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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Oya Koichi? proYang Hui7pB+1.53081987-06-03China-Japan Go Exchange, 15thRound 7
2Yu Bin6pYoda Norimoto6pW+R2241987-06-03China-Japan Go Exchange, 15thRound 7
3Chen Zude5p ?Otake Hideo6pB+33071964-07-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 1964 
4Sanno Hirotaka6pShen Guosun? proB+R?2001964-07-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 1964Round 4
5Wang Runan8pKobayashi Reiko4pW+R1781964-07-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 1964Round 4
6Chen Zude5p ?Kudo Norio6pB+12871965-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
7Kajiwara Takeo8pChen Zude5p ?Jigo2751965-04-18China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
8Chen Zude5p ?Sakai Michiharu8pB+12301965-07-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
9Chen Zude5p ?Iwata Tatsuaki9pW+22241965-10-15China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
10Chen Zude5p ?Iwata Tatsuaki9pB+102961965-10-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
11Kajiwara Takeo8pChen Zude5p ?B+R2291965-04-12China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965Chen Zude - Kajiwara match, game 3 (of 6)
12Chen Zude8pKajiwara Takeo8pB+R1251965-04-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965Chen Zude - Kajiwara match, game 3 (of 6)
13Miyamoto Yoshihisa8pChen Zude5p ?W+22461966-11-15China-Japan Go Exchange, 1966 
14Shimamura Toshihiro9pChen Zude5p ?Jigo1941966-11-22China-Japan Go Exchange, 1966 
15Chen Zude5p ?Sakata Eio9pW+2021973-07-24China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973 
16Chen Huifang5pOgawa Tomoko2pB+12491973-07-26China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973 
17Chen Zude5p ?Ishii Kunio8pB+R1771973-08-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973 
18Chen Zude5p ?Kato Masao8pB+R1871973-08-06China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973 
19Kato Masao8pHua Yigang5p ?B+72371973-07-24China-Japan Go Exchange, 19731
20Wu Songsheng5p ?Sakata Eio9pW+101761973-07-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 3
21Ogawa Tomoko2pZhang Chenghua? proB+R1231973-07-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 3
22Sakata Eio9pLuo Jianwen5p ?B+R1851973-07-31China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 4
23Wei Xin? proOgawa Tomoko2pJigo2511973-07-31China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 4
24Sakata Eio9pShen Guosun7pW+82401973-08-06China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 6
25Kong Xiangming1p ?Ogawa Tomoko2pB+R2111973-08-06China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 6
26Huang Liangyu6pOta Seidou7pB+22511973-08-08China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 7
27Honda Kunihisa8pShen Guosun? proB+42451973-08-08China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973Round 7
28Kobayashi Koichi6pChen Zude5p ?W+1.52121974-04-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
29Chen Zude9pHashimoto Yoshimi9pW+R1871974-04-17China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
30Sonoda Yuichi7pChen Zude5p ?W+R2101974-11-23China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
31Chen Zude5p ?Kurahashi Shozo7pB+52031974-11-29China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
32Sonoda Yuichi6pWu Songsheng? proW+R2141974-11-29China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974Round 4
33Nie Weiping5p ?Miyamoto Naoki9pB+42551974-12-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974Round 7
34Chen Zude5p ?Takagawa Shukaku9pJigo2611975-10-23China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
35Kubouchi Shuchi9pNie Weiping5p ?W+R2081975-10-23China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
36Nie Weiping5p ?Tozawa Akinobu7pB+R1951975-10-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
37Ishigure Ikuro8pChen Zude5p ?W+R1181975-10-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
38Nie Weiping5p ?Takagawa Shukaku9pB+71891975-10-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
39Tozawa Akinobu7pChen Zude5p ?W+R1641975-11-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
40Wang Runan? proTakagawa Shukaku9pB+2?2721975-11-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975Round 5
41Miyamoto Yoshihisa9pCao Zhilin? proW+2.52841976-04-13China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976 
42Chen Zude5p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pJigo2351976-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976 
43Nie Weiping5p ?Fujisawa Hideyuki9pB+22411976-04-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 19761
44Kobayashi Koichi7pHua Yigang5p ?B+R1671976-04-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 19761
45Kong Xiangming3p ?Kobayashi Chizu3pB+R1851976-04-05China-Japan Go Exchange, 19761
46Nie Weiping? proTakagi Shoichi7pB+R2091976-04-06China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976209
47Nie Weiping5p ?Kada Katsuji9pB+62631976-04-10China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976Round 3
48Hashimoto Shoji9pNie Weiping5p ?B+22281976-03-13China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976Round 4
49Iwata Tatsuaki9pNie Weiping5p ?W+2.52201976-04-17China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976Round 6
50Wang Runan? proAwaji Shuzo6pB+R1411976-04-19China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976Round 7
