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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1陶然1p ?Lu Jia2pW+2.52462013-08-30  
2Lu Jia2p陶然1p ?B+R2212013-12-05  
3Lu Jia2p汪雨博1p ?B+R2152015-06-04  
4王 爽1p ?Lu Jia2pB+R3172015-11-03  
5Lu Jia2p王爽1p ?W+4.52602012-04-16  
6Lu Jia2p王爽1p ?B+R2032016-08-31  
7Lu Jia2p杨梓2pB+R2092014-06-16  
8袁泽1p ?Lu Jia1p ?B+1.52632007-07-24  
9张天歌1p ?Lu Jia2pW+R1282015-05-01  
10Lu Jia2p张越然1p ? 2462011-09-09  
11Lu Jia2p张子涵1p ?B+R2292013-05-13  
12Lu Jia2p张佩佩1p ?B+R2532013-11-10  
13Lu Jia2p周泓余2pW+R3352016-12-05  
14陈 思1p ?Lu Jia2pW+R1922014-08-20  
15Lu Jia2p高星1p ?B+R2132012-09-10  
16高星1p ?Lu Jia2pB+R1692014-07-13  
17Lu Jia2p高星2pB+R1852014-11-28  
18Lu Jia2p高星2pW+R2082016-06-22  
19Lu Jia2p高星2pW+R1762016-10-28  
20闵娜3pLu Jia2p 2582009-09-04  
21陆敏全2pLu Jia2pW+R1742016-04-23  
22Lu Jia2p陆敏全3pW+R2402016-09-03  
23Aoki Kikuyo8pLu Jia1p ?W+14,52842006-12-12Jeongganjang Cup, 5thgame 02
24Lu Jia2pCao Youyin3pB+3.52342009-09-06  
25Cao Youyin4pLu Jia2pW+0.52832014-05-12  
26Lu Jia2pCao Youyin3p 2862014-08-11  
27Lu Jia2pCao Youyin3pW+R2642015-07-03  
28Cao Youyin3pLu Jia2pB+R2452016-08-14  
29Lu Jia2pCao Youyin3pB+R2652016-12-06  
30Lu Jia2pChen Yiming2pB+R1712013-08-29  
31Chen Yiming2pLu Jia2pB+R2852013-11-13  
32Lu Jia2pChen Yiming2pB+R2612014-09-12  
33Chen Yiming2pLu Jia2pB+R1972015-06-25  
34Lu Jia2pChen Yiming2pB+R2532016-07-05  
35Chen Yiming2pLu Jia2pB+1.52632016-11-02  
36Cho Hunhyun9pLu Jia2pB+R2272009-09-11Samsung Cup, 14th1/16 Final, 2-12
37Lu Jia2pChoi Jung2pW+R1922012-03-10Bailing Cup, 1st, integration preliminary tournament 
38Choi Jung3pLu Jia2pB+5.53032013-09-08Qionglong Cup, 04th1
39Lu Jia2pChoi Jung4pW+R1982014-09-01Qionglong Cup, 05thSemifinal
40Cui Ning2pLu Jia1p ?B+R2922007-05-14Chinese Female Elite, 3rdRound 1
41Lu Jia1p ?Fan Weijing2pW+R2312007-11-14  
42Lu Jia2pFan Weijing2pB+1.52582013-05-16Women's Guoshou, 2ndFinal
43Fan Weijing2pLu Jia2pB+R2992015-05-02  
44Lu Jia2pFan Weijing2pW+0.53022016-05-11  
45Fan Weijing2pLu Jia2pB+R2112016-09-13  
46Lu Jia2pFang Jie7pW+R1322010-06-29  
47Fujisawa Rina2pLu Jia2pW+R1502014-08-31Qionglong Cup, 05th2
48Gan Siyang4pLu Jia2pB+3.52592010-05-30  
49Lu Jia1p ?Geng Wenbin1p ?B+3.52482007-07-20  
50Lu Jia2pIda Atsushi8pW+R1402016-09-06Samsung Cup, 21stWinners' Section, 1st round
51Jang Swen8pLu Jia1p ?B+R2752005-11-10Chinese Jianqiao Cup Female, 3rdRound 2
52Jang SwenXianye CupLu Jia1p ?B+3.53442006-09-04Xianye Cup, 4thFinal, game 1
