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 Game of the dayJapanese 


# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Hayashi Sano3pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+R1541881-07-17  
2Hirose Heijiro2pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+R1871895-06-01Hoensha Study Group 
3Nakagawa Kamesaburo5pHoninbo Shuei6pW+21721876-08-22  
4Honinbo Shuei5pNakagawa Kamesaburo6pB+12151876-12-28  
5Honinbo Shuei5pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+R1231885-01-11  
6Nakagawa Kamesaburo5pHoninbo Shuei7pW+41941896-05-1310 game match, Jubango3
7Nakagawa Kamesaburo5pHoninbo Shuei7pW+22451898-06-15  
8Honinbo Shuho1p ?Nakagawa Kamesaburo1p ?W+?1931850-01-01  
9Honinbo Shuho1p ?Nakagawa Kamesaburo1p ?W+?1841850-01-01  
10Nakagawa Kamesaburo1p ?Honinbo Shuho1p ??1011850-01-01  
11Nakagawa Kamesaburo1p ?Honinbo Shuho1p ?W+62381850-01-01  
12Nakagawa Kamesaburo1p ?Honinbo Shuho1p ?B+81831850-01-01  
13Honinbo Shuho5pNakagawa Kamesaburo6pW+62281880-05-16  
14Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shuho7pW+31881882-10-01  
15Honinbo Shusai1p ?Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pLeft unfinished1021888-09-14  
16Honinbo Shusai1p ?Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pLeft unfinished1301890-03-09Hoensha monthly meeting 
17Honinbo Shusai1p ?Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+R1281890-07-05Hoensha Youngsters Study Group Meetings, No. 11 
18Honinbo Shusai4pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+R1731896-07-12Joshiki meeting 
19Honinbo Shusai5pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+62111897-02-25Game sponsored by Mr Kano 
20Honinbo Shusai5pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+22251897-07-11Joshiki meeting 
21Honinbo Shusai5pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pLeft unfinished781897-12-06End of year party given by Mrs Takada Tami 
22Honinbo Shusai5pNakagawa Kamesaburo7pB+22121899-12-11  
23Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai8pW+32331910-05-26Champions' Matches sponsored by Yorozu ChohoRound 12
24Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai8pW+62641910-09-20Champions' Matches sponsored by Yorozu Choho 
25Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai8pB+R2241912-06-15Champions' Matches sponsored by Yorozu ChohoGame 74
26Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai9pB+R1061914-04-11Champions' Matches sponsored by Yorozu ChohoGame 123
27Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai9pB+R1221916-04-06East-West Champions Win & Continue tournament sponsored by Yorozu ChohoGame 178
28Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai9pW+R1691917-02-06East-West Champions win & continue tournament sponsored by Yorozu ChohoGame 202
29Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai9pLeft unfinished531917-11-25Relay game before coffin of Inoue Tabuchi Inseki 
30Nakagawa Kamesaburo7pHoninbo Shusai9pW+R1761919-08-31Game sponsored by Tokyo Asahi Shinbun 
31Nakagawa Kamesaburo8pHoninbo Shusai9pB+32671924-12-01  
32Nakagawa Kamesaburo8pHoninbo Shusai9pW+R1621925-01-01Game for New Year issue of Kido 1925 
33Takahashi Kinesaburo5pNakagawa Kamesaburo6pW+61671878-03-29Game sponsored by Yubin Hochi Shinbun 
34Honinbo Shusai & Hirose Heijiro & Tsuchiya Shugen8pNakagawa Kamesaburo I & Iwas Kei & Iwasaki Kenzo7pB+R1431910-04-2337-dan Great Relay Game sponsored by Tokyo Asahi Shinbun 

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