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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Kono Rin4pSo Yokoku5pB+R2511998-08-11Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 01
2Kono Rin4pEndo Yoshifumi5pB+R1491998-08-11Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 02
3Toriki Hiroshi5pKono Rin4pW+R1801998-09-08Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 03
4Kono Rin4pKurotaki Masanori6pB+2.52541998-09-08Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 04
5Kono Rin4pYo Kaei6pW+R1461998-09-22Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 05
6Hagiwara Mutsumi6pYo Kaei6pW+R1501998-09-22Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 06
7Matsuoka Teruo6pYo Kaei6pW+R2321998-10-20Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 07
8Ogaki Yusaku8pYo Kaei6pB+R1771998-10-20Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 08
9Ogaki Yusaku8pIshida Atsushi8pB+R1811998-12-01Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 09
10Kanagawa Masaaki7pOgaki Yusaku8pW+R1821998-12-01Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 10
11Ogaki Yusaku8pYada Naoki8pB+R2591999-01-11Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 11
12Hidaka Toshiyuki8pOgaki Yusaku8pB+R2191999-01-11Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 12
13Kosugi Kiyoshi8pHidaka Toshiyuki8pW+2.52231999-01-26Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 13
14Yukawa Mitsuhisa9pHidaka Toshiyuki8pB+R2031999-01-26Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 14
15Yukawa Mitsuhisa9pAragaki Takeshi9pB+4,52571999-02-16Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 15
16Yukawa Mitsuhisa9pAwaji Shuzo9pW+11.53021999-02-16Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 16
17Fukui Susumu9pAwaji Shuzo9pB+5.52581999-03-08Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 17
18Takagi Shoichi9pFukui Susumu9pB+R2151999-03-08Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 18
19Ishigure Ikuro9pTakagi Shoichi9pB+1.52761999-03-29Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 19
20Miyamoto Yoshihisa9pIshigure Ikuro9pW+7.52571999-03-29Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 20
21Ishigure Ikuro9pSugiuchi Masao9pW+1.53491999-04-12Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 21
22Sugiuchi Masao9pKobayashi Koichi9pW+R1261999-04-12Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 22
23Cho Chikun9pKobayashi Koichi9pW+R1601999-05-17Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock A, Game 23
24Chinen Kaori3pKuwamoto Shinpei4pB+R2391998-08-10Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 01
25Takao Shinji6pChinen Kaori3pB+R1411998-08-10Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 02
26Nishida Terumi3p ?Takao Shinji6pW+R1461998-08-31Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 03
27Akiyama Jiro6pTakao Shinji6pW+3.52191998-08-31Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 04
28Kenmochi Jo6pTakao Shinji6pW+R1941998-10-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 05
29Takao Shinji6pSasaki Tadashi7pB+R2051998-10-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 06
30Kasai Koji6pTakao Shinji6pW+R2101998-10-19Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 07
31Ryu Shikun7pTakao Shinji6pB+92651998-10-19Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 08
32Ryu Shikun7pOkada Shinichiro7pB+R1671998-11-24Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 09
33Ryu Shikun7pMuramatsu Ryuichi7pW+0.52651998-11-24Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 10
34Muramatsu Ryuichi7pShirae Haruhiko7pB+R2131998-12-22Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 11
35Muramatsu Ryuichi7pOya Koichi8pW+R1641998-12-22Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 12
36Tokimoto Hajime8pOya Koichi8pB+9.53381999-02-01Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 13
37Kiyonari Tetsuya9pTokimoto Hajime8pB+92731999-02-22Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 15
38Sonoda Yuichi9pKiyonari Tetsuya9pW+2.52551999-02-22Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 16
39Ishida Akira9pKiyonari Tetsuya9pW+4.52651999-03-01Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 17
40Tsuchida Masamitsu9pKiyonari Tetsuya9pB+11.52691999-03-01Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 18
41Haruyama Isamu9pTsuchida Masamitsu9pB+R2151999-03-16Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 19
42Ishii Mamoru9pHaruyama Isamu9pW+R2381999-03-16Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 20
43Haruyama Isamu9pMagari Reiki9pB+R1931999-04-05Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 21
44Kato Masao9pHaruyama Isamu9pB+R1411999-04-05Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 22
45Kato Masao9pHikosaka Naoto9pB+2.52811999-05-17Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock B, Game 23
46Kobayashi Izumi5p ?Shimojima Yohei5pW+10.52671998-08-25Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 01
47Shimojima Yohei5pMizogami Tomochika6pW+3.52201998-08-25Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 02
