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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Weon Seongjin9pPiao Wenyao9pW+R2382011-01-26BC Card Cup, 3rd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
2Lee Jaeung6pTsuruyama Atsushi7pB+4,52302011-01-26BC Card Cup, 3rd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
3Kim Kwangsik7pJiang Weijie5pW+R1542011-01-26BC Card Cup, 3rd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
4Kim JinhwiamaGu Lingyi5pB+R2292011-01-26BC Card Cup, 3rd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
5Zhou Ruiyang5pJin Siyoung4pB+1.52452011-01-26BC Card Cup, 3rd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
6Xiao Zhenghao7pChen Seuyen8pW+0.52162010-12-02BC Card Cup, 3rd, preliminary tournament 
7Lin Lixiang4pLin Zhihan9pW+R1402010-12-16BC Card Cup, 3rd, preliminary tournament 
8Lin Zhihan9pChen Seuyen8pW+R1772010-12-18BC Card Cup, 3rd, preliminary tournamentFinal
9Luo Xihe9pYun Chun-sang9pW+R2282012-02-27BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournament 
10Murakawa Daisuke7pAn Sungjoon3pB+R2012012-02-27BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournament 
11Yan Huan5pCho Han-seong9pW+R1622012-02-28BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournament 
12Kim Kiwon3pAnzai Nobuaki6pB+R2192012-02-28BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournament 
13Zhou Heyang9pLee Jihyeon2pW+R1662012-02-28BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournament 
14Lee JoohyungamaLee Changho9pW+R2022012-02-29BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournamentFinal
15Fan Tingyu3pLee Yeongkyu9pB+1.53072012-02-29BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournamentFinal
16Kim Jiseok7pRin Kanketsu8pB+R1372012-02-29BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournamentFinal
17Xiao Zhenghao7pHan Sanghoon5pB+R2832012-02-29BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournamentFinal
18Kang Dongyun9pYang Dingxin3pW+0.53672012-02-29BC Card Cup, 4th, intergration preliminary tournamentFinal
19Hashimoto Utaro5pGo Seigen5pB+0.52951934-05-01Best 5 dan's Tournament 
20Go Seigen4pKitani Minoru5pB+R2931932-08-06Best of 3 Super Go1
21Kitani Minoru5pGo Seigen4pB+32351932-08-29Best of 3 Super Go2
22Go Seigen4pKitani Minoru5pB+R2091932-09-21Best of 3 Super Go3
23Nie Weiping9pMa Xiaochun9pB+0.52931994-05-17Best of Seven -- game 11
24Meng Zhaoyu2pKweon Hyo-chin4pW+R1042004-02-07Best of ten matchgame 06
25Yu Ch'ang-hyeok and Yi Se-tol9pYi Ch'ang-ho and Cho Hun-hyeon9pB+R2632003-12-20Big Four Relay Game, 2003 
26Jang Swen7pRui Naiwei9pW+R2061996-11-11Bohae Cup, 3rd1
27Lee Yeongjin1p ? 8pW+R1621996-11-06Bohae Cup, 3rd2
28 8p黎ζ˜₯ε3pB+R2411996-11-10Bohae Cup, 3rd2
29 2pYun Yeongseon1p ?B+52481996-11-06Bohae Cup, 3rd3
30Feng Yun8pRui Naiwei9pW+R2541996-12-02Bohae Cup, 3rdFinal, game 1
31Rui Naiwei9pFeng Yun8pB+R1031996-04-12Bohae Cup, 3rdFinal, game 2
32Lee Yeongjin1p ?Kobayashi Izumi2pW+R1761997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th 
