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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Maeda Nobuaki9pEzura Yuichi4pW+5.52171974-02-28Nihon Ki-in Championship, 22nd1-01
2Fujisawa Hideyuki6pMaeda Nobuaki7pB+R1471951-09-19Oteai, 1951 
3Maeda Nobuaki8pFujisawa Hideyuki8pW+R1781960-02-25Honinbo, 15thLeague, game 16
4Fujisawa Hideyuki8pMaeda Nobuaki8pB+R1311961-02-23Honinbo, 16thLeague
5Fujisawa Hideyuki9pMaeda Nobuaki9pB+R1371969-05-14Meijin Old, 08thLeague
6Fujisawa Hosai5pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R1371939-01-01Oteai, 1939, SpringRound 5
7Fukuhara Yoshitora6pMaeda Nobuaki8pW+102491960-11-03Oteai, 1960 
8Fukuhara Yoshitora6pMaeda Nobuaki8pW+112401963-04-25Oteai, 1963 
9Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+12771929-02-09  
10Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+32691929-03-15New Stars' Super Go 
11Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pW+33371929-06-10"Archers of Yue versus Genius of Wu" series sponsored by KidoGame 4 (of 13)
12Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pW+32411930-01-18New Stars' Super Go 
13Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+R1691930-05-22Super Go 
14Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+72951930-10-03New Stars' Super Go 
15Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+52541930-11-13Oteai, 1930, AutumnRound 6
16Go Seigen3pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+R1511931-01-08Super Go 
17Go Seigen4pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+R1931931-10-29Oteai, 1931, AutumnRound 4
18Go Seigen4pMaeda Nobuaki5pB+72901932-09-20Super Go 
19Go Seigen4pMaeda Nobuaki5pB+R2131932-10-06Oteai, 1932, Autumn1
20Go Seigen4pMaeda Nobuaki5pB+R1911932-10-06  
21Maeda Nobuaki5pGo Seigen5p02461934-04-19Oteai, 1934, SpringRound 7
22Maeda Nobuaki5pGo Seigen5pW+53211934-10-24Japan Go Championship, 1934Round 2
23Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen6pW+R2281935-05-09Oteai, 1935, SpringRound 5
24Go Seigen6pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R1291935-10-04  
25Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen6pB+22961936-04-30Showa 3 stars' Tournament, 1936 
26Go Seigen6pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R1631936-05-14Oteai, 1936, SpringRound 6
27Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen6pW+R1561936-07-25East-West Japan Match sponsored by Hochi Shinbun 
28Go Seigen6pMaeda Nobuaki6pW+12721936-10-30Nihon Ki-in A Section Tournament14
29Go Seigen6pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R2491938-04-09""Go restored to health"" game sponsored by Tokyo Asahi Shinbun and Osaka Asahi Sh 
30Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen6pB+R2611939-07-26Oteai, 1939, SpringRound 4
31Go Seigen7pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R1451940-03-17Honinbo, 01st1st Final Knockout, Round 2
32Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen7pW+R2261940-05-02Oteai Spring sessionFirst session
33Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen7pB+3.52791940-05-31Honinbo, 01st2nd Final Knockout, Round 1
34Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen7pW+R1461941-01-16East-West Japan Match sponsored by Hochi ShinbunMaeda on 3 wins
35Go Seigen7pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+72571941-06-26OteaiFirst half
36Maeda Nobuaki6pGo Seigen7pB+12741941-09-16Honinbo, 02nd1st Preliminary, Final (or Round 1?)
