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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Chang Hao8pLuo Xihe7pB+1,82961999-01-29CCTV Cup, 11thRound 2
2Luo Xihe8pChang Hao9pB+R2251999-12-04NEC Cup Chinese, 05thSemifinal
3Chang Hao9pLuo Xihe8pW+R2242000-12-02NEC Cup Chinese, 06thSemifinal - 1
4Luo Xihe9pChang Hao9pB+R2192003-03-10Chunlan Cup, 04thPlayoff 3rd-4th
5Luo Xihe9pChang Hao9pB+R2192005-06-22Mingren, 18thSemifinal
6Luo Xihe9pChang Hao9pB+R2012006-07-27Chinese City League A, 8thShanghai vs Baejing New
7Chang Hao9pLuo Xihe9pB+R1852006-09-19Lanke (Renka) Cup, 1stRound 1
8Luo Xihe9pChang Hao9pW+2.52812007-11-03Chinese Weifufangkai Cup, 3rd1
9Luo Xihe9pChang Hao9pW+R2182007-12-22Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Shanghai vs Team Baejing Daixing
10Luo Xihe9pChang Hao9pW+R1922009-05-23Chinese A League, 2009Team Shanghai vs Team Xinxing
11Chang Hao9pLuo Xihe9pW+R1622010-01-26Tianyuan, 24th2
12Chang Hao8pMa Shi7pB+R1191998-07-17Chinese Oteai119
13Chang Hao9pMa Xiaobing2pW+R1522004-05-13Chinese City League A, 6thRound 4
14Chang Hao6pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1601994-11-29Bawang, 02ndLosers' Section, 3-2
15Chang Hao6pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1881995-01-05Daguoshou, 2ndTitle match, game 1
16Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao6pW+R2141995-01-07Daguoshou, 2ndTitle match, game 2
17Chang Hao6pMa Xiaochun9pB+1.52921995-01-23Daguoshou, 2ndTitle match, game 3
18Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao6pB+R1831995-01-25Daguoshou, 2ndTitle match, game 4
19Chang Hao6pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1641995-01-27Chinese Guoshou, 2ndTitle match, game 5
20Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao7pW+R1801995-10-10Wangwi, 01stQuaterfinal
21Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao7pB+R1231995-12-29Bawang, 02ndFinal
22Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao7pW+R2461997-03-03Tianyuan, 11thFinal, game 1
23Chang Hao7pMa Xiaochun9pW+4.52581997-03-05Tianyuan, 11thFinal, game 2
24Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao7pW+2.52171997-03-07Tianyuan, 11thFinal, game 3
25Chang Hao7pMa Xiaochun9pB+R2431997-03-09Tianyuan, 11thFinal, game 4
26Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pW+R2081997-07-24Friendship Cup, 3thLeague
27Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pW+R2381997-12-16Lebaishi Cup, 1stChallengers' Final
28Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pB+R2031998-04-04Top four203
29Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pB+R1791998-04-08Hongta Cup Senior Team Vs. Junior Team Tournament, 1998Round 2
30Chang Hao8pMa Xiaochun9pB+0.752481999-03-12Qisheng, 1stFinal, game 3
31Chang Hao8pMa Xiaochun9pB+0.752691999-03-12Qisheng, 1stFinal, game 1
32Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pB+R2551999-03-14Qisheng, 1stFinal, game 2
33Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pB+R2011999-04-06Qisheng, 1stTitle match, game 4
34Chang Hao8pMa Xiaochun9pB+3.52781999-04-18CCTV Cup, 11thSemifinal
35Chang Hao8pMa Xiaochun9pW+0.53341999-06-07Qisheng, 1stTitle match, game 5
36Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao8pW+2.52541999-06-09Qisheng, 1stTitle match, game 6
37Chang Hao8pMa Xiaochun9pB+1.752881999-06-11Qisheng, 1stFinal, game 7
38Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1621999-09-14Mingren, 12thTitle match, game 1
39Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pB+R1671999-09-16Mingren, 12thTitle match, game 2
40Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1981999-10-11Hongyu Cup(1999)F
41Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1861999-11-09Mingren, 12thTitle match, game 3
42Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pB+R1492000-02-14Lebaishi Cup, 3rdTitle match, game 1
43Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pB+2,752972000-02-16Lebaishi Cup, 3rdTitle match, game 2
44Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pB+R1052000-02-18Lebaishi Cup, 3rdTitle match, game 3
45Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pW+R2142000-06-07Lebaishi Cup, 3rdTitle match, game 4
46Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pW+0.52262001-04-07National Championship, 20015
47Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pW+0.52512001-12-04Mingren, 14thTitle match, game 1
48Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pW+R1942001-12-06Mingren, 14thTitle match, game 2
49Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pB+R1932001-12-24Mingren, 14thTitle match, game 3
50Chang Hao9pMa Xiaochun9pB+R2092001-12-26Mingren, 14thTitle match, game 4
51Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pB+R1792001-12-27Mingren, 14thTitle match, game 5
52Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pB+R2392006-04-1720th anniversary of Chinese Tianyuan special 
53Ma Xiaochun9pChang Hao9pB+1.52722007-11-03Chinese Weifufangkai Cup, 3rdSemifinal
54Chang Hao9pMao Ruilong4pB+1.53112008-03-05Mingren, 21stSemifinal
55Mao Ruilong4pChang Hao9pW+R1762014-05-09  
56Chang Hao9pMao Ruilong5pB+R2172014-09-04  
57Chang Hao9pMaster (AlphaGo)9pW+R1782017-01-04  
58Chang Hao9pMeng Tailing3pB+R2172007-07-07Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Shanghai vs Team Baejing Ocean
59Meng Tailing4pChang Hao9pW+R2702008-07-01Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Shanghai vs Team Haidian
60Chang Hao9pMeng Tailing4pW+R1922009-02-11Tianyuan, 23rd2
61Chang Hao9pMeng Tailing6pW+R2722013-04-07  
62Mi Yuting2pChang Hao9pW+R2222010-07-05Agon Cup, 12th1
63Chang Hao9pMi Yuting3pW+R1982011-10-08  
64Chang Hao9pMi Yuting9pB+2.53052014-07-09  
65Mimura Tomoyasu7pChang Hao6pW+6.52421995-06-01China-Japan Super Go, 10thgame 03
66Chang Hao9pMok Jinseok1p ?B+R2211995-08-14China-Korea Go Exchange, 2nd1
67Mok Jinseok2pChang Hao7pW+0.52641996-08-31China-Korea Go Exchange, 3rd1
68Mok Jinseok4pChang Hao8pB+R1451998-09-02Samsung Cup, 03rd1/16 Final - 02
69Chang Hao8pMok Jinseok4pB+0.52621998-12-28Chunlan Cup, 01st1/8 Final - 6
70Mok Jinseok9pChang Hao9pW+R1482007-12-01Nongshim Cup, 09thgame 10
71Chang Hao6pMorita Michihiro7pB+3.52591995-06-03China-Japan Super Go, 10thgame 04
72Chang Hao9pNa Hyun3pB+R2252013-04-05  
73Nie Weiping9pChang Hao5pW+R1881992-08-13Mingren, 05th 
74Chang Hao6pNie Weiping9pB+3.52151994-10-08Top Ten Chinese, 07thLeague, game 02
75Chang Hao7pNie Weiping9pB+R2091996-01-21Tianyuan, 10thRound 3
76Chang Hao7pNie Weiping9pB+R2551996-10-12NEC Cup Chinese, 02ndRound 2
77Nie Weiping9pChang Hao9pW+R2542003-05-21Chinese National Team Internet Competition, 2003Round 4
78Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pW+R1502003-10-23Chinese City League A, 5thRound 14
79Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pW+R1942004-05-06Mingren, 17th1
80Nie Weiping9pChang Hao9pB+R2572005-12-10Chinese City League A, 7thRound 20
81Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pB+R2632009-05-25  
82Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pB+R2552009-07-13  
83Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pW+R2902009-08-25  
84Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pW+R1602012-10-05  
85Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian7pB+R1452006-01-17CCTV Cup, 18th1
86Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian6pW+0.52492008-04-05Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Sichuan vs Team Yunnan
87Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian6pB+R1832008-06-11Quzhou-Lanke Cup, 2ndRound 2
88Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian6pW+0.52692009-05-28Chinese A League, 2009Team Guangxi vs Team Shanghai
89Niu Yutian7pChang Hao9pW+R2782010-10-09  
90Chang Hao9pO Junga2pB+R2312013-09-03Samsung Cup, 18th, winner's tournament1
91Chang Hao9pO Meien9pB+R1192000-08-22Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1, game 1
92O Meien9pChang Hao9pB+32242000-08-24Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1, game 2
93Chang Hao9pO Meien9pB+R1592000-08-26Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1, game 3
94Chang Hao9pO Meien9pW+3.52982002-03-22Igo Asian Cup, 1sttc1-2
95Chang Hao9pO Meien9pB+R2172002-09-04World Oza Toyota & Denso Cup, 1stQuaterfinal - 3
96Chang Hao7pO Rissei9pB+4,52391997-02-10China-Japan super Go, 11thgame 05
97O Rissei9pChang Hao8pW+R1661998-06-05Fujitsu Cup, 11thQuaterfinal - 1
98O Rissei9pChang Hao9pB+2,752702000-04-28Chunlan Cup, 02ndQuaterfinal - 1
99Chang Hao7pOtake Hideo9pW+R2041995-12-26China-Japan Super Go, 10thgame 08
100Chang Hao7pOtake Hideo9pB+R1671996-12-27China-Japan super Go, 11thgame 09

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