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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Chu Fei2pLi Junkai4pB+R1051996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
2Du Yufeng2pLi Liang4pW+2.52001996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
3Li Ying2pWang Yifei4pW+R2101996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
4Fu Binfang2pWu Qi4pW+R881996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
5Niu Yutian1p ?Chen Rui4pB+0.52431996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
6Zhu Yanming4pHan Gang3pB+R1191996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
7Liu Shizheng4pLi Yunsheng3pB+R1801996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
8Pang Yan4pYe Jinjin3pB+1.51811996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
9Zhang Yingting3pZhang Wendong3pB+R1711996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
10Ge Fanfan3pZhu Songli3pB+1.52151996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
11Qiu Jun2pHe Xuguang3pB+R1211996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
12Chen Qianwei2pLin Zhaohua3pW+Time1801996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
13Xu Ying3pSu Qiwei2pB+R1531996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
14Li Chunhua3pWang Rui2pW+R1681996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
15Jin Shengyu3pYuan Weihong2pW+R1601996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
16Zhang Xin4pLi Huasong1p ?B+R2771996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
17Ding Wei4pLi Kui1p ?B+R1491996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
18Kong Jie3pGu Ping1p ?B+R1431996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
19Wang Yifei4pHan Ye4pW+0.52291996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
20Chen Wei3pLi Liang4pW+R2281996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
21Huang Yizhong3pWang Bogang4pB+R2311996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
22Wang Rui3pZhang Xin4pW+1.52281996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
23Kong Jie3pZhu Yanming4pW+R1841996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
24Gu Li2pHang Tianpeng4pW+0.52651996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
25Ding Ming? proGe Fanfan3pW+R1221996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
26Ding Wei4pZhou Junjie3pB+R2151996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
27Zhu Yi3pChu Fei3pW+R2081996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
28Qiu Jun3pYuan Weihong3pB+R931996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
29Wang Fan2pLin Zhaohua3pW+1.52681996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
30Pang Yan4pLin Feng2pW+R1601996-07-15Bawang, 03rdStage 1, Round 3
31Liu Quanli5pRuan Yunsheng7pW+R1801996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
32Wu Xinyu4pLuo Jianwen7pB+2.52751996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
33Lin Zhaohua3pChe Zewu7pW+1.51801996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
34Zhang Yingting3pWang Haijun7pW+R1461996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
35Zhang Xin4pLiang Henian6pW+R1761996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
36Xu Shuxiang4pZhou Heyang6pW+R1581996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
37Wang Jiangkun7pLiu Li5pB+1.52521996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
38Li Yachun6pLi Yuchuan5pW+R1901996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
39Wang Hongjun8pWu Qi4pB+R891996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
40Luo Xihe6pLi Liang4pB+R1211996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
41Yang Shihai7pChu Fei2pB+R1331996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
42Hua Xueming7pYe Gui2pB+R1291996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
43Lu Jun6pLin Feng2pW+R2021996-08-25Bawang, 03rdStage 2, Round 1
44Wang Lei6pMa Xiaochun9pB+7.52491997-02-17Bawang, 03rdTitle match, game 1
45Ma Xiaochun9pWang Lei6pW+R2241997-04-09Bawang, 03rdTitle match, game 2
46Wang Lei6pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1081997-05-12Bawang, 03rdTitle match, game 3
47Ma Xiaochun9pWang Lei6pW+R2141997-05-14Bawang, 03rdTitle match, game 4
48Wang Lei6pMa Xiaochun9pW+4.52551997-05-16Bawang, 03rdTitle match, game 5
49Ma Xiaochun9pWang Lei6pW+0.52291997-05-19Bawang, 03rdTitle match, game 6
50Feng Yun8pLiu Xiaoguang9pW+R1601996-11-20Bawang, 03rdWinners' Section, Round 3
51Yun Chun-sang7pKim Su-jang9pB+1.52932009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
52Lee Cheongwu6pPark Jieun9pB+R1872009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
53Baek Daehyun6pHu Yaoyu8pW+R1462009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
