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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Park Jungwhan9pYang Hueren1p ?B+92302012-05-23Ing Cup, 7th1
2Weon Seongjin9pGu Li9pW+32692012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
3Xie He9pJiang Weijie9pB+R1512012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
4Lee Changho9pKong Jie9pB+12952012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
5Park Jungwhan9pPiao Wenyao9pB+R2972012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
6Cho U9pQiu Jun9pB+53122012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
7Liu Xing7pCho Chikun9pW+R2302012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
8Tan Xiao7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+52842012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
9Fan Tingyu3pLee Sedol9pB+R3052012-05-25Ing Cup, 7th2
10Park Jungwhan9pFan Tingyu3pW+R1802012-12-22Ing Cup, 7thFinal, game 1
11Fan Tingyu3pPark Jungwhan9pW+R1562012-12-24Ing Cup, 7thFinal, game 2
12Park Jungwhan9pFan Tingyu3pW+R1782013-03-04Ing Cup, 7thFinal, game 3
13Fan Tingyu3pPark Jungwhan9pB+53052013-03-06Ing Cup, 7thFinal, game 4
14Cho U9pLee Changho9pW+R2262012-05-27Ing Cup, 7thQuaterfinal - 1
15Cho Chikun9pPark Jungwhan9pW+R1842012-05-27Ing Cup, 7thQuaterfinal - 2
16Fan Tingyu3pTan Xiao7pB+R2072012-05-27Ing Cup, 7thQuaterfinal - 3
17Gu Li9pXie He9pW+52952012-05-27Ing Cup, 7thQuaterfinal - 4
18Park Jungwhan9pLee Changho9pB+R1872012-09-23Ing Cup, 7thSemifinal - 1, game 1
19Lee Changho9pPark Jungwhan9pW+R2202012-09-25Ing Cup, 7thSemifinal - 1, game 2
20Xie He9pFan Tingyu3pB+R1592012-09-23Ing Cup, 7thSemifinal - 2, game 1
21Fan Tingyu3pXie He9pB+52812012-09-25Ing Cup, 7thSemifinal - 2, game 2
22Fan Tingyu3pXie He9pB+R1632012-09-26Ing Cup, 7thSemifinal - 2, game 3
23Park Young-hun9pGu Li9pB+R2192016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
24Qiu Jun9pKang Dongyun9pW+R2242016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
25Cho U9pKe Jie9pW+R2142016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
26Zhang Yaoye9pKono Rin9pW+52892016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
27Yuki Satoshi9pTang Weixing9pW+52812016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
28Tuo Jiaxi9pWeon Seongjin9pW+R2362016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
29Shi Yue9pYamashita Keigo9pB+R2532016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
30Lian Xiao7pKim Jiseok9pW+R2042016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
31Huang Yunsong4pSo Yokoku9pB+R1792016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
32Fan Hui2pMi Yuting9pW+R1302016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
33Lu Haojun1p ?Hane Naoki9pW+R1422016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
34Liu Zhiyuan1p ?Lee Sedol9pW+R1562016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
35Mateusz Surma1p ?Wang Yuanjun7pW+R1602016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
36Lin Lixiang7pNa Hyun6pB+R1332016-04-20Ing Cup, 8th1st round
37Shi Yue9pFan Tingyu9pB+12842016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
38Tang Weixing9pHane Naoki9pB+32932016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
39Weon Seongjin9pKang Dongyun9pW+R1522016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
40Mi Yuting9pKim Jiseok9pW+R2962016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
41Park Young-hun9pKono Rin9pW+R1582016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
42Lin Lixiang7pLee Sedol9pW+R1442016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
43Huang Yunsong4pPark Jungwhan9pW+R1882016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
44Ke Jie9pWang Yuanjun7pB+12632016-04-22Ing Cup, 8th2nd round
45Lee Sedol9pKang Dongyun9pB+52662016-04-24Ing Cup, 8th3rd round
46Tang Weixing9pKim Jiseok9pB+R2032016-04-24Ing Cup, 8th3rd round
47Shi Yue9pKono Rin9pB+R2152016-04-24Ing Cup, 8th3rd round
48Ke Jie9pPark Jungwhan9pW+12932016-04-24Ing Cup, 8th3rd round
49Tang Weixing9pPark Jungwhan9pW+32862016-08-10Ing Cup, 8thFinal, game 1
50Park Jungwhan9pTang Weixing9pW+32822016-08-12Ing Cup, 8thFinal, game 2
51Lee Sedol9pPark Jungwhan9pW+R1862016-06-10Ing Cup, 8thSemifinal - 1, game 1
