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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Song Ronghi1p ?Lee Daehyeoi3pB+5.52832008-11-12Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 01
2Kato Keiko6pSong Ronghi1p ?W+R1722008-11-13Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 02
3Song Ronghi1p ?Lee Hajin3pB+5.53032008-11-14Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 03
4Mannami Kana4pSong Ronghi1p ?W+R2342008-11-15Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 04
5Song Ronghi1p ?Kim Hyeomin5pB+R2152009-01-11Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 05
6Aoki Kikuyo8pSong Ronghi1p ?W+R1782009-01-12Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 06
7song'yonghye [~]1p ?Park Jieun9pW+R1482009-01-13Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 07
8Suzuki Ayumi4pPark Jieun9pW+R1442009-01-14Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 08
9Li He1p ?Park Jieun9pB+R1692009-01-15Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 09
10Li He1p ?Umezawa Yukari5pB+12.52802009-01-16Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 10
11Lee Hajin5pLi He1p ?W+R2162009-03-09Jeongganjang Cup, 7thgame 11
12Kim Yunyoung1p ?Wang Chenxing2pW+10.53342009-09-22Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 01
13Yoshida Mika8pWang Chenxing2pW+R2262009-09-23Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 02
14Yun Jihee2pWang Chenxing2pW+R1962009-09-24Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 03
15Aoki Kikuyo8pWang Chenxing2pB+R2412009-09-25Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 04
16Aoki Kikuyo8pPark Sohyun2pW+6.52632009-12-20Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 05
17Park Sohyun2pCao Youyin3pW+R2182009-12-21Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 06
18Cao Youyin3pUmezawa Yukari5pB+R2592009-12-22Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 07
19Kim Hyeomin5pCao Youyin3pB+1.52162009-12-23Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 08
20Mukai Chiaki3pKim Hyeomin5pB+R2272009-12-24Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 09
21Mukai Chiaki3pSong Ronghi5pW+4.52252009-12-25Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 10
22Park Jieun9pSong Ronghi5pB+R1832010-02-01Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 11
23Park Jieun9pSuzuki Ayumi5pB+R1592010-02-02Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 12
24Park Jieun9pYe Gui5pB+3.53172010-02-03Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 13
25Li He2pPark Jieun9pW+R2022010-02-04Jeongganjang Cup, 8thgame 14
26Aoki Kikuyo8pMoon To Won2pW+R2202011-01-08Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 01
27Moon To Won2pLu Jia2pB+18.52942011-01-09Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 02
28Chinen Kaori4pMoon To Won2pW+10.53022011-01-10Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 03
29Li He3pMoon To Won2pW+7.53082011-01-11Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 04
30Moon To Won2pMukai Chiaki4pB+1.52872011-01-12Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 05
31Moon To Won2pSong Ronghi5pB+R2052011-01-13Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 06
32Suzuki Ayumi5pMoon To Won2pW+3.52802011-01-14Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 07
33Tang Yi2pMoon To Won2pB+R1692011-03-22Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 08
34Yoshida Mika8pTang Yi2pB+1.52572011-03-23Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 09
35Kim Miri1p ?Yoshida Mika8pB+R1872011-03-24Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 10
36Rui Naiwei9pKim Miri1p ?B+R2272011-03-25Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 11
37Rui Naiwei9pLee Hajin3pB+R1652011-03-26Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 12
38Park Jiyeon2pRui Naiwei9pW+R1862011-03-27Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 13
39Rui Naiwei9pPark Jieun9pW+R1602011-03-28Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 14
40Yang Yi4pDong Yan7pW+0.52582002-04-08Jiangling Cup (Chinese Cities League, Division A), 2002Round 2
41Wang Lei2pKim Yeongsam5pB+R2052002-05-23Jiangling Cup (Chinese Cities League, Division A), 2002Round 7
42Zhao Xinghua3pLin Feng5pB+R2432002-10-31Jiangling Cup, 7th2-6-f
43Shao Zhengzhong1p ?Jiang Changsheng1p ?W+1201978-01-05Jiangsu Province Sports Associations Games, 9th 
44Cao Cheng2pLi Chunhua4pW+0.53342004-10-27Jianqiao Cup, 02nd1
45Jang Swen8pSu Su2pB+R2192004-10-27Jianqiao Cup, 02nd1
46Hua Xueming7pCui Ning2pB+1.52872004-10-27Jianqiao Cup, 02nd1
47Tang Yi2pLiu Yuxin2pB+R1772004-10-27Jianqiao Cup, 02nd1
48Qiu Danyun2pWang Hui2pW+0.53822004-10-27Jianqiao Cup, 02nd1
49Huang Jia2pYe Gui5pB+11.53122004-10-28Jianqiao Cup, 02ndRound 2
