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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Go Seigen3pInoue Ichiro3pW+32481929-07-24Archers of Yue versus Genius of Wu" series sponsored by KidoGame 9 (of 13)
2Inoue Ichiro3pGo Seigen3pW+R2621930-04-26Nihon Ki-in Professionals Invitation Games sponsored by Kokumin Shinbun 
3Go Seigen3pInoue Ichiro3pB+R1691930-12-29Nihon Kiin Special Invitation Tournament sponsored by Osaka Asahi Shinbun 
4Inoue Ichiro4pGo Seigen4pW+R1761932-10-27Oteai, 1932, AutumnRound 4
5Inoue Ichiro4pGo Seigen5pW+102571934-03-29Oteai, 1934, SpringRound 4
6Kitani Minoru3pInoue Ichiro3pW+R1941926-01-12Joshiki Teai, Young Players W & C, sponsored by Kido 
7Kitani Minoru3pInoue Ichiro3pB+R1991927-01-01Special Ki-in Championship sponsored by Kido 
8Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru4pW+R1761927-01-04Rising Stars Win & Continue sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun & Osaka Mainichi ShinbunGame 9 of Kitani's series
9Kitani Minoru4pInoue Ichiro3pB+R1751927-01-12Rising Stars Win & Continue sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun & Osaka MainicInoue on 2 wins
10Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru4pW+R1781927-04-20Oteai, 1927, Spring 
11Kitani Minoru4pInoue Ichiro3pB+R1731927-11-09Oteai, Autumn sessionRound 6 of 8
12Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru4pJigo2271928-04-04Oteai, Spring session, 1928Round 5 of 8
13Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru4pW+133041928-07-01Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 10 of Kitani's 13 wins
14Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru4pW+22641929-04-10Oteai 
15Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru5pW+12751930-01-06Rising Stars Win & Continue Tournament sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun andReplay of jigo game
16Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru5pJigo2661930-05-24Rising Stars Win-and-Continue Tournament sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun aKitani on 1 win
17Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru5pW+32681930-10-22Oteai 
18Inoue Ichiro4pKitani Minoru5pB+R2731931-10-21Oteai, 1931, Autumn sessionRound 3 of 8
19Inoue Ichiro4pKitani Minoru6pW+62591934-03-21OteaiRound 3
20Inoue Ichiro4pMaeda Nobuaki6pW+R1721939-01-01Oteai, Spring SessionRound 6

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