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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Yuki Satoshi9pKobayashi Koichi9pB+4,52722000-08-16Honinbo, 56thLeague Entrant Final 1
2Obuchi Morito9pCho U6pW+5.52472000-07-27Honinbo, 56thLeague Entrant Final 2
3Hane Naoki8pKato Masao9pB+2.52432000-08-24Honinbo, 56thLeague Entrant Final 3
4Oya Koichi8pKataoka Satoshi9pB+2.52872000-07-13Honinbo, 56thLeague Entrant Final 4
5Ryu Shikun7pOtake Hideo9pW+0.52292000-04-13Honinbo, 56thLeague Placeholder Play-off
6Yuki Satoshi9pCho Chikun9pB+52582000-10-02Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 01
7Hane Naoki8pOtake Hideo9pW+R1842000-10-12Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 02
8Cho U6pYamada Kimio8pB+R1092000-10-19Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 03
9Oya Koichi8pCho Sonjin9pW+0.52912000-10-19Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 04
10Oya Koichi8pCho U6pW+R1522000-11-09Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 05
11Cho Sonjin9pYamada Kimio8pB+R1972000-11-16Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 06
12Yuki Satoshi9pHane Naoki8pW+R1402000-11-16Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 07
13Cho Chikun9pOtake Hideo9pB+R2032000-11-16Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 08
14Cho U6pCho Sonjin9pB+22142000-11-30Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 09
15Hane Naoki8pCho Chikun9pW+12562000-12-07Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 10
16Oya Koichi8pYamada Kimio8pB+12152000-12-07Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 11
17Yuki Satoshi9pOtake Hideo9pW+R1322000-12-21Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 12
18Yamada Kimio8pYuki Satoshi9pB+R1532001-01-11Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 13
19Cho Chikun9pCho U6pW+R1682001-01-18Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 14
20Cho Sonjin9pHane Naoki8pB+22192001-01-18Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 15
21Otake Hideo9pOya Koichi8pW+R1442001-01-18Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 16
22Cho U6pYuki Satoshi9pB+R1352001-02-01Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 17
23Otake Hideo9pCho Sonjin9pW+R1482001-02-08Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 18
24Yamada Kimio8pCho Chikun9pB+12272001-02-08Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 19
25Hane Naoki8pOya Koichi8pB+0.52752001-02-08Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 20
26Otake Hideo9pCho U6pB+1.52772001-03-01Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 21
27Cho Sonjin9pYuki Satoshi9pW+8.52762001-03-01Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 22
28Yamada Kimio8pHane Naoki8pW+5.52652001-03-08Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 23
29Cho Chikun9pOya Koichi8pB+R1692001-03-08Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 24
30Cho U6pHane Naoki8pW+R2502001-04-05Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 25
31Cho Chikun9pCho Sonjin9pB+R1912001-04-05Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 26
32Otake Hideo9pYamada Kimio8pW+R1802001-04-05Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 27
33Oya Koichi8pYuki Satoshi9pW+22372001-04-05Honinbo, 56thLeague, game 28
34Cho U6pYamashita Keigo6pB+2.52782000-07-05Honinbo, 56thQualifications, Final
35Cho U9pO Meien9pB+R1452001-05-15Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 1
36O Meien9pCho U6pB+0.52502001-05-24Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 2
37Cho U6pO Meien9pB+2.52122001-06-07Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 3
38O Meien9pCho U6pB+R1692001-06-18Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 4
39Cho U7pO Meien9pB+1.52312001-06-29Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 5
40O Meien9pCho U6pB+R2372001-07-11Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 6
41Cho U7pO Meien9pW+R2262001-07-19Honinbo, 56thTitle match, game 7

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