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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Lee Yeongkyu4pCho Hunhyun9pW+0.52602005-09-13Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st 
2Kim Seong-ryong9pKim Man-su6pB+3.52932005-08-03Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
3Lee Jaeung4pJin Siyoung1p ?B+R1732005-08-03Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
4Lee Sedol9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+R1772005-08-10Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
5Park Sung-cheol4pKang Manwoo8pB+R632005-08-10Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
6Kim Hwansoo2pPark Jihun (b)4pB+R2132005-08-12Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
7Yoo Changhyuk9pMok Jinseok9pW+12.52262005-08-17Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
8Kim Seung-jun9pRui Naiwei9pW+3.52592005-08-17Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
9Kim Jiseok2pSong Taekon7pW+R2182005-08-22Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
10Lee Seongjae7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1722005-09-01Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
11Lee Changho9pKim Yeongsam7pB+2.53232005-09-01Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
12Lee Hyeonwuk6pPark Young-hun9pW+R1582005-09-05Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
13Yun Chun-sang4pKim Juho6pW+1.52652005-09-05Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
14Heo Yeongho4pKang Dongyun3pW+R1842005-09-09Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
15Seo Gunwoo2pHong Seongji4pW+R2542005-09-13Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1
16Weon Seongjin6pLee Cheongwu5pB+R2092005-09-09Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/16 Final
17Park Sung-cheol5pSong Taekon7pW+R1142005-09-21Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
18Mok Jinseok9pRui Naiwei9pB+1.52542005-09-22Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
19Weon Seongjin6pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1462005-09-26Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
20Kim Juho6pLee Sedol9pW+R1942005-10-04Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
21Lee Jaeung4pPark Young-hun9pW+13.52102005-10-08Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
22Cho Hunhyun9pHong Seongji4pW+1.53172005-10-18Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
23Kang Dongyun4pLee Changho9pW+R2022005-10-27Wonik Cup Siptan, 01st1/8 Final
24Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pMok Jinseok9pB+R832005-10-04Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stQuaterfinal
25Kim Hwansoo2pSong Taekon7pW+3.52442005-10-27Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stQuaterfinal
26Park Young-hun9pLee Sedol9pB+0.52992005-10-31Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stQuaterfinal
27Lee Changho9pHong Seongji4pB+12.52752005-11-03Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stQuaterfinal
28Park Young-hun9pSong Taekon7pB+R2072005-11-03Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stSemifinal
29Lee Changho9pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+R1892005-11-12Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stSemifinal
30Park Young-hun9pLee Changho9pW+1.52962006-01-08Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stTitle match, game 1
31Lee Changho9pPark Young-hun9pW+R2282006-01-15Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stTitle match, game 2
32Park Young-hun9pLee Changho9pW+R1542006-01-22Wonik Cup Siptan, 01stTitle match, game 3

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