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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Park Sunghun4pAn Dalhun6pW+5.53032005-06-17Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 22
2Chen Seuyen2pPark Sunghun4pW+2.52742004-09-15New Stars Best Ten, 8thLeague A
3Cho Han-seong5pPark Sunghun3pB+4,52682003-05-07Fresh Best 10 (SK Cup), 7thLeague B
4Cho Han-seong9pPark Sunghun7pB+R2272012-07-12  
5Cho Hyeyeon5pPark Sunghun4pB+4,52492004-07-14BC Card Cup, 15thgame 02
6Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pPark Sunghun6pB+8.52302010-12-28  
7Gu Li9pPark Sunghun7pB+R1552012-03-03BC Card Cup World, 04th1
8Han Taehee3pPark Sunghun7pB+R2032012-07-21  
9Heo Yeongho2pPark Sunghun3pW+0.53242003-06-04Korean New Star Cup, 3rd10
10Park Sunghun3pHeo Yeongho4pW+3.52442004-06-29Korean New Star Cup, 4thgame 13
11Heo Yeongho4pPark Sunghun4pW+2.52662005-08-26Korean Baduk League, 2005 
12Park Sunghun4pHeo Yeongho4pW+R2002006-01-03BC Card Cup, 16th1/8 Final - 1
13Heo Yeongho7pPark Sunghun6pB+R1632010-08-19  
14Hong Minpyo7pPark Sunghun6pB+5.52992010-10-14  
15Park Sunghun6pHong Seongji8pW+R2242010-09-17  
16Park Sunghun7pIchiriki Ryo7pW+R1942014-04-17LG Cup, 19th, integration preliminary tournament 
17Park Sunghun7pJin Siyoung5pW+16,52762012-07-26  
18Kang Changbae1p ?Park Sunghun6pB+R2152010-05-09  
19Park Sunghun4pKang Dongyun3pW+R1462005-06-29Nongshim Cup, 07thKorean preliminary
20Park Sunghun7pKim Dongho2pB+R2052012-04-29Korean Baduk League, 2012 
21Kim Jiseok2pPark Sunghun4pW+4.52902005-12-05BC Card Cup, 16th1
22Kim Jiseok8pPark Sunghun7pB+R1732012-06-08Korean Baduk League, 2012 
23Kim Juho5pPark Sunghun4pB+R2012004-11-12Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 94
24Park Sunghun6pKim Junghyun2pW+1.52802010-05-08  
25Park Sunghun7pKim Junghyun3pW+1.52682012-04-27  
26Kim Kiyoung5pPark Sunghun6pB+R2452010-03-05BC Card Cup World, 02nd1/8 Final - 6
27Kim Kiyoung5pPark Sunghun6pB+R2092010-07-11  
28Park Sunghun6pKim Kiyoung5pW+3.52732011-04-25KBS Badukwang, 30thWinners' Section, Round 1
29Kim Kwangsik4pPark Sunghun4pB+0.52472004-08-03Samsung Cup, 09thPreliminaries
30Kim Man-su7pPark Sunghun6pW+3.52782010-01-30BC Card Cup World, 02nd1/16 Final - 06
31Park Sunghun1p ?Kim Myeongwan5pB+R1412001-05-15Baduk TV New Star, 1st06
32Kim Myeongwan6pPark Sunghun4pB+7.52452004-10-15Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 78
33Park Sunghun6pKim Seung Jae4pW+R1542010-06-20  
34Park Sunghun4pKim Seung-jun8pB+R2012004-07-16Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 34
35Kim Su-jang9pPark Sunghun2pB+R3172002-04-29Chunwon (Tengen), 07th1/8 Final - 4
36Kim Tae-yong2pPark Sunghun4pB+3.52662004-10-13New Stars Best Ten, 8thPlayoff 5th-6th
37Park Sunghun6pKim Yunyoung1p ?B+R1412010-01-27GS Caltex Cup, 15th1/16 Final - 06
38Park Sunghun4pKo Keuntae3pW+R2302005-09-22  
39Park Sunghun5pKono Rin8pW+0.52652006-05-15LG Cup, 11th1/16 Final - 16
40Lee Changho9pPark Sunghun6pB+1.52952010-10-07Korean Baduk League, 2010Team Netmarble vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
41Lee Cheongwu8pPark Sunghun7pB+2.53002012-08-18  
42Lee Hyeonwuk6pPark Sunghun4pW+R2002005-09-14  
43Lee Sedol3pPark Sunghun1p ?B+R1612001-10-06Baduk TV New Star, 2001f2
44Lee Sedol9pPark Sunghun6pB+R2052010-07-21Nongshim Cup, 12th, preliminary tournament 
45Park Sunghun6pLee Sedol9pW+R2182010-07-29Korean Baduk League, 2010Team Shinan Chunil Salt vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
