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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Liang Jianmo3pWu Songsheng9pW+R1561993-05-23Mobile Cup1
2Kim Dong-yeop5pAn Kwan-uk2pB+R2131993-05-23Mobile Cup1
3Kim Hyojung8pOh Gyu-cheol4pW+13.52621993-06-06Mobile Cup1
4Moon Young-jik4pKim Su-jang4pB+2.52861993-06-13Mobile Cup1
5Cheong Hyeon-san4pJeon Yeong-seon6pB+R2031993-06-20Mobile Cup1
6Choi Myunghun2pYoo Changhyuk7pB+2.52571993-06-27Mobile Cup1
7Choi Gyu-byung6pRen Changzhi4pW+0.52331993-07-03Mobile Cup1
8Kang Hun7pKim Jong-soo2pB+0.52741993-07-11Mobile Cup1
9Paek Seongho8pJang Su-young9pB+6.53131993-05-12Mobile CupHigh-dan Preliminary, Final
10Kim Jong-soo2pAn Kwan-uk2pW+11.52651993-02-07Mobile CupLow-dan Preliminary, Final
11Oh Gyu-cheol4pChoi Gyu-byung6pB+R1571993-03-28Mobile CupMiddle-dan Preliminary, Final
12Cho Hunhyun9pJang Su-young9pB+R1031993-09-12Mobile CupQuaterfinal
13Lee Changho6pCheong Hyeon-san4pB+R2011993-09-19Mobile CupQuaterfinal
14Heo Janghoi7pYoo Changhyuk6pW+8.52431993-10-10Mobile CupQuaterfinal
15Heo Janghoi7pOh Gyu-cheol4pB+2.52371993-07-18Mobile CupRound 2
16Yoo Changhyuk6pChoi Myunghun2pB+6.52381993-07-25Mobile CupRound 2
17Cho Hunhyun9pMoon Young-jik4pB+R1471993-08-01Mobile CupRound 2
18Cheong Hyeon-san4pYim Sun-gun8pB+R2111993-08-08Mobile CupRound 2
19Paek Seongho8pKim Dong-yeop6pB+R1191993-08-15Mobile CupRound 2
20Jang Su-young9pKang Hun7pB+6.52351993-08-22Mobile CupRound 2
21Wu Songsheng9pLee Changho6pW+11.52461993-08-29Mobile CupRound 2
22Seo Bongsoo9pRen Changzhu4pB+17.51731993-09-05Mobile CupRound 2
23Yoo Changhyuk6pLee Changho6pW+R1581993-10-24Mobile CupSemifinal
24Paek Daehyun2pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R2481996-08-30Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 1
25Kim Yeong-hwan3pCho Hunhyun9pW+11.52451996-10-02Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 2
26Yang Keon4pChoi Gyu-byung7pB+R2171996-10-01Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 3
27An Kwan-uk3pMok Jinseok2pW+6.52631996-09-23Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 4
28Jang Su-young9pLi Honglie6pB+3.52091996-09-06Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 5
29Kim Il-whan8pYang Jae-ho9pW+R1801996-09-06Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 6
30Kim Su-jang9pPaek Seongho9pW+R1541996-09-06Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 7
31Yoo Changhyuk9pYim Sun-gun8pB+R2311996-10-23Mobile Cup, 4th1/8 Final - 8
32Cho Hunhyun9pYang Jae-ho9pB+2.52891996-12-10Mobile Cup, 4thFinal, game 1
33Yang Jae-ho9pCho Hunhyun9pB+R2641996-12-19Mobile Cup, 4thFinal, game 2
34Cho Hunhyun9pYang Jae-ho9pB+R1431996-04-01Mobile Cup, 4thFinal, game 3
35Mok Jinseok2pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R1681996-11-04Mobile Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 1
36Yang Jae-ho9pJang Su-young9pB+1.52991996-11-09Mobile Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 2
37Cho Hunhyun9pPaek Seongho9pB+R1971996-11-18Mobile Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 3
38Yang Keon4pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R1661996-11-22Mobile Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 4
39Cho Hunhyun9pYoo Changhyuk9pB+R1151996-12-03Mobile Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1
40Yang Jae-ho9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+2.52641996-11-23Mobile Cup, 4thSemifinal - 2
41Chung Dae-sang6pYang Keon3pW+R2141995-05-03Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 01
42Seo Bongsoo9pChoi Gyu-byung7pW+2.52531995-05-03Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 02
43Lee Changho7pYoo Changhyuk6pB+R1711995-05-23Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 03
44Yoo Changhyuk6pChung Dae-sang6pB+R1371995-05-29Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 04
45Seo Bongsoo9pLee Changho7pW+2.52461995-05-29Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 05
46Yang Keon3pChoi Gyu-byung7pW+4.52661995-06-05Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 06
47Yang Keon3pYoo Changhyuk6pW+10.52451995-06-12Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 07
48Seo Bongsoo9pYang Keon3pB+9.52741995-06-19Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 08
49Chung Dae-sang6pLee Changho7pW+10.52111995-08-07Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 09
50Choi Gyu-byung7pChung Dae-sang6pB+R2551995-08-25Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 10
51Chung Dae-sang6pSeo Bongsoo9pW+16,52701995-09-25Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 11
52Choi Gyu-byung7pYoo Changhyuk6pW+R2201995-09-29Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 12
53Lee Changho7pYang Keon3pB+R1291995-09-30Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 13
54Yoo Changhyuk6pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R1501995-10-19Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 14
55Lee Changho7pChoi Gyu-byung7pB+1.52281995-11-10Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group A, game 15
56Kim Man-su1p ?Lee Sanghun J3pW+R1321995-05-01Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 01
57Kim Deok-gyu6pSeo Nung-uk9pB+1.52591995-05-11Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 02
58Jang Su-young9pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1601995-05-29Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 03
59Kim Deok-gyu6pKim Man-su1p ?W+8.52371995-06-05Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 04
60Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Nung-uk9pB+12.52651995-06-12Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 05
61Lee Sanghun3pJang Su-young9pW+R2161995-06-16Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 06
62Seo Nung-uk9pLee Sanghun J3pB+R2251995-06-19Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 07
63Jang Su-young9pKim Deok-gyu6pB+R1911995-08-23Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 08
64Kim Man-su1p ?Cho Hunhyun9pW+R1821995-08-25Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 09
65Kim Man-su1p ?Seo Nung-uk9pB+3.53031995-09-11Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 10
66Kim Deok-gyu6pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1821995-09-29Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 11
67Jang Su-young9pKim Man-su1p ?B+7.52511995-10-13Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 12
68Lee Sanghun3pKim Deok-gyu6pB+R1711995-10-21Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 13
69Seo Nung-uk9pJang Su-young9pW+4.52781995-11-07Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 14
70Cho Hunhyun9pLee Sanghun J3pB+R2231995-11-20Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 15
71Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pB+R2231995-11-28Mobile Cup, 5thTitle match, game 1
72Lee Changho7pCho Hunhyun9pB+3.52481995-12-26Mobile Cup, 5thTitle match, game 2
73Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho7pW+3.52691996-01-05Mobile Cup, 5thTitle match, game 3
74Cho Hunhyun9pYoo Changhyuk6pB+22861996-04-25Mobile Cup, 5thTitle match, game 4

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