54Cho Hyeyeon8pYeom Cheonghun6pB+R2212009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
55Heo Yeongho6pPark Sung-cheol6pB+7.52912009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
56Han Sanghoon3pLi Kang6pW+0.53162009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
57Lee Changho9pKim Junghyuna5B+R1272009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
58Choi Myunghun9pPiao Wenyao5pW+R1902009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
59Zhu Yuanhao3pJen Joonhaka5B+Time2772009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
60Han Wonggyu1p ?Zhou Ruiyang5pB+5.52612009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
61Kang Dongyun9pKim Kiyoung4pB+3.52612009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
62Lee Jihyeon7 danShi Yue4pB+R1692009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
63Luo Xihe9pJeong Chanho6 danB+11.52442009-02-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1
64An Cho-yeong9pPark Young-hun9pW+0.52682009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
65Xie He7pCho Han-seong9pW+Time1882009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
66Paek Hongseok6pCho Chikun9pB+5.52712009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
67Niu Yutian6pChoi Gyu-byung9pW+R2942009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
68Kim Kwangsik6pWang Lei8pW+R2062009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
69Kim Seung Jae2pIyama Yuta8pW+R1842009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
70Lee Yeongkyu7pLiu Xing7pW+0.53112009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
71Chen Seuyen7pZhang Wei5pB+R2432009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
72Wang Lei6pOn Sojin5pW+R1982009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
73Lee Sedol9pLiao Xingwen3pB+R1512009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
74Lee Hyeonho1p ?An Hyungjun1p ?W+R1342009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
75Park Siyeol1p ?Hong Sokwe6 danB+0.52682009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
76Lee Wondo2pGu Li9pW+R1622009-03-02BC Card Cup World, 01st1
77Iyama Yuta8pOn Sojin5pB+R2592009-03-12BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 01
78Park Young-hun9pPark Siyeol1p ?B+R2452009-03-12BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 02
79Han Wonggyu1p ?Cho Hyeyeon8pB+R2272009-03-13BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 03
80Cho Han-seong9pAn Hyungjun1p ?B+R1732009-03-13BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 04
81Huang Yizhong7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+R1592009-03-14BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 05
82Li Kang6pKang Dongyun9pW+0.52872009-03-14BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 06
83Zhou Jungsun9pCho Hunhyun9pW+0.52892009-03-15BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 07
84Lee Sedol9pChen Seuyen8pB+R1592009-03-15BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 08
85Luo Xihe9pYun Chun-sang7pW+1.52572009-03-19BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 09
86Lee Jihyeona4Piao Wenyao5pW+R2122009-03-19BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 10
87Chang Hao9pChoi Gyu-byung9pB+R2052009-03-20BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 11
88Wang Lei 28pWeon Seongjin9pW+R1302009-03-20BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 12
89Gu Li9pLee Cheongwu6pB+2.52672009-03-21BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 13
90Paek Hongseok6pLiu Xing7pB+R1792009-03-21BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 14
91Lee Changho9pZhu Yuanhao3pB+R1532009-03-22BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 15
92Hu Yaoyu8pHeo Yeongho6pW+1.53092009-03-22BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 16
93Piao Wenyao5pLee Changho9pB+R2032009-03-26BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 1
94Gu Li9pHeo Yeongho6pB+R1292009-03-27BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 2
95Park Young-hun9pChang Hao9pB+R2132009-03-28BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 3
96Paek Hongseok6pHuang Yizhong7pW+R1382009-03-29BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 4
97Cho Hunhyun9pYun Chun-sang7pB+R1412009-04-02BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 5
98Han Wonggyu1p ?Kang Dongyun9pB+R1732009-04-03BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 6
99Cho Han-seong9pIyama Yuta8pB+R2392009-04-04BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 7
100Lee Sedol9pWeon Seongjin9pB+R2032009-04-05BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 8

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