52Park Jungwhan9pLee Sedol9pW+R1642016-06-12Ing Cup, 8thSemifinal - 1, game 2
53Park Jungwhan9pLee Sedol9pB+32852016-06-14Ing Cup, 8thSemifinal - 1, game 3
54Tang Weixing9pShi Yue9pB+R1692016-06-10Ing Cup, 8thSemifinal - 2, game 1
55Shi Yue9pTang Weixing9pB+33272016-06-12Ing Cup, 8thSemifinal - 2, game 2
56Tang Weixing9pShi Yue9pB+R1572016-06-14Ing Cup, 8thSemifinal, game 3
57Kang Dongyun9pMok Jinseok9pB+R2512016-01-08Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournament 
58Lee Donghoon5pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+52852016-01-08Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournament 
59Shin Jinseo5pYun Chun-sang9pB+R1352016-01-08Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournament 
60Weon Seongjin9pAn Sungjoon6pB+R2052016-01-08Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournament 
61Wang Yuanjun7pChen Seuyen9pB+13152015-12-31Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournamentFinal
62Cai Chengwei2pLin Lixiang6pW+R2302015-12-31Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournamentFinal
63Shin Jinseo5pKang Dongyun9pW+R2222016-01-11Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournamentFinal
64Lee Donghoon5pWeon Seongjin9pW+R1842016-01-11Ing Cup, 8th, preliminary tournamentFinal
65Cho Hunhyun9pTakemiya Masaki9pW+R1801990-03-20Ing vs. Fujitsu, 19901
66Takemiya Masaki9pCho Hunhyun9pB+3.52711990-03-22Ing vs. Fujitsu, 19902
67Kobayashi Koichi1pkCho Chikun3pkB+14.51111966-05-15Insei Competition 1966 
68Cho Chikun1pkKosugi Masaru? proB+R1471968-01-09Insei Competition, 1968game 01
69?1pk?Cho Chikun1pkW+R1621968-01-12Insei Competition, 1968game 02
70Cho Chikun1pkTakano Kazuo? proB+R1731968-01-14Insei Competition, 1968game 03
71Cho Chikun1pkToriki Hiroshi? proW+R1621968-01-19Insei Competition, 1968game 05
72Seto Katsuhiro? proCho Chikun1pkW+R1281968-01-21Insei Competition, 1968game 06
73Cho Chikun1pkAndo Akio1pkB+R1891968-01-23Insei Competition, 1968game 07
74Kasai KojiInseiCho Chikun1pkB+5.51291968-01-26Insei Competition, 1968game 08
75Cho Chikun1pkInoue Kunio? proB+R1071968-01-28Insei Competition, 1968game 09
76Kono Yukio1p ?Cho Chikun1pkW+R1721968-01-30Insei Competition, 1968game 10
77Cho Chikun1pkUkita Masayuki? proB+R1291968-02-02Insei Competition, 1968game 11
78Cho Chikun1pkIshibashi Chinami? proW+R1281968-02-06Insei Competition, 1968game 13
79Tokimoto Hajime? proCho Chikun1pkW+R1481968-02-09Insei Competition, 1968game 14
80Cho Chikun1pkGaku YuzuruInseiB+R1331968-02-11Insei Competition, 1968game 15
81Azuma Michihiko1pkCho Chikun1pkW+2.52531968-02-13Insei Competition, 1968game 16
82Fujisawa Hideyuki8pYamabe Toshiro5pB+R2151937-10-10Insei League 
83Nakaoka Jiro6pFujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R1231937-11-14Insei League 
84Yamabe Toshiro1p ?Fujisawa Hideyuki9pB+51911937-12-12Insei League 
85Fujisawa Hideyuki3pkMagari Reiki3pkB+R2011938-01-01Insei League 
86Yamabe Toshiro1p ?Fujisawa Hideyuki9pW+R1341938-01-18Insei League 
87Fujisawa Hideyuki8pMatsumoto Tokuji6pB+R1381938-02-08Insei League 
88Fujisawa Hideyuki Suzuki Keizo B+9791938-03-01Insei League 
89Sugiuchi Kazuko5pFujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R951938-07-19Insei League 
90Fujisawa Hideyuki8pYamabe Toshiro5pW+R1201938-07-23Insei League 
91Fujisawa Hideyuki8pCho Nam-cheol1p ?B+R1951938-07-26Insei League 
92Yamamoto Fujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R1091938-10-23Insei League 
93Suzuki Keizo1p ?Fujisawa Hideyuki9pW+52071938-11-06Insei League 
94Oyama Toshiko Fujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R1031938-12-04Insei League 
95Fujisawa Hideyuki8pYamabe Toshiro5pB+112331939-01-08Insei League 
96Takeuchi Sumio4pFujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R1031939-01-15Insei League 
97Fujisawa Hideyuki8pSuzuki Keizo1p ?B+22051939-06-11Insei League 
98Suzuki Tsuna2pFujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R1211939-09-05Insei League 
99Kato Keiko2pkSorin Gherman6 danB+R2031994-11-12insei league, B class 
100Kurotaki Masanori1pkKono Mitsuki1pkLeft unfinished1471989-01-28Insei tournament 

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