931740-01-01  
86Cheng Lanru5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1591740-01-01  
87Cheng Lanru5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?W+3111740-01-01  
88Cheng Lanru Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1701740-01-01  
89Chen Zixian5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 2371740-01-01  
90Chen Zixian5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ? 1991740-01-01  
91Chen Jiuru5p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?B+R1181740-01-01  
92Anonymous Cheng Lanru5p ??1461740-01-01  
93Anonymous Cheng Lanru5p ?B+1841740-01-01  
94Honinbo Shuhaku6pInoue Shunseki Inseki7pB+102521739-12-18Challenge Matchgame 02
95Inoue Shunseki Inseki7pHoninbo Shuhaku7pB+22801739-12-17Castle Game and Challenge match, Game 1 
96Yasui Shuntetsu Senkaku1p ?Aihara Kaiseki1p ?B+112321739-07-19  
97Fan Xiping1p ?Cheng Lanru5p ?B+72601739-01-0110- or 11-game match 
98Cheng Lanru5p ?Fan Xiping5p ?B+9.53171739-01-01Dang Hu Gamesgame 06
99Cheng Lanru5p ?Fan Xiping5p ?B+53411739-01-01Dang Hu Gamesgame 10
100Cheng Lanru5p ?Fan Xiping5p ?W+2.52981739-01-0110- or 11-game matchgame 07

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