48Miyagawa Fumihiko5pShimojima Yohei5pB+R2271998-09-21Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 03
49Miyagawa Fumihiko5pKobayashi Chizu5pB+R1351998-09-21Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 04
50Miyagawa Fumihiko5pTakanashi Seiken6pB+R1531998-10-26Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 05
51Miyagawa Fumihiko5pShimoji Genyo6pW+1.52701998-10-26Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 06
52Shimoji Genyo6pYamamoto Masato7pW+R2221998-11-17Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 07
53Yamamoto Masato7pKato Atsushi7pB+R2151998-11-17Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 08
54Yamamoto Masato7pUeki Yoshio7pW+R1401998-12-15Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 09
55Ueki Yoshio7pEnda Hideki8pW+0.52291998-12-15Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 10
56Hiroe Katsuhiko7pEnda Hideki8pW+R1621999-01-18Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 11
57Morita Michihiro9pEnda Hideki8pB+R1611999-01-18Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 12
58Kori Toshio8pMorita Michihiro9pW+2.52791999-02-09Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 13
59Morita Michihiro9pObuchi Morito9pB+R2311999-02-09Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 14
60O Meien9pMorita Michihiro9pB+6.52921999-02-23Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 15
61O Meien9pKamimura Haruo9pW+0.52831999-02-23Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 16
62Kamimura Haruo9pBaba Shigeru9pB+R1751999-03-09Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 17
63Kamimura Haruo9pSakaguchi Ryuzo9pB+3.53051999-03-09Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 18
64Kamimura Haruo9pHane Yasumasa9pB+R2371999-03-23Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 19
65Kamimura Haruo9pHayase Hiroshi9pB+R2091999-03-23Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 20
66Kamimura Haruo9pOtake Hideo9pB+R771999-04-06Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 22
67Kudo Norio9pKamimura Haruo9pW+6.52731999-04-06Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock C, Game 23
68Umezawa Yukari2pKubo Hideo4pB+R1211998-08-24Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 01
69Yamashita Keigo6pUmezawa Yukari2pB+R1071998-08-24Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 02
70Kitano Ryo5pYamashita Keigo6pB+R2291998-09-07Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 03
71Kitano Ryo5pKoyama Hideo5pB+R1271998-09-07Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 04
72Nakao Jiyungo6pKitano Ryo5pW+R2001998-10-05Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 05
73Kitano Ryo5pMaeda Ryoji6pB+7.52651998-10-05Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 06
74Kitano Ryo5pKobayashi Kenji6pB+92781998-11-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 07
75Kitano Ryo5pHane Naoki7pB+1.52151998-11-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 08
76Kitano Ryo5pOmori Yasushi7pW+3.52421998-12-14Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 09
77Omori Yasushi7pNishimura Keiji7pW+R1921998-12-14Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 10
78Iwata Hajime8pNishimura Keiji7pW+R1441999-01-19Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 11
79Kurahashi Masayuki8pNishimura Keiji7pB+R1891999-01-19Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 12
80Kurahashi Masayuki8pKomatsu Fujio8pB+0.52581999-02-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 13
81Kurahashi Masayuki9pYuki Satoshi9pB+R1131999-02-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 14
82Kurahashi Masayuki9pKanda Ei9pB+5.52291999-02-08Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 15
83Kurahashi Masayuki9pHashimoto Yujiro9pB+1.52801999-02-08Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 16
84Hashimoto Yujiro9pKanashima Tadashi9pB+1.52561999-03-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 17
85Hisajima Kunio9pKanashima Tadashi9pW+7.52031999-03-02Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 18
86Honda Kunihisa9pKanashima Tadashi9pB+R1771999-03-30Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 19
87Kurosawa Tadanao9pHonda Kunihisa9pW+0.53341999-03-30Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 20
88Miyazawa Goro9pHonda Kunihisa9pW+11.52951999-04-20Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 21
89Kojima Takaho9pHonda Kunihisa9pB+11.52651999-04-20Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 22
90Yamada Kimio9pKojima Takaho9pB+4,52471999-05-10Ryusei Cup, 08thBlock D, Game 23
91Morita Michihiro9pYamada Kimio7pW+R2041999-09-04Ryusei Cup, 08thFinal
92Morita Michihiro9pKato Masao9pB+14.52611999-06-28Ryusei Cup, 08thQuaterfinal - 1
93Takao Shinji9pKamimura Haruo6pB+R1631999-06-14Ryusei Cup, 08thQuaterfinal - 2
94Kobayashi Koichi9pYamada Kimio7pW+2.52471999-06-28Ryusei Cup, 08thQuaterfinal - 3
95Kitano Ryo5pOgaki Yusaku8pB+0.52911999-06-14Ryusei Cup, 08thQuaterfinal - 4
96Kitano Ryo5pYamada Kimio7pW+R2301999-07-12Ryusei Cup, 08thSemifinal - 1
97Morita Michihiro9pTakao Shinji6pB+R1931999-08-13Ryusei Cup, 08thSemifinal - 2

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