33Hua Xueming7pYun Yeongseon1p ?B+4,52591997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th 
34Zhao Huilian1p ?Rui Naiwei9pW+R1601997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th1
35Hyeon Mijin1p ?Yoshida Mika6pB+R1451997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th1
36Jang Swen8pGuo Juan4pB+R2511997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th1
37Nakazawa Ayako4pXu Ying3pW+R1861997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th1
38Feng Yun9pKweon Hyo-chin1p ?B+R2711997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th1
39Aoki Kikuyo7pHong Kochnoeul1p ?B+R2011997-11-11Bohae Cup, 4th1
40Rui Naiwei9pFeng Yun9pB+R2071998-04-06Bohae Cup, 4thFinal, game 1
41Feng Yun9pRui Naiwei9pW+R2141998-04-08Bohae Cup, 4thFinal, game 2
42Jang Swen8pRui Naiwei9pW+R2161997-11-13Bohae Cup, 4thQuaterfinal
43Xu Ying3pFeng Yun9pW+R2281997-11-13Bohae Cup, 4thQuaterfinal
44Kobayashi Izumi2pAoki Kikuyo7pW+112801997-11-13Bohae Cup, 4thQuaterfinal
45Hua Xueming7pHyeon Mijin1p ?B+R1291997-11-13Bohae Cup, 4thQuaterfinal
46Aoki Kikuyo7pFeng Yun9pB+R1541997-11-15Bohae Cup, 4thSemifinal
47Rui Naiwei9pHua Xueming7pB+R1831997-11-15Bohae Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1
48Kobayashi Izumi3pYun Yeongseon2pB+62951998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 1
49Aoki Kikuyo7pKim Min-heui1p ?B+42901998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 2
50Yang Hui8pKweon Hyo-chin1p ?W+0.52901998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 3
51Guo Juan5pJang Swen8pW+R1921998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 4
52Koyama Mitsuru5pLee Jihyeon1p ?B+R1991998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 5
53Kim, Janice1p ?Huang Yan2pW+R2041998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 6
54Hua Xueming7pYung Youngmin1p ?B+R1511998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 7
55Feng Yun9pYoshida Mika6pW+R2641998-11-12Bohae Cup, 5th1/8 Final - 8
56Jang Swen8pHuang Yan3pW+1.52851998-11-16Bohae Cup, 5thFinal, game 1
57Huang Yan2pJang Swen8pW+R1761998-11-17Bohae Cup, 5thFinal, game 2
58Jang Swen8pHuang Yan2pB+4,52671998-11-18Bohae Cup, 5thFinal, game 3
59Yoshida Mika6pKobayashi Izumi3pW+12671998-11-13Bohae Cup, 5thQuaterfinal - 1
60Jang Swen8pKoyama Terumi5pB+R2271998-11-13Bohae Cup, 5thQuaterfinal - 2
61Aoki Kikuyo7pKweon Hyo-chin1p ?W+R1521998-01-13Bohae Cup, 5thQuaterfinal - 3
62Hua Xueming7pHuang Yan2pW+0.52701998-11-13Bohae Cup, 5thQuaterfinal - 4
63Jang Swen8pKobayashi Izumi4pB+R1841998-01-01Bohae Cup, 5thSemifinal - 1
64Kweon Hyo-chin1p ?Huang Yan2pW+12661998-11-14Bohae Cup, 5thSemifinal - 2
65Seto Taiki3pCho Chikun9dB+11301994-09-02Boys' and Girls' Teaching Games sponsored by Mainichi Shinbun 
66Tazawa Kazuya1p ?Shu Chusho1p ?W+R2602000-08-02Boys and Girls Tournament, 21stMiddle School Section
67Kang Dongyun1p ?Seo Bongsoo9pB+R1892003-01-25Brain trophy Cup11
68Heo Yeongho2pKim Il-whan9pW+1.52792002-11-16Brain Trophy Cup, 1st01