51Kamimura Kunio6pHua Yigang5p ?B+R1871976-04-19China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976Round 7
52Ogawa Tomoko4pKong Xiangming3p ?W+R1881976-04-19China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976Round 7
53Chen Zude5p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pW+R2121977-04-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977 
54Chen Zhigang? proIeda Ryuji? proW+R2761977-04-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977 
55Chen Zude5p ?Ishida Akira7pW+R2461977-05-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977 
56Nie Weiping1p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pW+22441977-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 19771
57Wu Songsheng? proIshida Akira7pJigo2561977-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 19771
58Tono Hiroaki9pChen Zude5p ?B+72771977-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 19771
59Shen Guosun? proTono Hiroaki9pW+42521977-04-16China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 2
60Hashimoto Utaro9pWu Songsheng? proJigo2361977-04-16China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 2
61Sato Masaharu6pNie Weiping? proW+22421977-04-16China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 2
62He Xiaoren? proInoue Machiko1p ?B+R1511977-04-16China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 2
63Ieda Ryuji7pJiang Mingjiu? proB+42011977-04-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 3
64Inoue Machiko1p ?Chen Huifang? proB+42671977-04-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 3
65Wu Songsheng? proTono Hiroaki9pW+R1781977-04-22China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 4
66Hashimoto Utaro9pNie Weiping5p ?W+63001977-04-22China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 4
67Ishida Akira7pHuang Dexun5p ?B+R1731977-04-22China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 4
68Hua Yigang5p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pW+R1361977-04-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 5
69Luo Jianwen? proSato Masaharu6pW+R1901977-04-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 5
70Tono Hiroaki9pNie Weiping5p ?W+2.52561977-04-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 5
71Wang Runan? proTono Hiroaki9pW+2?2371977-04-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 6
72Ishida Akira7pNie Weiping? proB+22511977-04-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 6
73Chen Huifang? proInoue Machiko1p ?B+R1551977-04-28China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 6
74Wang Runan? proHashimoto Utaro9pB+22691977-05-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 7
75Wu Songsheng? proSato Masaharu7pB+42531977-05-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977Round 7
76Tsuchida Masamitsu8pChen Zude5p ?W+2,82621979-03-23China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979 
77Shiraishi Yutaka9pChen Zude9pW+33051979-06-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979 
78Nie Weiping9pOkubo Ichigen9pB+R1771979-06-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979 
79Nie Weiping5p ?Shiraishi Yutaka9pB+R1391979-06-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979 
80Nie Weiping9p ?Kajiwara Takeo9pB+R1751979-12-11China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979 
81Kataoka Satoshi5pNie Weiping9p ?B+0.52511979-12-13China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979 
82Hua Yigang6p?Tokimoto Hajime6pB+R1671979-06-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 19791
83Liu Xiaoguang? proHane Yasumasa8pB+22681979-06-21China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979Round 5
84Wu Songsheng? proNakamura Hidehito7pB+42251979-06-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979Round 6
85Wang Kun? proHoshikawa Nobuaki6pW+R1821979-06-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979Round 6
86Cao Dayuan? proKobayashi Satoru6pB+R1631979-06-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1979Round 6
87Nie Weiping9pTakemiya Masaki9pW+4.52631980-01-01China-Japan Go Exchange, 1980 
88Kobayashi Koichi9pNie Weiping9pB+9.52411980-06-07China-Japan Go Exchange, 19801
89Sanno Hirotaka9pWu Songsheng9p ?W+2.52641980-06-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 1980Round 2
90Cao Dayuan? proYamazaki Yoshihiro7pB+R1491980-06-18China-Japan Go Exchange, 1980Round 5
91Nan Shanji9pKong Xiangming5p ?W+1.52371980-06-18China-Japan Go Exchange, 1980Round 5
92Kong Xiangming5p ?Nishigami Yoshihiko7pW+R2501980-06-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1980Round 6
93Yoda Norimoto4pQian Yuping5pB+R2541982-01-29China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982 
94Qian Yuping5pYoda Norimoto4pW+R1401982-02-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982 
95Cao Dayuan7pKobayashi Satoru6pW+0.52251982-03-23China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982 
96Yamashiro Hiroshi8pMa Xiaochun8pB+R1871982-09-03China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982 
97Kanda Ei5pShao Zhengzhong6pW+6.51741982-06-29China-Japan Go Exchange, 19824
98Kato Masao9pNie Weiping9pB+7.52031982-06-13China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982Round 2
99Ma Xiaochun7pOhira Shuzo9pB+R2271982-06-13China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982Round 2
100Kobayashi Satoru7pCao Dayuan7pB+R1771982-03-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1982Round 3, Game 2

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