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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Catalin Taranu3pCristian Pop6 danB+R1511998-12-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12th2
2Catalin Taranu3pHans Pietch2pB+3.52331998-12-13Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12th3
3Guo Juan5pCatalin Taranu3pB+R1671998-12-13Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12thFinal
4Guo Juan5pVladimir Danek6 danB+R1531998-12-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12thQuaterfinal
5Rob van Zeist7 danChristoph Gerlach5 danW+2.52631998-12-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12thQuaterfinal
6Vladimir Danek6 danCatalin Taranu4pW+7.52391999-11-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12thQuaterfinal
7Guo Juan5pChristoph Gerlach5 danB+R1531998-12-13Euro Fujitsu Finals, 12thSemifinal
8Emil Nijhuis5 danGuo Juan5pW+22.52241999-11-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th1
9Nechanicky Radek6 danRob van Zeist7 danW+R1661999-11-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th1
10Bogdanov, Victor6 danAlexander Dinerstein6 danB+3.53101999-12-11Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th1
11Vladimir Danek6 danChristoph Gerlach6 danB+Time2101999-12-11Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th1
12Rob van Zeist7 danDickhut, Franz-Josef6 danB+R2111999-11-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th2
13Hans Pietch3pBogdanov, Victor6 danW+Time2581999-12-11Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th2
14Dmytro Bogatskyy6 danDickhut, Franz-Josef6 danW+R2021999-12-11Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13th2
15Bogdanov, Victor6 danRob van Zeist7 danW+R2401999-12-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13thFinal
16Bogdanov, Victor6 danGuo Juan5pB+0.52561999-12-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13thSemifinal
17Rob van Zeist7 danCatalin Taranu4pB+?1341999-12-12Euro Fujitsu Finals, 13thSemifinal
18Erik Puyt5 danLazarev Alexei6 dan 1162000-12-08Euro Fujitsu Finals, 14th1
19Guo Juan5pIon Florescu6 danB+R1572000-12-10Euro Fujitsu Finals, 14th6, Preliminary
20Guo Juan7 danChristan Gabriel Pop6 dan 2412000-12-09Euro Fujitsu Finals, 14thQuaterfinal
21Diana Koszegi5 danLazarev Alexei6 danW+R1182001-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1
22Verhagen, Rudi4 danCristian Pop6 danW+R1532001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1/1
23Vladimir Danek6 danNjihuis5 danW+7.52632001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1/2
24Bela Nagy5 danDickhut, Franz-Josef6 danW+Time2162001-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1/3
25Nechanicky Radek6 danBogdanov, Victor6 danW+R2042001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1/7
26Bogdanov, Victor6 danNechanicky Radek6 danB+2.52892001-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1/8 Final
27Frank Janssen6 danPocsai, Tibor6 danW+R1812001-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th1-05
28Rob van Zeist7 danEmil Nijhuis5 danB+14.52772001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-1
29Dickhut, Franz-Josef6 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danW+R2582001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-2
30Alexander Dinerstein7 danTibor Pocsai6 danB+6.52542001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-3
31Andrej Kulkov6 danHeiser, Laurant6 danW+R2072001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-4
32Ion Florescu6 danCristian Pop6 danW+Time1922001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-5
33Christoph Gerlach6 danLazarev Alexei6 danW+1822001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-6
34Shikshina, Svetlana6 danCatalin Taranu5pB+R1862001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-7
35Bogdanov, Victor6 danGuo Juan5pW+R1742001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th2-8
36Cristian Pop6 danRob van Zeist7 danW+0.52592001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th3-1
37Lazarev Alexei6 danAlexander Dinerstein7 danW+R2602001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th3-2
38Shikshina, Svetlana6 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danB+R1632001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th3-3
39Guo Juan5pHeiser, Laurant6 danB+R2192001-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15th3-4
40Alexander Dinerstein7 danRob van Zeist7 danW+R1762001-12-02Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15thFinal
41Geert Groenen6 danShikshina, Svetlana6 danW+R2322001-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15thQuaterfinal
42Rob van Zeist7 danGuo Juan5pB+5.52202001-12-02Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15thSemifinal
43Shikshina, Svetlana6 danAlexander Dinerstein7 danW+6.52172001-12-02Euro Fujitsu Finals, 15thSemifinal
44Lazarev Alexei6 danChristoph Gerlach6 danW+R1482002-11-29Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th1
45Leszek Soldan6 danDragos Bajenaru6 danW+R1752002-11-29Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th1
46Anton Zatonskikh6 danFrank Janssen6 danW+3.52052002-11-29Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th1
47Ion Florescu6 danFrederic Donzet5 danB+R1052002-11-29Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th1
