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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Song Xuelin6pWang Jianhong6/7 danB+1991985-04-30China National Team Championship, 1985Round 5
2Wang Jianhong8pSong Xuelin8pW+2.52621995-06-08Oteai 
3Wang Jianhong9pSong Xuelin8pB+R3251996-04-16Oteai 
4Wang Jianhong9pSong Xuelin9pW+R1461998-12-01Lebaishi Cup, 2ndWinners' Section, Round 1
5Wang Kun? proSong Xuelin? proB+R1811983-11-25Oteai 
6Wang Kun8pSong Xuelin8pW+R2381995-06-14Chinese Oteai, 1995 
7Wang Kun8pSong Xuelin8pB+R1811997-03-27Oteai 
8Wang Lei6pSong Xuelin8pB+R1591996-11-16Bawang, 02ndStage 3, Winners' Section, Round 1
9Wang Lei8pSong Xuelin9pB+R2332004-04-29Chinese City League A, 6thRound 2
10Wang Yuhui5pSong Xuelin8pB+R2451996-03-15Chinese Friendship Cup, 2ndPreliminary Round
11Song Xuelin9pWang Yuhui6pB+1.53201998-11-09Chunlan Cup 
12Song Xuelin8pWu Zhaoyi9pW+R2101996-04-20Oteai 
13Wu Zhaoyi9pSong Xuelin8pB+1.52031996-06-05Daguoshou, 3rd 
14Song Xuelin? proYang Hui7pW+R2281990-06-15Oteai 
15Yang Hui8pSong Xuelin8pW+R1721995-05-14National Team Championship 
16Yang Hui8pSong Xuelin8pW+R461998-07-11Chinese Oteai 
17Song Xuelin? proYang Jing? proB+R1811978-08-14Invitation Tournament, 1978 
18Song Xuelin? proYang Shihai? proB+R2551989-09-12China National Individual Championship, 1999 
19Yang Shihai8pSong Xuelin8pW+R1261998-07-09Chinese Oteai 
20Song Xuelin9pYang Shihai8pW+2.52171998-10-20Qisheng, 1st8 dan section Final
21Song Xuelin1p ?Yang Shihai1p ?W+R1801999-12-10  
22Yu Bin8pSong Xuelin? proB+R2191989-08-08New Physical Education Cup, 11th 
23Song Xuelin8pYu Bin9pW+R1641996-05-15National Team Championship164
24Song Xuelin8pYu Bin9pW+0.52051997-04-22China National Team Championship, 1997 
25Song Xuelin9pYu Zhi Ying1p ?W+R2442011-03-15  
26Song Xuelin9pYuki Satoshi9pW+R1721998-12-26Chunlan Cup, 01st1-05
27Zhang Wendong8pSong Xuelin8pB+R2031992-05-01National Team Championship 
28Zhang Wendong9pSong Xuelin9pW+R2202003-04-07HaoMao Cup 20031
29Zhou Bo3pSong Xuelin9pB+R1851999-11-26China National Team Championship, 1999Round 17
30Zhou Junjie1p ?Song Xuelin1p ?B+R1711999-06-11Chinese City League A, 1stRound 9
31Zhou Ruiyang1p ?Song Xuelin9pB+R2272004-06-03Chinese City League A, 6thRound 7

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