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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Na Hyun2pPark Mingyu1p ?B+R2552012-04-16KBS Badukwang, 31stWinners' Section, Round 1
2Park Mingyu4pNa Hyun6pB+R2092015-04-13KBS Badukwang, 34th1st round
3Na Hyun2pPark Seunghwa5pW+R2302012-05-13  
4Park Seunghwa5pNa Hyun2pW+R2002012-08-09  
5Park Seunghwa6pNa Hyun4pB+R2392014-05-25  
6Na Hyun5pPark Seunghwa6pB+R2312014-11-23  
7Park Seunghwa6pNa Hyun6pW+R2362015-07-16  
8Na Hyun6pPark Seunghwa7pB+R1992016-07-28  
9Park Siyeol5pNa Hyun6pW+1.52642015-08-29  
10Na Hyun1p ?Park Young-hun9pW+R2262011-08-24Samsung Cup, 16th, winner's tournament1/16 Final - 1-13
11Park Young-hun9pNa Hyun2pW+1.52102012-04-19Korean Baduk League, 2012Team Kixx vs Team LOTTE Insurance
12Park Young-hun9pNa Hyun2pW+0.53032012-07-13  
13Na Hyun3pPark Young-hun9pB+R1032013-09-14  
14Park Young-hun9pNa Hyun4pB+R2202014-07-12  
15Park Young-hun9pNa Hyun4pB+R1732014-07-22Kuksu, 58th1
16Peng Liyao5pNa Hyun1p ?W+R1842011-10-04Samsung Cup, 16th1/8 Final - 7
17Na Hyun2pPeng Liyao5pW+R902012-09-05Samsung Cup, 17th, loser's tournament1
18Peng Liyao5pNa Hyun6pB+R1752015-09-08Samsung Cup, 20thWinners' Section, 1st round
19peongcwian [~]7pNa Hyun6pB+R1852016-06-30  
20Qin Yuexin3pNa Hyun4pW+1.52372014-06-28  
21Na Hyun5prinrisyang [~]6pW+R1482014-12-13  
22Na Hyun3pRyu Minhyung3pB+R1512013-07-13  
23Ryu Soohyung1p ?Na Hyun2pB+R1572012-07-29Korean Baduk League, 2012Team Tbroad vs Team LOTTE Insurance
24sada asseusi [~]2pNa Hyun6pW+R1142015-05-08  
25Na Hyun1p ?Sakai Hideyuki8pB+0.53142011-08-26Samsung Cup, 16th, loser's tournament1/16 Final - 3-03
26seungmin_jeong'a [~]2pNa Hyun4pW+T1932013-07-02  
27Shi Yue6pNa Hyun2pB+R1712012-11-05LG Cup, 17thQuaterfinal - 3
28Shi Yue9pNa Hyun3pB+R1112013-05-11  
29Shi Yue9pNa Hyun3pW+2.52862013-07-09MLILY Cup, 1st1
30Na Hyun3pShi Yue9pW+R3162013-08-04Samsung Cup, 18th, last preliminary tournament 
31Na Hyun3pShin Jinseo2pW+R2142013-12-26 Semifinal - 1
32Na Hyun5pShin Jinseo2pB+0.52942014-11-20  
33Shin Jinseo3pNa Hyun6pW+0.52562015-04-26Korean Baduk League, 2015Team Posco LED vs Team CJ E&M
34Na Hyun6pShin Jinseo6pW+R1982016-07-26  
35Shin Minjun2pNa Hyun4pW+R1522014-07-23Prices Information Cup, 10thblock A
36Shin Minjun2pNa Hyun5pW+R2162015-02-06Chunwon, 19thFinal, game 1
37Na Hyun5pShin Minjun2pB+R2092015-02-13Chunwon, 19thFinal, game 2
38Song Jihoon1p ?Na Hyun6pW+R2182015-07-23  
39songjaehwan [~]5 danNa Hyun5 danW+7.52602007-07-27  
40Suzuki Shinji2pNa Hyun1p ?W+R1662010-10-04Asian New Star Match, 11thTeam Korea vs Team Japan
41Na Hyun2pTan Xiao7pW+1.53212013-01-17  
42Tan Xiao7pNa Hyun3pW+R1842013-07-05  
43Na Hyun4pTan Xiao7pW+R1502014-06-05  
44Na Hyun6pTan Xiao7pW+0.52402015-10-17  
45Tang Weixing9pNa Hyun6pB+R2632015-12-04  
46Na Hyun6pTao Xinran5pB+2.52452015-10-15  
47tungmeongceong [~]4pNa Hyun5pB+R1812014-12-20  
48Uchida Shuhei7pNa Hyun3pW+R1882013-10-17Asian New Star Match, 14th3
49Na Hyun3pWang Haoyang6pW+R1442013-06-18  