37Go Seigen8pMaeda Nobuaki7pB+R1831949-12-16Go Seigen vs. 10 High dan playersgame 08
38Maeda Nobuaki7pGo Seigen9pW+42681950-06-23Go Seigen Vs. 13 Seven and Eight Dan Playersgame 03
39Maeda Nobuaki7pGo Seigen9pB+R1971954-10-28Go Seigen Vs. 4 Strongest Seven Dan Playersgame 04
40Maeda Nobuaki8pGo Seigen9pB+32341956-06-073 games matchgame 01
41Go Seigen9pMaeda Nobuaki8pB+R1971956-06-213 games matchgame 02
42Maeda Nobuaki8pGo Seigen9pW+R1981956-07-253 games matchgame 03
43Hasegawa Akira5pMaeda Nobuaki5pW+R2541934-11-07Oteai, 1934, Autumn SessionRound 5
44Maeda Nobuaki8pHasegawa Akira7pB+R791962-11-15Oteai, 1962 
45Hashimoto Shoji9pMaeda Nobuaki9pW+5.52721963-01-01Pro Best Ten, 01st1
46Hashimoto Utaro4pMaeda Nobuaki3pB+R2411927-05-11Oteai, 1927, SpringRound 5
47Maeda Nobuaki3pHashimoto Utaro4pJigo2741927-11-16Oteai, 1927 AutumnRound 7
48Hashimoto Utaro4pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+R1251928-03-14Oteai, 1928, SpringRound 2
49Maeda Nobuaki4pHashimoto Utaro4pB+R1711928-11-15Oteai, 1928, AutumnRound 3
50Maeda Nobuaki6pHashimoto Utaro6pB+R1251936-10-21Oteai, 1936, AutumnRound 3
51Hashimoto Utaro6pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R2211939-01-01Oteai, 1939, SpringRound 8 (another source has Round 4)
52Maeda Nobuaki6pHashimoto Utaro7pB+32551940-10-23Oteai, 1940 
53Maeda Nobuaki7pHashimoto Utaro8pW+0.52661953-11-12Oza, 01stFinal
54Hashimoto Utaro9pMaeda Nobuaki8pW+2.52461960-01-07Honinbo, 15thLeague, game 02
55Maeda Nobuaki8pHashimoto Utaro9pW+7.52311961-03-09Honinbo, 16thLeague
56Hashimoto Utaro9pMaeda Nobuaki9pB+R1691975-02-13Tengen, 01st1-03
57Maeda Nobuaki6pHayashi Yutaro6pB+8,52611939-01-01Honinbo, 01stStage 4, Round 3
58Hayashi Yutaro7pMaeda Nobuaki9pB+R1771963-06-13Oteai, 1963 
59Hoshino Toshi7pMaeda Nobuaki9pW+R1541963-09-19Oteai, 1963 
60Maeda Nobuaki8pHosokawa Senjin8pB+R2431960-06-09Oteai, 1960 
61Inoue Ichiro4pMaeda Nobuaki6pW+R1721939-01-01Oteai, Spring SessionRound 6
62Maeda Nobuaki6pIwamoto Kaoru6pB+5.52241939-01-01Honinbo, 01st4th Preliminary {6-dan Section}, Round 2
63Maeda Nobuaki9pIwata Tatsuaki9pW+R1561968-01-01Nihon Ki-in Championship, 16thQuaterfinal - 3
64Kada Katsuji8pMaeda Nobuaki8pB+R1671962-05-10Oteai, 1962 
65Kajiwara Takeo7pMaeda Nobuaki8pW+R1561960-04-21Oteai, 1960 
66Kajiwara Takeo8pMaeda Nobuaki9pB+R1231963-10-24Oteai, 1963 
67Kano Yoshinori8pMaeda Nobuaki9pB+R1651965-11-04Oteai, 1965 
68Kato Shin7pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+11.52251940-03-01Honinbo, 01st1st Final Preliminary, 3rd-4th place playoff
69Kitani Minoru1p ?Maeda Nobuaki1p ?B+R1491924-01-09Nihon Ki-in Study Group 
70Kitani Minoru1p ?Maeda Nobuaki1p ?B+R1731925-01-29  
71Kitani Minoru1p ?Maeda Nobuaki1p ?B+R1611925-05-19Joshiki Teai 1d & 2d Finals sponsored by Kido 
72Maeda Nobuaki2pKitani Minoru2pB+R1551926-02-10  
73Kitani Minoru3pMaeda Nobuaki3pB+R2171926-05-27  
