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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
11p ?Go Seigen9pW+52331968-07-15  
21p ?Go Seigen6pLeft unfinished971935-10-28  
3鸣海1p ?Go Seigen9pW+R2031971-01-01  
4Chen Zude5p ?Go Seigen9pB+R1771973-05-15  
5Cho Chikun3pGo Seigen9pW+R1921969-11-14unknown 
6Cho Hunhyun1p ?Go Seigen9pW+12581966-07-13Party to celebrate Imperial award to Segoe Kensaku 
7Fujisawa Hideyuki5pGo Seigen8pW+52771949-05-12Go vs. New Stars, Three Game Matchgame 01
8Fujisawa Hideyuki7pGo Seigen9pW+R1641954-09-03Go Seigen Vs. 4 Strongest Seven Dan Playersgame 02
9Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki8pB+R1411960-09-20One-game match sponsored by Mainichi Shinbun 
10Fujisawa Hideyuki8pGo Seigen9pB+R2411961-04-27Meijin Old, 01stLeague
11Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pW+82741964-01-05NHK Cup, 11th1
12Fujisawa Hideyuki9pGo Seigen9pW+R2541964-04-18  
13Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pW+22831964-07-04Meijin Old, 03rdLeague
14Fujisawa Hideyuki9pGo Seigen9pB+112751965-07-08Meijin Old, 04thLeague
15Fujisawa Hideyuki9pGo Seigen9pB+162911966-03-05NHK Cup, 13thSemifinal
16Fujisawa Hideyuki9pGo Seigen9pB+102691967-09-30Oza, 15thRound 2
17Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pW+82001969-12-26NHK Cup, 17thRound 2
18Fujisawa Hideyuki9pGo Seigen9pB+42551971-06-02Pro Best Ten, 08th9th - 10th Place Playoff Round 2
19Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pW+R2421971-12-23Asahi Ten Best Tournament 1969Round 2
20Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pB+R1171972-09-11Oza, 20thRound 2
21Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pW+12801973-11-18NHK Cup, 21st1
22Fujisawa Hosai1p ?Go Seigen5pW+R1731933-07-11Elite New Stars Challenge sponsored by Kido 
23Fujisawa Hosai2pGo Seigen5pB+12551934-03-27  
24Fujisawa Hosai4pGo Seigen6p02001936-01-01Probably Oteai 
25Fujisawa Hosai4pGo Seigen6pB+22551938-10-06"Hot Fight" game sponsored by Tokyo Asahi Shinbun and Osaka Asahi Shibun 
26Go Seigen6pFujisawa Hosai5pB+R1751939-02-01Oteai, Autumn Session, Winners' Tournament 
27Fujisawa Hosai5pGo Seigen7pB+R1471940-05-16Oteai Spring sessionFirst Session
28Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pB+32471942-12-2710 game match, Jubangogame 01
29Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pB+32471943-01-0410 game match, Jubangogame 03
30Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pW+R2461943-02-26Ten Game Matchgame 02
31Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pW+42541943-06-0210 game match, Jubangogame 04
32Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pW+R2061943-09-0810-game match sponsored by Yomiuri Shinbungame 05
33Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pB+32481943-11-0910 game match, Jubangogame 06
34Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pW+R2161944-02-1910 game match, Jubangogame 07
35Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pB+R1491944-05-1310 game match, Jubangogame 08
36Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pB+R2131944-07-1910 game match, Jubangogame 09
37Fujisawa Hosai6pGo Seigen8pB+R2391944-09-0110 game match, Jubangogame 10
38Fujisawa Hosai7pGo Seigen8pB+R1811944-09-17Honinbo, 03rd1
39Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R1321951-10-03Four Game Matchgame 01
40Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R941951-10-2010 game match, Jubangogame 01
41Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pW+62471951-11-10Ten-game match sponsored by Yomiuri Shinbungame 02
42Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R2691951-12-03Four-Game Matchgame 02
43Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+2371951-12-12Four Game Matchgame 03
44Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pJigo2831951-12-2210 game match, Jubangogame 03
45Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pW+R2221952-01-31Ten Game Match, 2ndgame 04
46Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R1151952-02-22Four Game Match3
47Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R2321952-03-11Ten Game Match, 2ndgame 05
48Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R2451952-04-01Ten Game Match, 2ndgame 06
49Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R2281952-04-26  
50Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R1311952-05-14Ten Game Match, 2nd sponsored by Yomiuri Shinbungame 08
51Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+32601952-06-11Ten Game Match, 2ndgame 09
52Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R1641952-07-02Ten Game Match, 2ndgame 10
53Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R1801952-10-10Ten Game Match, 3rdgame 01
54Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pB+R2491952-11-10Ten Game Match, 3rdgame 02
55Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R2111952-12-11Ten Game Match, 3rdgame 03
56Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R1361953-01-12Ten Game Match, 3rdgame 04
57Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+2261953-02-05Ten Game Match, 3rdgame 05
58Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R2211953-03-13Ten Game Match, 3rdgame 06
59Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pB+R2331957-01-09Saikyo Tournament, 01stRound 1 of 10
60Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pB+13011957-10-062 games matchgame 01
61Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pW+R2781957-10-162 games matchgame 02
62Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R1371957-12-16Saikyo Tournament, 01stLeague
63Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R1591959-01-143 games matchgame 01
64Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R2181959-01-273 games matchgame 02
65Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pB+72561962-02-08Meijin Old, 01stLeague
66Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R1351963-05-30Meijin Old, 02ndLeague
67Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pW+R2801964-04-15Meijin Old, 03rdLeague
68Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pB+33061965-05-13Meijin Old, 04thLeague
69Fujisawa Hosai9pGo Seigen9pB+R2011967-02-17NHK Cup, 14thSemifinal
70Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pW+0.53061971-05-26Oza, 19th1
71Go Seigen9pFujisawa Hosai9pB+R1871973-07-31Judan, 12th1
72Go Seigen3pFujita Toyojiro4pB+72611930-09-21"Archers of Yue versus Genius of Wu" series sponsored by KidoGame 12 (of 13)
73Go Seigen3pFujita Toyojiro4pB+R2351930-10-09Nihon Ki-in Professionals Invitation Games sponsored by Kokumin Shinbun 
74Go Seigen3pFujita Toyojiro4pB+R1451930-11-05Oteai, 1930, AutumnRound 5
75Fujita Toyojiro4pGo Seigen4pW+52801931-10-01Super Go 
76Go Seigen4pFujita Toyojiro4pB+42431932-03-24Oteai, 1932, SpringRound 4
77Go Seigen3pFukuda Masayoshi5pB+72531930-05-12"Archers of Yue versus Genius of Wu" series sponsored by KidoGame 11 (of 13)
78Go Seigen4pFukuda Masayoshi5pB+R1871931-11-26Oteai, 1931, AutumnRound 8
79Go Seigen4pFukuda Masayoshi5pB+R2011932-07-12Super Go 
80Go Seigen5pFukuda Masayoshi5pB+R1651933-03-23Oteai, 1933, SpringRound 4
81Fukuda Masayoshi5pGo Seigen5pB+R551934-10-24Oteai, 1934Round 4
82Go Seigen6pFukuda Masayoshi5pB+R2171936-02-25Nihon Ki-in A Section Tournament6
83Handa Dogen7pGo Seigen9pB+R1631954-11-14"Go versus Pick of the Kansai Kiin" series sponsored by Yomiuri Shinbungame 01
84Go Seigen9pHanda Dogen9pB+R1751961-11-30Meijin Old, 01stLeague
85Go Seigen9pHanda Dogen9pB+R1751963-02-28Meijin Old, 02ndLeague
86Go Seigen9pHanda Dogen9pB+0.52401965-02-07NHK Cup, 12th1
87Handa Dogen9pGo Seigen9pB+42851972-05-25Judan, 11th1
88Go Seigen9pHanda Dogen9pW+22841973-11-03Judan, 12thLosers' Section
89Harada Minoru? proGo Seigen9pW+42381971-01-07Games of top amateurs versu Go, sponsored by Igo 
90Go Seigen3pHasegawa Akira4pB+R1691929-06-30"Archers of Yue versus Genius of Wu", series sponsored by KidoGame 5 (of 13)
91Go Seigen3pHasegawa Akira4p02241930-06-20Super Go 
92Go Seigen3pHasegawa Akira4pB+R2091930-07-07Super Go 
93Go Seigen4pHasegawa Akira4pB+R1171931-01-01Not known 
94Go Seigen4pHasegawa Akira4pW+R2201931-04-22Oteai, 1931, SpringRound 8
95Go Seigen4pHasegawa Akira4pB+R1791931-09-03Oteai, Spring session, playoff series 
96Hasegawa Akira4pGo Seigen4pW+12021931-09-21Oteai, Spring session, playoff series 
97Go Seigen4pHasegawa Akira4pB+R2071931-11-17Super Go 
98Hasegawa Akira4pGo Seigen4pW+42461932-04-06Oteai, 1932, SpringRound 5
99Hasegawa Akira4pGo Seigen4pW+32281932-05-01Oteai, Autumn session, playoff series 
100Go Seigen5pHasegawa Akira5pW+12931933-06-01  

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