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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1bagseong'gyun [~] gangdajeong [~] W+R1502012-04-14  
2bagtaehyi [~]1p ?gangdajeong [~]1p ?B+5.52592015-02-15  
3bagtaehyi [~]1p ?gangdajeong [~]1p ?W+0.53242015-03-30  
4Choi Jung5pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R2132015-01-27  
5Gang Youngil gangdajeong [~]1p ?W+R1462013-08-15  
6gimdayeong [~]1p ?gangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R1872016-02-18  
7gangdajeong [~]1p ?gimhyerim [~]2pW+2.52732014-09-04  
8gimhyerim [~]2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?W+4.53472015-03-10  
9gimhyerim [~]2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?W+4.52552016-02-26  
10hujisawari [~]3pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R2532016-03-25  
11jangsiyeong [~] gangdajeong [~] B+R2212013-04-29  
12Jin Caiying2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R2492016-04-19  
13Jin Caiying2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R1352016-08-18  
14gangdajeong [~] jominsu [~] B+R2472013-06-01  
15Kim Eunseon4pgangdajeong [~]1p ?W+R2742015-01-23  
16Kim Su-jang9pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R2152014-07-07  
17ojeong'a [~]2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R1852014-11-03  
18gangdajeong [~]1p ?ojeong'a [~]2pB+1.53092016-04-21  
19oyujin [~]2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?W+3.52562015-03-20  
20gangdajeong [~]1p ?oyujin [~]2pW+2.52582015-04-01  
21oyujin [~]2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+R1892016-05-03  
22oyujin [~]2pgangdajeong [~]1p ?B+15.52422016-05-11  
23songhyeryeong [~] gangdajeong [~] W+R1842013-07-31  
24song'yeseul [~]6 dangangdajeong [~]6 danW+R2462011-12-13  
25gangdajeong [~]1p ?ssungrunghui [~]5pB+R1632017-02-16  
26gangdajeong [~]1p ?Yu Zhi Ying5pW+1.52822015-02-28  

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