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 Game of the dayJapanese 


# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Cai Bihan2p1p ?B+R1632015-07-03  
2Cai Bihan1p ?6 danW+3.52642009-03-02  
3Cai Bihan1p ?κ1p ?B+1.52322007-07-16  
4Cai Bihan2pˬ2pB+R1312010-04-02  
5Cai Bihan2pŏ|1p ?B+R1512010-03-22  
6Cai Bihan2p1p ?B+R2172015-06-04  
7Cai Bihan2pԽȻ1p ?B+1.53272013-10-10  
8Ӻ1p ?Cai Bihan2pW+R2402015-06-25  
9Ӻ1p ?Cai Bihan2pB+1.52372016-07-04  
10żҺ1p ?Cai Bihan2pW+2.53002010-01-18  
112pCai Bihan2pB+1.52142015-09-03  
12Cai Bihan2pׯ԰3pB+R1792010-05-29  
13Cai Bihan2p 2pB+R1872015-05-01  
14Cai Bihan2p2pW+R1402016-05-11  
15Cai Bihan2p2pB+R1832016-02-23  
16Cai Bihan2p½ȫ1p ?B+R2312015-07-04  
17Ben Huang1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?W+R2282007-07-11  
18Cai Bihan1p ?Cao Xiaoyang1p ?W+R1242007-07-13  
19Cai Bihan2pCao Youyin3p 2192014-10-10  
20Cai Bihan2pCao Youyin3pB+R2172016-04-23  
21Cai Bihan2pChang Hao9pW+0.52842017-02-16  
22Cai Bihan2pChen Yiming1p ?B+7.53062010-04-03  
23Dong Yipei1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?W+R1622007-07-17  
24Fan Weijing2pCai Bihan1p ?B+R1892007-10-11  
25Cai Bihan2pFan Weijing2pW+R2522016-12-05  
26Jang Swen8pCai Bihan2pW+8.52622013-09-01  
27Jin Lei1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?B+R1612007-07-19  
28Cai Bihan1p ?Li Haojie1p ?W+3.52112007-07-12  
29Li He1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?B+R2232007-10-19  
30Cai Bihan1p ?Li Zhangyuan2pB+R1972009-04-26  
31Li Zhu1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?B+R1832007-07-21  
32Cai Bihan2pLiu Yu2pW+R1882010-06-17  
33Liu Yunlong3pCai Bihan1p ?B+3.52322009-06-04  
34Ma Ju-lung2pCai Bihan2pW+0.52582011-06-21  
35Ma Tian-fang7 danCai Bihan2pB+R1772013-06-07  
36Cai Bihan2pRui Naiwei9pW+R1842016-10-28  
37Song Ronghi1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?W+R2482007-05-14Chinese Female Elite, 3rdRound 1
38Song Ronghi5pCai Bihan1p ?B+R2232009-03-05  
39Song Ronghi5pCai Bihan1p ?B+R2392011-09-09  
40Cai Bihan1p ?Sun Tengyu3pW+R2102009-04-27  
41Tang Jialong1p ?Cai Bihan1p ?B+R1952007-07-20  
42Tang Yi2pCai Bihan1p ?B+3.53202007-05-15Chinese Female Elite, 3rdRound 2
43Tang Yi2pCai Bihan1p ?B+R1392007-11-15  
44Teng Cheng2pCai Bihan2pB+2.52552010-05-24  
45Wang Chenxing5pCai Bihan2pB+R2192016-10-20  
46Cai Bihan1p ?Wang Niqiao1p ?W+R1682007-07-23  
47Cai Bihan1p ?Wang Pan1p ?B+1.53052007-07-15  
48Wang Xiangyun2pCai Bihan2pW+0.52962016-04-22  
49Cai Bihan2pWang Xiangyun2pW+R922016-09-02  
50Wang Yao 26pCai Bihan2pB+R1592011-06-22  
51Cai Bihan1p ?Wang Zheming1p ?B+7.52982009-06-02  
52Cai Bihan1p ?Wu Guangya4pW+R1482009-02-04  
53Cai Bihan1p ?Xie Shaobo1p ?W+R2022007-10-19  
54Cai Bihan1p ?Xie Shaobo1p ?B+R1892009-03-04  
55Cai Bihan2pXu Ying5pW+R2322006-07-28  
56Cai Bihan2pYe Gui5pW+R2582013-08-29  
57Ye Gui5pCai Bihan2pW+2.53282016-11-02  
58Cai Bihan1p ?Ye Jinjin3pB+R2092009-06-03  
59Cai Bihan2pZhang Yabo3pW+R1122010-01-19  
60Cai Bihan2pZhao Yuhong 25pB+R1532011-06-22  
61Cai Bihan1p ?Zheng Yan2pB+R2102007-10-17  
62Zheng Yan2pCai Bihan1p ?W+R1662008-03-26  
63Cai Bihan2pZhou Zhenyu4pW+R1722010-03-24  

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