50Wang Hui2pLi Chunhua4pW+R2602004-10-28Jianqiao Cup, 02ndRound 2
51Jang Swen8pTang Yi2pB+R3012004-10-28Jianqiao Cup, 02ndRound 2
52Hua Xueming7pZheng Yan2pW+2.52912004-10-28Jianqiao Cup, 02ndRound 2
53Jang Swen8pLi Chunhua4pB+R1912004-10-30Jianqiao Cup, 02ndSemifinal
54Huang Jia2pZheng Yan2pW+2.52742004-10-30Jianqiao Cup, 02ndSemifinal
55Wang Xiangyun1p ?Zheng Yan2pW+R1642007-11-06Jianqiao Cup, 05thFinal, game 1
56Zheng Yan2pWang Xiangyun1p ?B+9.52612007-11-07Jianqiao Cup, 05thFinal, game 2
57Lu Jia1p ?Wang Xiangyun1p ?W+12.53182008-11-16Jianqiao Cup, 06thFinal, game 1
58Wang Xiangyun1p ?Lu Jia1p ?W+R1642008-11-18Jianqiao Cup, 06thFinal, game 2
59Wang Xiangyun1p ?Lu Jia1p ?W+6.52782008-11-19Jianqiao Cup, 06thFinal, game 3
60Lu Jia2pZheng Yan2pB+R2592009-10-09Jianqiao Cup, 07thFinal, game 1
61Zheng Yan2pLu Jia2pB+0.52582009-10-11Jianqiao Cup, 07thFinal, game 2
62Zheng Yan2pLu Jia2pW+0.53342009-10-12Jianqiao Cup, 07thFinal, game 3
63Wang Xiangyun2pTang Yi2pB+R1392010-10-30Jianqiao Cup, 08thFinal, game 1
64Tang Yi2pWang Xiangyun2pB+R1792010-11-01Jianqiao Cup, 08thFinal, game 2
65Tang Yi2pWang Xiangyun2pW+R2282010-11-02Jianqiao Cup, 08thFinal, game 3
66caoyouin [~]3pjangswian [~]8pW+R2022011-10-22Jianqiao Cup, 09thFinal, game 1
67Jang Swen8pcaoyouin [~]3pB+3.53392011-10-24Jianqiao Cup, 09thFinal, game 2
68Wang Chenxing5pRui Naiwei9pB+R2812012-11-10Jianqiao Cup, 10thFinal, game 1
69Rui Naiwei9pWang Chenxing5pB+R3112012-11-12Jianqiao Cup, 10thFinal, game 2
70Rui Naiwei9pWang ChenxingJianqiao CupB+R2832013-11-04Jianqiao Cup, 11thFinal, game 1
71Wang ChenxingJianqiao CupRui Naiwei9pW+R1982013-11-06Jianqiao Cup, 11thFinal, game 2
72Chen Yiming2pCao Youyin3pW+R2102014-12-01Jianqiao Cup, 12thFinal, game 1
73Cao Youyin3pChen Yiming2pW+2.52842014-12-03Jianqiao Cup, 12thFinal, game 2
74Chen Yiming2pCao Youyin3pW+R2832014-12-04Jianqiao Cup, 12thFinal, game 3
75Wang Chuang1p ?Yu Zhi Ying5pW+R2282015-11-14Jianqiao Cup, 13thFinal, game 1
76Yu Zhi Ying5pWang Chuang1p ?W+R2202015-11-16Jianqiao Cup, 13thFinal, game 2
77Yu Zhi Ying5pWang Chuang1p ?B+R2412015-11-17Jianqiao Cup, 13thFinal, game 3
78Lu Jia2pLi He5pB+R1532016-11-20Jianqiao Cup, 14thFinal, game 1
79Li He5pLu Jia2pB+5.53042016-11-21Jianqiao Cup, 14thFinal, game 2
80Wang Chenxing5pRui Naiwei9pB+7.53092012-11-13Jianqiao Cup,10thFinal, game 3
81Takahashi Toshimitsu3pGo Seigen4pW+R1081931-12-31Jiji Go Tournament (win-and-continue) sponsored by Jiji Shinpo 
82Nozawa Chikucho3pHoninbo Shusai7pB+R1341907-03-10Jiji Shinpo New Games 114 and Honinbo School W&C 11 
83Nozawa Chikucho3pHoninbo Shusai7pW+R2421907-09-08Jiji Shinpo New Games 124 and Honinbo School W&C 16 
84Kita Fumiko3pHoninbo Shusai7pW+62981907-10-29Jiji Shinpo New Games 126 and Honinbo School W&C 17 
85Takahashi Seichi3pHoninbo Shusai7pW+R2271907-12-13Jiji Shinpo New Games 128 and Honinbo School W&C 18 
86Tasaka Shintaro3pHoninbo Shusai7pW+R1711908-01-14Jiji Shinpo New Games 130 and Honinbo School W&C 19 
87Honinbo Shugen4pHoninbo Shusai7pW+R1681908-02-19Jiji Shinpo New Games 132 and Honinbo School W&C 20 
88Kosugi Tei4pKitani Minoru4pW+R2901928-03-23Jiji Shinpo win & continue series 
89Kitani Minoru4pOnoda Chiyotaro6pW+33541929-09-01Jiji Shinpo Win & Continue Series 
90Hashimoto Utaro4pKitani Minoru5pB+32351930-01-12Jiji Shinpo Win & Continue Series 
91Kitani Minoru4pSegoe Kensaku7pB+12371927-01-07Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 1 of Kitani's series of 13 wins; Segoe on 1 win
92Inoue Ichiro3pKitani Minoru4pW+133041928-07-01Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 10 of Kitani's 13 wins
93Mukai Kazuo4pKitani Minoru4pW+R2161928-01-08Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 11 of Kitani's 13 wins
94Kitani Minoru4pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+112881928-01-09Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 12 of Kitani's 13 wins
95Kitani Minoru4pKato Shin6pB+R1731927-01-07Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 2 of Kitani's series of 13 wins
96Hayashi Yutaro5pKitani Minoru4pW+13401927-08-25Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 3 of Kitani's series of 13 wins
97Kitani Minoru4pHashimoto Utaro4pB+72451928-01-11Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 5 of Kitani's series of 13 wins
98Kitani Minoru4pMiyasaka Shinji6 danB+R1311928-01-02Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 6 of Kitani's series of 13 wins
99Kitani Minoru4pIwamoto Kaoru6pB+R1351928-01-06Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 9 of Kitani's 13 wins
100Kitani Minoru5pOnoda Chiyotaro6 danB+102851930-01-10Jiji Shinpo Win & Continue SeriesKitani on 1 win

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