50Wang Haoyang6pNa Hyun4pW+R2462014-09-14  
51Wang Lei6pNa Hyun3pW+R2802013-10-27  
52Na Hyun6pWang Xi9pB+R2592015-05-20  
53wangseui [~]1p ?Na Hyun6pB+R1892016-11-06  
54Na Hyun2pWeon Seongjin9pW+R1962012-07-09KBS Badukwang, 31stWinners' Section, Round 2
55Na Hyun2pWeon Seongjin9pB+R2332013-01-07KBS Badukwang, 31stLosers' Section, Quarterfinal
56Na Hyun2pWeon Seongjin9pW+R2262013-03-11KBS Badukwang, 32ndWinners' Section, Round 1
57Na Hyun7pWeon Seongjin9pW+R1502016-10-16Korean Baduk League, 2016Team Posco LED vs Team Korea Price Information
58Na Hyun6pWu Guangya6pW+R2082015-06-30  
59Na Hyun2pXia Daming6pB+R2272012-09-11Asian New Star Match, 13th1
60Xia Jiankun3pNa Hyun4pB+R1992014-05-09  
61Xiao Zhenghao8pNa Hyun3pB+R1992013-07-04  
62Na Hyun5pXiao Zhenghao8pB+R2232014-10-01Asian New Star Match, 15th1st round
63Yan Huan5pNa Hyun1p ?B+R1092010-10-05Asian New Star Match, 11thTeam China vs Team Korea
64Na Hyun4pYan Huan5pW+R1682014-08-06Samsung Cup, 19th, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
65Na Hyun3pYang Dingxin3pW+0.52402013-11-16Chinese A League, 2013Team Hangzhou vs Team Chongqing
66Yang Dingxin3pNa Hyun6pW+R2602015-05-09GLOBIS Cup, 2nd1st round
67Yang Dingxin3pNa Hyun6pW+R1482015-10-10  
68Na Hyun1p ?Yang Wooseok1p ?B+2.52902012-01-02Siptan tournament, 07th2
69yanghuireon [~]1p ?Na Hyun5pW+R1402014-12-14  
70yangkaiweon [~]3pNa Hyun6pB+R2892015-05-28  
71Na Hyun6pyenhwan [~]6pB+R2012016-06-17  
72Yoo Changhyuk9pNa Hyun6pW+R1762015-09-09Samsung Cup, 20thloser's tournament, 1st round
73Yoo Jaeho3pNa Hyun6 danB+R2032010-04-19LG Cup, 15th, integration preliminary tournament 
74Yu Bin9pNa Hyun6 danW+0.52992010-01-13BC Card Cup, 2nd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
75Na Hyun3pYun Chanhee3pW+R1562014-02-17KBS Badukwang, 33rdWinners' Section, Round 1
76Na Hyun1p ?Yun Chun-sang9pB+R2292011-11-10Siptan tournament, 07th1
77Yun Chun-sang9pNa Hyun2pW+2.52852012-05-24  
78Na Hyun2pYun Chun-sang9pB+R2432012-08-17Korean Baduk League, 2012Team Hangame vs Team LOTTE Insurance
79Zhang Tao4pNa Hyun6pW+R1842015-10-26  
80Zhang Yaoye9pNa Hyun1p ?B+R2012011-05-01LG Cup, 16th, integration preliminary tournament 
81Zhang Yaoye9pNa Hyun3pW+R2322014-03-21Zhaoshang Cup, 4th1
82Na Hyun6pZhang Yaoye9pW+R1622015-08-25China-Korea Tengen, 19th1st round
83Zhang Yaoye9pNa Hyun6pB+R1772015-08-27China-Korea Tengen, 19th2nd round
84Zhong Wenjing5pNa Hyun3pW+0.52382013-05-09  
85Na Hyun5pZhou Hexi5pB+R1012014-11-11  
86Zhou Hexi5pNa Hyun6pB+R2352015-05-16Chinese A League, 2015Team Shanghai vs Team Zhejiang
87Na Hyun3pZhou Heyang9pW+R1842014-03-16Bailing Cup, 2nd, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
88Na Hyun5pZhou Ruiyang9pW+R1182014-11-09  
89Na Hyun4pZhu Yuanhao4pB+2.52582014-08-02Samsung Cup, 19th, integration preliminary tournament 
90Na Hyun [TGM]2pXiaChKun [TGM]2pB+R1332012-08-21  
91YanHuan5 [TGM]5pNa Hyun [TGM]2pW+3.52542012-08-24  

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