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 Game of the dayJapanese 


# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Hattori Rittetsu6pKadono Jowa6pW+81531812-05-15  
2Hattori Rittetsu1p ?Kadono Jowa4pJigo1951812-05-25  
3Hattori Rittetsu? proKadono Jowa? proW+62601813-02-12  
4Hattori Rittetsu4pKadono Jowa5pW+113541814-10-23  
5Hattori Rittetsu? proKadono Jowa? proJigo1641815-02-14  
6Hattori Rittetsu4pKadono Jowa5pW+91961815-02-18  
7Hattori Rittetsu4pKadono Jowa5pB+42231815-03-07  
8Hattori Rittetsu8p?Kadono Jowa9pB+R2311815-06-22  
9Hattori Rittetsu1p ?Kadono Jowa4pB+R1611816-10-17  
10Hattori Rittetsu1p ?Kadono Jowa4pB+51391818-10-14Game requested by the chief priest of Engakuji Temple 
11Hattori Rittetsu1p ?Kadono Matsunosuke4pJigo1851812-06-19  
12Kadono Matsunosuke? proHattori Rittetsu? proB+63211815-01-02  
13Kadono Matsunosuke? proHattori Rittetsu? proB+92671815-04-01  
14Hattori Rittetsu5p ?Kadono Matsunosuke? proB+91931815-04-19  
15Hattori Rittetsu5p ?Kadono Matsunosuke? proB+91771815-04-28  
16Kadono Matsunosuke? proHattori Rittetsu? proB+72611815-05-06  
17Hattori Rittetsu5p ?Kadono Matsunosuke? proW+112001815-06-14  
18Hattori Rittetsu5p ?Kadono Matsunosuke? proB+R1631818-06-30  
19Hattori Rittetsu5p ?Todani Jowa4pW+21991814-07-21  

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