53Lu Jia1p ?Jang Swen8pW+0.52992006-09-05Xianye Cup, 4thFinal, game 2
54Lu Jia2pJang Swen8pW+8.53132013-08-31  
55Jang Swen8pLu Jia2pW+0.52712013-12-06  
56Jia Qian1p ?Lu Jia1p ?W+R2462007-08-15Chinese Jianqiao Cup Female, 5thRound 1
57Lu Jia2pKim Eunseon3pB+0.53162010-08-06  
58Kim Hyeomin4pLu Jia1p ?B+5.53032006-12-13Jeongganjang Cup, 5thgame 03
59Kim Hyeomin7pLu Jia2pB+R1892014-02-21Huanglongshi Cup, 4thgame 06
60Kong Xiangming8pLu Jia1p ?W+4.52752004-06-27Women's Mingren, 03rdQuaterfinal
61Lee Daehyeoi3pLu Jia1p ?W+R542006-11-26Dali Cup, 1st2
62Lee Hajin2pLu Jia1p ?W+0.52552006-12-11Jeongganjang Cup, 5thgame 01
63Lu Jia1p ?Li Cong1p ?W+R2322007-07-12  
64Lu Jia1p ?Li He1p ?W+R1662008-12-02  
65Li He1p ?Lu Jia1p ?W+R2122009-05-15  
66Li He3pLu Jia2pB+2,753322011-03-01  
67Lu Jia2pLi He3pW+R2282011-09-10  
68Lu Jia2pLi He5pW+R1802013-06-26  
69Lu Jia2pLi He5pB+R1532016-11-20Jianqiao Cup, 14thFinal, game 1
70Li He5pLu Jia2pB+5.53042016-11-21Jianqiao Cup, 14thFinal, game 2
71Li He5pLu Jia2pW+R2372016-11-22  
72Lu Jia2pLi He5pW+R1682016-11-24  
73Lu Jia1p ?Li Le(Yue)1p ?W+5.252142007-07-17  
74Lu Jia1p ?Li Ying (s)1p ?B+R1992005-07-16year 2005 Chinese Rank PromotionRound 5
75Li Zhangyuan2pLu Jia2pB+R2392015-06-04  
76Liu Tong1p ?Lu Jia1p ?W+R2462007-07-21  
77Ma Ju-lung1p ?Lu Jia1p ?B+R1852009-06-02  
78Lu Jia2pMeng Zhaoyu2pB+9.52972012-09-07  
79Moon To Won2pLu Jia2pB+18.52942011-01-09Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 02
80Lu Jia2pNatalia Kovaleva5B+R1412014-08-30Qionglong Cup, 05th1st round
81Lu Jia1p ?Park Jieun6pW+R2262006-11-28Dali Cup, 1st3
82Rui Naiwei9pLu Jia2pB+3.52802011-11-16  
83Lu Jia2pRui Naiwei9pW+R1802014-08-09  
84Rui Naiwei9pLu Jia2pB+R3512014-09-07  
85Rui Naiwei9pLu Jia2pW+R2802014-11-29  
86Lu Jia2pRui Naiwei9pB+1.53372015-09-03  
87Rui Naiwei9pLu Jia2pB+R2352016-07-04  
88Lu Jia2pRui Naiwei9pW+R1942016-10-29  
89Rui Naiwei9pLu Jia2pW+R3022016-11-18  
90Song Ronghi5pLu Jia2pW+R2422013-05-13  
91Lu Jia1p ?Tang Jialong1p ?W+R2142007-07-19  
92Lu Jia2pTang Weixing9pW+R1342016-09-07Samsung Cup, 21stLoser's tournament, 1st round
93Tang Yi2pLu Jia1p ?W+0.53092009-02-04  
94Tang Yi2pLu Jia1p ?B+R1032009-03-03  
95Lu Jia1p ?Tang Yi2pW+R1262009-03-05  
96Lu Jia2pTang Yi2pW+0.52722009-09-25  
97Tang Yi2pLu Jia2pW+R2262013-06-24  
98Tang Yi2pLu Jia2pB+R1912013-11-09  
99Lu Jia1p ?Tao Xinran1p ?B+R2032007-07-16  
100Wang Chenxing1p ?Lu Jia1p ?B+R2272007-07-25  

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