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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1平田智也7pIyama Yuta9pB+0.52362016-12-28  
2Iyama Yuta9p吴柏毅2pB+R1432016-12-28  
3Iyama Yuta9p许家元1p ?B+R1712014-03-22  
4许家元4pIyama Yuta9pB+R2032016-12-28  
5常石隆志7 danIyama Yuta9pB+4,52152010-03-20  
6村上晶英2pIyama Yuta8pW+R1722009-01-19  
7大表拓都 Iyama Yuta9pW+R1962016-02-27  
8河野 临9pIyama Yuta9pW+R2182015-03-29  
9Akiyama Jiro8pIyama Yuta8pB+R1452008-12-11Judan, 47thLosers' Section, Semifinal
10Iyama Yuta8pAkiyama Jiro8pW+0.53412009-06-18Judan, 48thWinners' Section, Round 1
11Iyama Yuta8pAkiyama Jiro8pW+4.52552009-10-01Kisei, 34thLeague B
12Iyama Yuta9pAkiyama Jiro8pB+R2172010-09-09Kisei, 35thLeague
13Iyama Yuta9pAkiyama Jiro8pB+9.53592012-02-25Daiwa Cup, 07thSemifinal
14Akiyama Jiro9pIyama Yuta9pW+R1462013-10-21Tengen, 39thTitle match, game 1
15Iyama Yuta9pAkiyama Jiro9pB+3.53212013-10-28Tengen, 39thTitle match, game 2
16Akiyama Jiro9pIyama Yuta9pW+R1762013-11-28Tengen, 39thTitle match, game 3
17Anzai Nobuaki3pIyama Yuta7pW+R1442006-09-03Daiwa-Shoken Cup, 1stLeague A
18Aoki Kikuyo8pIyama Yuta9pW+R1142013-08-12NHK Cup, 61st2
19Awaji Shuzo9pIyama YutaDaiwa CupB+11.52602011-07-30Daiwa Cup, 07th1
20Iyama YutaRyuseiAwaji Shuzo9pB+7.52682012-03-22Ryusei, 21stblock-A final
21Awaji Shuzo9pIyama Yuta9pW+0.52222012-05-21Kisei, 37thLeague
22Chang Hao9pIyama Yuta9pW+0.53182014-05-01  
23Chen Seuyen7pIyama Yuta7pW+R1302007-11-08Asian New Star Match, 08thTeam Japan vs Team Taiwan
24Chen Seuyen8pIyama Yuta9pB+R2412009-12-02Asian New Star Match, 10th3
25Iyama Yuta9pChen Seuyen8pB+R1852010-11-26  
26Iyama Yuta7pChin Kaei9pB+2.52672008-04-17Meijin, 33rdLeague
27Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta4pW+R1802005-09-08Agon Cup Japanese, 12thSemifinal
28Iyama Yuta7pCho Chikun9pW+6.52402007-06-21Kisei, 32ndLeague
29Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta7pW+R1382008-06-12Meijin, 33rdLeague
30Iyama Yuta8pCho Chikun9pW+R2082008-07-17Judan, 47thWinners' Section, Round 2
31Iyama Yuta8pCho Chikun9pB+R1192008-09-11Kisei, 33rdLeague
32Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta8pW+R1722009-01-22Gosei, 34thRound 2
33Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta8pW+R2042009-04-02Meijin, 34thLeague
34Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta8pB+R1752009-06-11Kisei, 34thLeague
35Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta8pW+Time1542009-09-12Daiwa Cup, 05th3
36Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta9pW+4.52402011-12-01Gosei, 37th1
37Iyama Yuta9pCho Chikun9pW+3.52542012-02-04NEC Cup, 31stSemifinal
38Iyama YutaDaiwa CupCho Chikun9pB+R1132012-03-24Daiwa Cup, 07thFinal
39Cho Chikun9pIyama Yuta9pB+R1612015-04-16Ryusei, 24thblock-C final
40Iyama Yuta9pCho Chikun9pB+R1992015-10-01Judan, 54th2nd round
41Iyama Yuta9pCho Chikun9pB+R2452016-08-12  
42Cho Han-seong9pIyama Yuta8pB+R2392009-04-04BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 7
43Cho Riyu7pIyama Yuta8pW+R1902009-02-05Meijin, 34thLeague
44Iyama Yuta9pCho Riyu7pW+R1862009-12-10Fujitsu Cup, 23rd, last preliminary tournament 
45Iyama Yuta7pCho Sonjin9pW+R2222006-08-03Honinbo, 62ndLast primary tournament, Final
46Cho Sonjin9pIyama Yuta7pW+R2222007-01-25Tengen, 33rd1
47Iyama Yuta7pCho Sonjin9pB+3.52062007-03-26NHK Cup, 55th1
48Cho Sonjin9pIyama Yuta8pW+2.52132008-11-27Fujitsu Cup, 22ndLast primary tournament
49Iyama Yuta9pCho Sonjin9pB+R1612011-02-07Honinbo, 66thLeague
50Iyama Yuta9pCho Sonjin9pB+R2072014-10-27NHK Cup, 62nd3rd round
51Cho U9pIyama Yuta4pW+R2682005-07-07Agon Cup Japanese, 12th1
52Iyama Yuta7pCho U9pW+R1942006-04-20Kisei, 31stLast primary tournament, Final
53Cho U9pIyama YutaAgon CupB+1.53052006-06-29Agon Cup, 13thtournament 1st round
54Iyama Yuta7pCho U9pW+1.53022007-02-25Japanese Daiwa-Shoken Cup, 2ndRound 1
55Cho U9pIyama Yuta7pB+3.52632007-12-17NHK Cup, 55thQuaterfinal
56Iyama Yuta7pCho URyuseiW+R2142008-06-09Ryusei Cup, 17thchampion decision tournament
57Cho UAgon CupIyama Yuta7pB+0.52532008-06-26Agon Cup, 15thtournament 1st round
58Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pB+R2312008-07-12Daiwa Cup, 01stFinal
