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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R2231995-11-28Mobile Cup, 5thTitle match, game 1
2Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+3.52491995-12-02Kiseong, 07thTitle match, game 1
3Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+R2851995-12-22Kiseong, 07thTitle match, game 3
4Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+3.52691996-01-05Mobile Cup, 5thTitle match, game 3
5Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+5.52421996-02-16Korean Top Position, 35thTitle match, game 1
6Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+3.52711996-02-22KBS Badukwang, 14thWinners' Section, Semifinal - 2
7Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R2271996-02-24Paewang, 31stTitle match, game 2
8Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+7.52621996-03-12Paewang, 31stTitle match, game 4
9Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+5.52261996-03-30Paewang, 31stTitle match, game 5
10Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+R1441996-04-03Korean Top Position, 35thTitle match, game 3
11Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R1991996-04-18BC Card Cup, 06thTitle match, game 2
12Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+1.52971996-05-07Kiwang, 20thTitle match, game 2
13Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R1811996-05-14Wangwi, 30thLeague, game 28
14Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+R1901996-05-21Wangwi, 30thChallengers' playoff
15Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+R2421996-05-23Kiwang, 20thTitle match, game 4
16Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R2491996-06-10Kiwang, 20thTitle match, game 5
17Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R1731996-06-12LG Refined Oils Cup, 1stQuaterfinal - 4
18Cho Hunhyun9pLee Cheongwu7pW+R2122009-07-13KBS Badukwang, 28thWinners' Section, Round 2
19Cho Hunhyun9pLee Dong-gyu7pB+R1271991-08-07Kuksu, 35thWinners' Section, Final
20Cho Hunhyun9pLee Dong-gyu7pB+R1411993-01-15BC Card Cup, 04thWinners' Section, Quarterfinal
21Cho Hunhyun9pLee Dong-gyu7pB+R1771994-09-08Paewang, 30th1-03
22Cho Hunhyun9pLee Heeseong7pB+R2152007-08-02Korean Baduk League, 2007Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team GS KIXX
23Cho Hunhyun9pLee Sangcheol7pB+R2012005-02-02Electron-Land Cup, 2nd1/16 Final
24Cho Hunhyun9pLee Sedol7pB+R1852003-06-30Wangwi, 37thLeague
25Cho Hunhyun9pLee Seongjae7pW+1.52302005-04-19Electron-Land Cup, 2nd1
26Cho Hunhyun9pLee Yeongkyu7pW+4.53122008-04-27Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team GS KIXX
27Cho Hunhyun9pnajonghun [~]7pB+R3172015-03-23  
28Cho Hunhyun9pNoh Young-ha7pB+R2471990-03-05MBC Emperor Cup, 08thLosers' Section, Round 4
29Cho Hunhyun9pNoh Young-ha7pB+R1571991-11-06Korean Top Position, 31stWinners' Section, Final
30Cho Hunhyun9pPaek Hongseok7pB+2.52612010-06-11Korean Baduk League, 2010Team Posco Chemtech vs Team Chungbuk & Konkuk Milk
31Cho Hunhyun9pPaek Seongho7pB+42821989-07-28Kiseong, 01stLeague, game 14
32Cho Hunhyun9pPaek Seongho7pB+R1291991-05-20Kiseong, 03rdLeague, game 04
33Cho Hunhyun9pPaek Seongho7pB+R1831991-11-15Wangwi, 26thLeague, game 15
34Cho Hunhyun9pRedmond, Michael7pB+R1591994-03-21Tong Yang Securities Cup, 5thQuaterfinal - 1
35Cho Hunhyun9pRyu Shikun7pB+R2512000-05-29Asian TV Cup, 12th1-03
36Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pW+8.52001980-12-27Wangwi, 15thFinal, game 6
37Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pW+3.52491981-12-12Wangwi, 15thFinal, game 4
38Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pW+R1261982-04-29Wangwi, 16thTitle match, game 1
39Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+R2391982-05-08Kukgi, 7thTitle match, game 5
40Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+R1831982-05-19Myeongin, 13thTitle match, game 1
41Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+R1691982-05-25Wangwi, 16thTitle match, game 3
42Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+R1771982-06-15Wangwi, 16thTitle match, game 5
43Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+1.52621982-07-07Wangwi, 16thTitle match, game 7
44Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+6.52491982-12-05MBC Quickplay, 1stFinal, game 1
45Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+3.52471983-02-25Paewang, 18thFinal, game 1
46Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+R2051983-03-22Kukgi, 8thTitle match, game 1
47Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+R2131983-03-25Paewang, 18thFinal, game 3
48Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+2.52681983-05-27Kukgi, 8thTitle match, game 3
49Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pW+3.52671983-07-13Myeongin, 14thTitle match, game 1
50Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo7pB+2.52121983-07-29Kiwang, 8thTitle match, game 1
51Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Nung-uk7pW+R1381983-11-11Taewang, 1stFinal, game 1
52Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Nung-uk7pW+R2461984-07-05Kiwang, 09thLeague, game 15
53Cho Hunhyun9pSong Taekon7pB+R2712004-08-03Chunwon (Tengen), 09thQuaterfinal - 1
54Cho Hunhyun9pSong Taekon7pB+R2212005-10-23Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 96
55Cho Hunhyun9pWang Lei7pB+R2431999-11-15LG Cup, 04thQuaterfinal - 1
56Cho Hunhyun9pWang Yuhui7pB+R1692002-11-12Samsung Cup, 07thSemifinal - 1, game 1
57Cho Hunhyun9pWang Yuhui7pB+2.52962004-09-01Samsung Cup, 09th1/16 Final - 03
58Cho Hunhyun9pYamada Kimio7pB+R1431996-09-22Samsung Cup, 01st1-04
59Cho Hunhyun9pYang Jae-ho7pB+0.52191991-09-09Kuksu, 35thFinal, game 2
60Cho Hunhyun9pYang Keon7pB+R1772004-09-07Kuksu, 48thLosers' Section, Round 1
61Cho Hunhyun9pYang Keon7pB+1.53252006-05-02Electron-Land Cup, 3rd2
62Cho Hunhyun9pYim Sun-gun7pB+R1651993-03-17BC Card Cup, 04thSemifinal
63Cho Hunhyun9pYoo Changhyuk7pW+R2001996-03-26Jinro Cup, 4thFinal, game 2
64Cho Hunhyun9pYoo Changhyuk7pW+3.52371996-04-01Kiwang, 20thLeague, game 27
65Cho Hunhyun9pYoo Changhyuk7pB+R1591996-04-10Kiwang, 20thPreliminary Final
66Cho Hunhyun9pYun Chun-sang7pW+R2322008-07-17Nongshim Cup, 10thpreliminary tournament
67Cho Hunhyun9pYun Chun-sang7pB+R1412009-04-02BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 5
68Cho Hunhyun9pZhou Heyang7pB+R1591999-04-23Chunlan Cup, 01stQuaterfinal - 4
69Cho Hunhyun9pZhou Jungsun7pB+R1411998-04-11Fujitsu Cup, 11th1-05
70Cho Hunhyun [KWN]9pLee Changho [KWN]7pW+R1761994-12-30Paedal Wang, 2ndTitle match, game 1
71Cho Hunhyun [KWN]9pLee Changho [KWN]7pB+33031995-03-02Kiseong, 06thTitle match, game 6
72Cho Hyeyeon9pKim Hyeomin7pB+R2272015-01-31  
73Cho Hyeyeon9pLee Min Jin7pB+R2392016-03-18  
74Cho Nam-cheol9pKang Hun7pW+R1761988-07-01Wangwi, 23rdLeague Qualifier
75Cho Sonjin9pCho Riyu7pB+R1072006-05-18Meijin, 32ndPreliminaries
76Cho Sonjin9pCho U7pB+R1752001-12-06Honinbo, 57thLeague, game 10
77Cho Sonjin9pFujii Shuya7pB+R1512012-08-02Honinbo, 68th, last preliminary tournament 
78Cho Sonjin9pHan Zenki7pB+R2112005-01-20Honinbo, 60thLeague, game 16
79Cho Sonjin9pHan Zenki7pW+R1762005-09-11NHK Cup, 53rdRound 2
80Cho Sonjin9pIyama Yuta7pW+R2222007-01-25Tengen, 33rd1
81Cho Sonjin9pJiang Mingjiu7pB+3.52682006-08-26World Oza Toyota & Denso Cup, 3rd1
82Cho Sonjin9pMatsumoto Takehisa7pB+R1812008-05-05NHK Cup, 56th1
83Cho Sonjin9pMatsumoto Takehisa7pB+R1012016-10-06  
84Cho Sonjin9pMotoki Katsuya7pW+R1842016-11-03Tengen, 43rd, preliminary tournament AFinal
85Cho Sonjin9pOba Jyunya7pB+R2052015-08-13Kisei, 40thLeague C
86Cho Sonjin9pRin Shien7pB+R1452009-08-27Tengen, 36th, preliminary tournament A 
87Cho Sonjin9pRin Shien7pW+R1762010-08-19Gosei, 36th, preliminary tournament A 
88Cho Sonjin9pRin Shien7pW+R2422012-06-07Ryusei, 21st, champion decision tournament 
89Cho Sonjin9pRyu Shikun7pW+1.52401999-03-18Tengen, 25th1/8 Final - 1
90Cho Sonjin9pSeto Taiki7pW+R1942010-10-14Honinbo, 66thLeague
91Cho Sonjin9pSeto Taiki7pW+0.52462013-02-14Honinbo, 68thLeague
92Cho Sonjin9pYamashita Keigo7pW+2.53102001-12-27Meijin, 27thLeague, game 05
93Cho Sonjin9pYamashita Keigo7pW+102872002-07-15NEC Cup, 22nd1
94Cho Sonjin9pYamashita Keigo7pB+R1832002-10-17Honinbo, 58thLeague, game 03
95Cho Sonjin9pYamashita Keigo7pW+6.52742002-10-28Kisei, 27thLeague, Group B, game 13
96Cho Sonjin9pYu Zhengqi7pW+1.52452015-07-02Kisei, 40thLeague C
97Cho Sonjin9pYu Zhengqi7pB+R2172016-07-28Honinbo, 72nd, last preilminary tournament 
98Cho U9pAnzai Nobuaki7pW+1.52872016-03-07Oza, 64th, last preliminary tournament 
99Cho U9pCho Han-seong7pB+R1772004-04-12Fujitsu Cup, 17th1-08
100Cho U9pGu Li7pW+R1802005-05-02CSK Cup, 4thRound 2

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