46Park Sunghun6pLee Taehyun3pB+R2672010-06-13  
47Lee Wondo4pPark Sunghun7pW+R1902012-04-15  
48Park Sunghun3pLee Yeongkyu2pW+R2262003-06-11Korean New Star Cup, 3rd11
49Lee Yeongkyu3pPark Sunghun4pW+32722004-03-31  
50Park Sunghun4pLee Yeongkyu3pW+R2162004-07-02Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 26
51Lee Yeongkyu4pPark Sunghun4pB+2.52492005-11-18Korean Baduk League, 2005 
52Lee Yeongkyu5pPark Sunghun5pB+1.52312006-05-03  
53Park Sunghun6pLee Yeongkyu8pW+1.53042010-02-17GS Caltex Cup, 15th1/8 Final - 1
54Luo Xihe8pPark Sunghun2pW+8.52762001-07-30Samsung Cup, 06thMain qualifying tournament, final round
55Luo Xihe9pPark Sunghun6pW+2.52782009-08-07Samsung Cup, 14th, integration preliminary tournament 
56Mok Jinseok9pPark Sunghun7pW+R2142012-09-16  
57Park Sunghun7pMurakawa Daisuke7pW+0.52472012-04-21LG Cup, 17th, integration preliminary tournament 
58Park Sunghun4pO Meien9pB+Time1772004-05-18LG Cup, 09th1-01
59Park Sunghun7pOn Sojin6pB+R1512012-06-23  
60Park Sunghun4pPaek Daehyun5pB+2.52282004-04-08New Stars Best Ten, 8thLeague A
61Paek Hongseok3pPark Sunghun4pB+0.52892005-09-09Korean Baduk League, 2005 
62Park Sunghun2pPark Byungkyu2pW+6.52612001-08-03BC Card Cup, 12thFinal, game 3
63Park Sunghun5pPark Byungkyu5pB+2.52242006-11-06Wonik Cup Siptan, 2nd1/16 Final - 02
64Park Jieun5pPark Sunghun4pB+R1852004-09-24New Stars Best Ten, 8thLeague A
65Park Sunghun3pPark Jungsang4pW+6.52572004-03-12New Stars Best Ten, 8thLeague A
66Park Sunghun4pPark Jungsang4pW+R2242004-09-10Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 58
67Park Jungwhan9pPark Sunghun6pB+R2192011-04-04GS Caltex Cup, 16th1/8 Final - 2
68Park Sunghun7pPark Young-hun9pW+R2082012-09-27  
69Park Sunghun4pRui Naiwei9pB+R2052005-07-08Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 34
70Park Sunghun4pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R1642005-05-20Korean Baduk League, 2005game 06
71Park Sunghun4pSeo Gunwoo1p ?B+R1272004-08-20New Stars Best Ten, 8thLeague A
72Park Sunghun5pSeo Moosang6pB+0.52802006-04-28LG Cup, 11thintegration primary tournament final
73Park Sunghun7pShibano Toramaru1p ?W+R2022015-08-04  
74Shin Jinseo1p ?Park Sunghun7pB+R1832013-03-20  
75Song Taekon7pPark Sunghun4pB+R1252004-08-30Electron-Land Cup, 1st1/8 Final - 7
76Wang Yuhui7pPark Sunghun2pB+R1352001-08-29Samsung Cup, 06th1-12
77Park Sunghun6pWeon Seongjin9pB+2.52182010-01-16BC Card Cup World, 02nd1/32 Final - 11
78Weon Seongjin9pPark Sunghun7pB+R1552016-01-16GS Caltex Cup, 21st1st round
79Park Sunghun3pYeom Cheonghun4pB+R1232003-04-10Korean New Star Cup, 3rdPreliminary
80Yin Hang5pPark Sunghun5pB+R1952009-06-11  
81Park Sunghun3pYoo Jaehyeon5pW+R1102003-03-07Fresh Best 10 (SK Cup), 7thb02
82Park Sunghun4pYoo Jaehyeon6pW+1.52712004-05-21Korean Baduk League, 2004game 06
83Yoo Jaeseong1p ?Park Sunghun1p ?W+3.52952001-05-08Baduk TV New Star, 1st05
84Park Sunghun4pYu Bin9pW+R2082004-05-20LG Cup, 09th1/8 Final - 6
85Park Sunghun5pYun Chun-sang4pB+5.52392006-10-10Sibdang tournament, 2nd1
86Park Sunghun7pYun Chun-sang9pW+1.52882012-11-11Korean Baduk League, 2012final round 3 Team Hangame vs Team Shinan Chunil Salt
87Yun Hyunseok7pPark Sunghun2pB+R2052002-10-14KT Cup, 2nd1/16 Final - 11
88Yun Hyunseok7pPark Sunghun4pB+1.52532004-12-10Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 110
89Park Sunghun6pYun Jihee3pB+1.52992011-02-07GS Caltex Cup, 16th1-04

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