74Maeda Nobuaki3pKitani Minoru3pW+R981927-01-02Rising Stars Win & Continue sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun & Osaka Mainichi ShinbunGame 5 of Kitani's series
75Maeda Nobuaki3pKitani Minoru4pB+43161927-01-07Young Players Taking White Win & Conitinue sponsored by Kido 
76Kitani Minoru4pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+112881928-01-09Jiji Shinpo win & continue seriesGame 12 of Kitani's 13 wins
77Kitani Minoru4pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+R1431929-03-07Oteai, Spring session 
78Maeda Nobuaki4pKitani Minoru5pW+42321930-04-09Oteai, Spring sessionRound 6 of 8
79Maeda Nobuaki4pKitani Minoru5pW+12411931-01-03Rising Stars Win & Continue sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun & Osaka MainicKitani on 4 wins
80Kitani Minoru5pMaeda Nobuaki4pB+R1931931-03-04Oteai, Spring sessionRound 1 of 8
81Kitani Minoru5pMaeda Nobuaki5pW+42781933-10-15Rising Stars Win & Continee sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun and Osaka Mainichi ShinbunKitani on 8 wins
82Maeda Nobuaki5pKitani Minoru6pW+R1301934-03-07Oteai1
83Kitani Minoru6pMaeda Nobuaki6 danW+R2381935-01-03Oteai winners' playoff series sponsored by Tokyo Asahi Shinbun & Osaka Asahi Shinbun 
84Kitani Minoru6pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R1651935-05-29Oteai, 1935, Spring SessionRound 8 of 8
85Kitani Minoru7pMaeda Nobuaki6 danB+22541936-01-04Yomiuri High-dan Players 3000 Yen Win & Continue 3-game MatchesGame 2 of 2
86Maeda Nobuaki6pKitani Minoru7pB+R1731936-01-05"Three Stars of the Showa Era" Tournament sponsored by Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun & Osaka Mainichi Shinbun 
87Maeda Nobuaki6pKitani Minoru7pW+42761936-03-16Yomiuri High-dan Players 3000 Yen Win & Continue 3-game MatchesGame 1 of 2
88Maeda Nobuaki6pKitani Minoru7pB+152731936-04-22Oteai, Spring sessionRound 4 of 8
89Kitani Minoru7pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+R2251940-01-01Honinbo, 01st3rd Final Preliminary, Final
90Maeda Nobuaki7pKitani Minoru8pW+R1821948-01-12Oteai 
91Kitani Minoru8pMaeda Nobuaki7pB+R1431951-01-02Knockout tournament sponsored by Newspaper Go Federation 
92Kitani Minoru8pMaeda Nobuaki7pW+62941951-05-16Oteai 
93Kitani Minoru8pMaeda Nobuaki8pB+R1511956-01-12Saikyo Tournament, 02ndLeague
94Kitani Minoru9pMaeda Nobuaki8pB+R1091957-01-02Nihon Ki-in Championship, 04thSemifinal
95Maeda Nobuaki8pKitani Minoru9pB+2.52291958-01-06Nikon Ki-in Highest Dans Tournament, 4thSemifinal
96Maeda Nobuaki8pKitani Minoru9pW+1.52371958-01-11Nihon Ki-in Championship, 06thRound 2
97Kitani Minoru9pMaeda Nobuaki8pB+2.52541960-01-14Honinbo, 15thLeague, game 04
98Maeda Nobuaki8pKitani Minoru9pW+R1301960-12-21Honinbo, 16thLeague, game 01
99Maeda Nobuaki8pKitani Minoru9pB+0.52571962-04-12Nihon Ki-in Championship, 10th 
100Kubomatsu Katsukiyo6pMaeda Nobuaki6pB+2.52851939-01-01Honinbo, 01st3rd Preliminary {6-dan Section}, Round 1

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