59Cho U9pIyama Yuta8pW+5.52652008-09-05Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 1
60Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pW+R1922008-09-08Oza, 56thChallengers' playoff
61Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pB+0.52922008-09-18Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 2
62Cho U9pIyama Yuta8pB+R2252008-09-24Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 3
63Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pW+R1642008-10-09Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 4
64Cho U9pIyama Yuta8pB+0.52422008-10-16Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 5
65Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pB+R992008-10-31Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 6
66Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pW+R2362008-11-06Meijin, 33rdTitle match, game 7
67Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pW+R1882009-08-13Kisei, 34thLeague
68Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pB+3.52612009-08-20Ryusei, 18thFinal
69Cho U9pIyama Yuta8pB+0.53042009-09-04Meijin, 34th34th Meijin title match 1
70Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pB+R2552009-09-16Meijin, 34th34th Meijin title match 2
71Cho U9pIyama Yuta8pW+R2462009-09-24Meijin, 34th34th Meijin title match 3
72Iyama Yuta8pCho U9pW+R1592009-10-08Meijin, 34th34th Meijin title match 4
73Cho U9pIyama Yuta8pW+R1762009-10-15Meijin, 34thTitle match, game 5
74Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R1432009-11-05Honinbo, 65thLeague
75Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R1792010-01-25NHK Cup, 57thQuaterfinal
76Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+R1912010-04-29Tengen, 36th2
77Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+0.52612010-10-28Honinbo, 66thLeague
78Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+R2562010-12-18Daiwa Cup, 06thFinal
79Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R2072011-01-13Kisei, 35thTitle match, game 1
80Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+R1892011-01-26Kisei, 35thTitle match, game 2
81Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+1.52692011-02-02Kisei, 35thTitle match, game 3
82Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+0.52722011-02-17Kisei, 35thTitle match, game 4
83Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pW+2.53222011-02-24Kisei, 35thTitle match, game 5
84Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+R1772011-03-03Judan, 49thTitle match, game 1
85Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+1.53532011-03-10Kisei, 35thTitle match, game 6
86Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R1192011-03-24Judan, 49thTitle match, game 2
87Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+R1872011-04-07Judan, 49thTitle match, game 3
88Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+3.52912011-04-22Judan, 49thTitle match, game 4
89Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R2232011-04-29Judan, 49thTitle match, game 5
90Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+R2802011-11-14Honinbo, 67thLeague
91Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+R1802012-03-01Judan, 50thTitle match, game 1
92Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R2432012-03-19Judan, 50thTitle match, game 2
93Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pB+R1572012-04-05Judan, 50thTitle match, game 3
94Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R2652012-04-18Judan, 50thTitle match, game 4
95Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+R2002012-05-10Meijin, 37thLeague
96Iyama YutaRyuseiCho U9pB+R2492012-07-16Ryusei, 21st, champion decision tournament 
97Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+7.53412012-10-25Oza, 60thTitle match, game 1
98Iyama Yuta9pCho U9pB+R2112012-10-27Oza, 60thTitle match, game 2
99Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+R1982012-11-22Oza, 60thTitle match, game 3
100Cho U9pIyama Yuta9pW+5.52652013-01-18Kisei, 37thTitle match, game 1

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