48Christoph Gerlach6 danAlexander Dinerstein1p ?W+R1382002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
49Tibor Pocsai6 danShikshina, Svetlana1p ?W+R1562002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
50Csaba Mero6 danRob van Zeist7 danB+5.51622002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
51Guo Juan5pDragos Bajenaru6 danW+R1962002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
52Catalin Taranu5pFrank Janssen6 danB+R1732002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
53Cristian Pop6 danIon Florescu6 danB+6.52272002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
54Mikhail Galchenko5 danMacfadyen, Matthew6 danB+R2232002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
55Dmytro Bogatskyy6 danPal Balogh5 danB+R2102002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th2
56Mikhail Galchenko5 danAlexander Dinerstein1p ?W+R1962002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th3
57Dragos Bajenaru6pCristian Pop6 danW+R2342002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th3
58Catalin Taranu5pDmytro Bogatskyy6 danW+R2082002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th3
59Shikshina, Svetlana1p ?Csaba Mero6 danB+4,52192002-11-30Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16th3
60Catalin Taranu5pCristian Pop6 danB+R2092002-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16thFinal
61Catalin Taranu5pShikshina, Svetlana1p ?B+R1972002-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16thSemifinal
62Cristian Pop6 danAlexander Dinerstein1p ?B+3.52902002-12-01Euro Fujitsu Finals, 16thSemifinal
63Nechanicky Radek6 danCatalin Taranu5pW+R1662004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
64Emil Nijhuis6 danRuslan Saifullin5pB+32602004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
65Andrej Kulkov6 danAlexander Dinerstein1p ?W+12342004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
66Emil Nijhuis6 danCristian Pop7 danW+112402004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
67Ondrei Silt5 danCristian Pop7 danW+R1482004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
68Alexander Dinerstein1p ?Geert Groenen6 danB+R1132004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
69Dmitriy Yatsenko5 danAndrej Kulkov6 danW+R1882004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
70Cioata Daniel5 danCsaba Mero6 danW+R1192004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
71Ondrei Silt5 danCsaba Mero6 danB+R1592004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
72Li Shen5 danEmil Nijhuis6 danW+R2082004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
73Bernard Helmstetter5 danGeert Groenen6 danW+1502004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
74Helmstetter5 danMero Csaba6 danW+R1462004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
75Catalin Taranu5pCioata Daniel5 danB+171482004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
76Cristian Pop7 danRuslan Saifullin5 danB+R1952004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
77Christoph Gerlach6 danOndrei Silt5 danW+31942004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
78Nechanicky Radek6 danShikshin Ilja5 danB+R1912004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
79Shikshin Ilja5 danMatti Siivola5 danB+R952004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004 
80Arkadiy Bogatskiy5 danNechanicky Radek6 danW+R1622004-03-04Euro Ing Memorial 20041
81Felix von Arnim5 danGuo Juan5pW+R1232004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20041
82Shikshina, Svetlana1p ?Li Shen5 danB+R1812004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20041
83Daniel Cioata5 danArkadiy Bogatskiy5 danB+201472004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20042
84Catalin Taranu5pGuo Juan5pB+31582004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20043
85Mezhov Oleg5 danGuo Juan7 danW+92822004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20044
86Alexander Dinerstein1p ?Nechanicky Radek6 danB+9.51192004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20044
87Mero Csaba6 danArkadiy Bogatskiy5 danB+151692004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20044
88Catalin Taranu5pAlexander Dinerstein1p ?W+R1902004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20045
89Guo Juan5pAndrej Kulkov6 danB+R1532004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20045
90Verhagen Rudi5 danDmitriy Yatsenko5 danB+11242004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 20045
91Ruslan Saifullin6 danArkadiy Bogatskiy5 danB+221682004-03-07Euro Ing Memorial 20045
92Ondrei Silt5 danShikshina, Svetlana1p ?W+R1242004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004Round 2
93Shikshina, Svetlana1p ?Catalin Taranu5pW+72712004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004Round 4
94Oleg Mezhov5 danShikshina, Svetlana1p ?W+R1582004-03-05Euro Ing Memorial 2004Round 5
95Bajenaru Dragas6 danHeiser, Laurant6 danW+R1362004-02-01Euro Oza 2004 
96Frank Janssen6 danMichiel Eijkhout6 danB+R2432004-02-07Euro Oza 2004 
97Vladimir Danek6 danPop Cristian7 danB+10.51482004-02-10Euro Oza 2004 
98Rob van Zeist7 danFrank Janssen6 danB+4,52322004-02-10Euro Oza 2004 
99Rob van Zeist7 danLucretiu Calota5 danB+R592004-02-10Euro Oza 2004 
100Guo Juan5pIon Florescu6 danW+2122004-02-11Euro Oza 2004 

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