69Hong Seongji2pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R1882002-11-23Brain Trophy Cup, 1st02
70Yim Sun-gun9pPaek Hongseok2pW+R2362002-11-30Brain Trophy Cup, 1st03
71Yang Jae-ho9pKim Hyeonghwan1p ?W+3.53282002-12-07Brain Trophy Cup, 1st04
72Seo Nung-uk9pKim Seongho1p ?B+R1312002-12-14Brain Trophy Cup, 1st05
73Choi Gyu-byung9pKo Keuntae1p ?W+0.52882002-12-21Brain Trophy Cup, 1st06
74Kim Su-jang9pLee Yeongkyu2pW+1.52362002-12-28Brain Trophy Cup, 1st07
75Cho Hunhyun9pPark Jieun1p ?B+R1912002-01-04Brain Trophy Cup, 1st08
76Park Jinsol1p ?Lee Changho9pW+R1362003-01-11Brain Trophy Cup, 1st09
77Yun Chun-sang1p ?Rui Naiwei9pW+R2562003-01-18Brain Trophy Cup, 1st10
78Park Jieun3pJiang Zhujiu9pW+5.52882003-02-01Brain Trophy Cup, 1stgame 12
79Macfadyen, Matthew6 danDavid Ward5 danW+6.52872004-08-14British Championship, 2004Final, game 1
80Macfadyen, Matthew6 danEdmund Shaw5 danB+0.52201998-09-19British Go Championship 1998Challenge Match, game 03
81Macfadyen, Matthew6 danE. Shaw5 dan 1971998-06-14British Go Championship 1998Final, game 1
82Edmund Shaw5 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 dan 1441998-08-22British Go Championship 1998Final, game 2
83Matthew Cocke5 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danW+R1391999-07-11British Go Championship 1999Final, game 1
84Des Cann4 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danW+4.52352000-08-19British Go Championship 2000Final, game 1
85Macfadyen, Matthew6 danDes Cann4 danB+R1212000-09-01British Go Championship 2000Final, game 2
86Des Cann4 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danW+R1742000-09-01British Go Championship 2000Final, game 3
87Young Kim5 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danW+4.52602001-08-20British Go Championship 2001Final, game 1
88Macfadyen, Matthew [KGS]6 danMatthew Cocke [KGS]5 danB+R1692002-09-22British Go Championship 2002Final, game 2
89Matthew Cocke5 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danW+R2102002-10-12British Go Championship 2002Final, game 3
90Seong-June Kim6 danMatthew Cocke5 danW+2.52952002-05-03British Go Championship 2002, Challenger's Tournament2
91Kong Jie6pChang Hao9pB+1.52272000-04-02Bubugao(2000)Quaterfinal
92Luo Xihe8pWang Lei8pB+R2542000-04-09Bubugao(2000)Quaterfinal
93Shutai Zhang6 danBogdanov, Victor6 danW+15.51941990-01-01Budapest International GO Tournament, 19906
94Cornel Burzo5 danDmytro Bogatskyy6 danB+2.52332003-01-01Budapest-2003, Korean Ambassador Cup 
95Cao Dayuan9pHikosaka Naoto9pW+R981998-09-09η§€θ‘Œε†›ε›’ 
96Takemiya Masaki9pNie Weiping9pW+R1321998-09-11η§€θ‘Œε†›ε›’ 
97Ma Xiaochun9pTakemiya Masaki9pB+R1231998-09-09η§€θ‘Œε†›ε›’123
98Yuki Satoshi9pNakamura Shinya8pB+R1732004-07-22第2ε±ŠδΈ°η”°ζ―ηŽ‹εΊ§ζˆ˜ζ—₯ζœ¬ι˜Ÿι€‰ζ‹”θ΅›ε†³θ΅› 
99δΈ­ι‡Žε―›δΉŸ η‰‡ε²‘聑 B+0.52542016-09-22第41ζœŸζ£‹θ–ζˆ¦γ€€CγƒͺγƒΌγ‚°4ε›žζˆ¦ 
100Hu Yaoyu6pDong Yan7pW+4.52172002-08-09第4ε±Šε†œεΏƒθΎ›ζ‹‰ι’ζ―δΈ­ε›½ι€‰ζ‹”θ΅› 

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