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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
14pZhu Songli6pB+R1952012-08-10  
2Zhu Songli6p1p ?B+R2512012-08-13  
3Zhu Songli5p 5pB+R1871998-07-21Chinese Oteai 
4Zhu Songli6pCao Hengting4pW+0.52992003-12-04Chinese City League A, 5thRound 20
5Zhu Songli6pChen Xiaonan3pB+R2412008-06-16  
6Dong Yan7pZhu Songli5pB+R2092000-09-14China National Individual Championship, 2000 
7Dong Yan7pZhu Songli6pB+2,752872006-04-14Year 2006 Chinese City League B, round 3Round 3
8Fang Jie7pZhu Songli5pW+R2622001-04-10Chinese City League B, 1st7
9Ge Fanfan3pZhu Songli3pB+1.52151996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
10Zhu Songli6pGu Li7pW+R1942005-11-19China NEC Cup, 11thRound 2
11Zhu Songli6pGu Lingyi5pW+R2202010-03-04CCTV Cup, 22nd1
12Hang Tianpeng4pZhu Songli6pB+7.51662003-12-18Cities League, Division A (Haomao Cup), 2003Round 22
13Hang Tianpeng4pZhu Songli5pB+3.52892004-03-31Chinese City League B, 4thRound 2
14Zhu Songli5pHu Yaoyu5pB+1,82361999-05-07China National Team Championship, 1999Round 4
15Zhu Songli6pHu Yaoyu7pW+R2712003-04-07Chinese City League A, 5th 
16Hu Yaoyu8pZhu Songli6pW+R1762007-12-24CCTV Cup, 20th2
17Zhu Songli6pHu Yaoyu8pW+R2062011-06-22  
18Huang Yizhong5pZhu Songli5pW+R1682002-03-09Mingren, 15th1-08
19Zhu Songli6pHuang Yizhong7pW+R1262012-04-02  
20Kim Seung-jun1p ?Zhu Songli1p ?B+R2332001-04-07Chinese City League B, 1st 
21Kim Seung-jun7pZhu Songli6pB+R1522003-11-13Chinese City League A, 5thRound 17
22Zhu Songli5pKim Yeong-hwan5pW+R2262001-04-06Chinese City League B, 1st4
23Zhu Songli5pKong Jie4pB+3.52141998-09-26China National Individual Championship, 1998 
24Zhu Songli5pKong Jie6pW+R1242002-06-20Chinese City League A, 4th1-a-8
25Zhu Songli6pKong Jie9pW+R2542011-03-11CCTV Cup, 23rd1
26Zhu Songli6pLi Jie6pW+R1642009-04-03Mingren, 22nd, last preliminary tournament 
27Zhu Songli6pLi Kang4p?B+R1732003-05-27Chinese National Team Internet Competition, 2003Round 8
28Zhu Songli5pLi Liang5pB+R1612001-07-11Oteai, 2001 
29Zhu Songli6pLi Zhe3pW+0.52742001-09-14China National Individual Championship, 20021
30Lin Feng5pZhu Songli5pW+R2422002-07-16Oteai Chinese, 2002Round 5
31Liu Jing6pZhu Songli3pW+R2021995-09-15China National Individual Championship, 1995Round 3
32Zhu Songli5pLiu Shizheng6pW+R1862001-07-16Oteai, 2001 
33Zhu Songli5pLiu Xi1p ?B+R1892001-04-09Chinese City League B, 1st6
34Zhu Songli5pLiu Xi1p ?B+9.52632001-04-09Chinese City League B, 1st6
35Zhu Songli5pMa Xiaochun9pB+R1932001-03-27Qiwang, 08thRound 2
36Meng Tailing2pZhu Songli6pW+R2762006-04-13Year 2006 Chinese City League B, round 2Round 2
37Meng Tailing4pZhu Songli6pW+R1962007-12-24CCTV Cup, 20th1
38Nie Weiping9pZhu Songli6 danW+2.53062003-08-07HaoMao Cup 20031-07
39Zhu Songli6pNie Weiping9pB+R2612006-03-28NEC Cup Chinese, 12thPreliminary
40Nie Weiping9pZhu Songli6pW+R2412011-06-22  
41Pan Fei5pZhu Songli6pB+R2172013-06-05  
42Zhu Songli4pPang Yan4pW+0,82721997-03-30Chinese Oteai, 1997 
43Zhu Songli6pPeng Quan7pW+4.52742008-01-28Tianyuan, 22nd1
44Zhu Songli6pPeng Quan7pW+R1542008-02-25Mingren, 21stpreliminary tournament
45Qiu Jun4pZhu Songli5pB+3.52411998-09-27China National Individual Championship, 1998 
46Qiu Jun5pZhu Songli5pB+R1531999-07-23Chinese Oteai, 1999 
47Qiu Jun6pZhu Songli5pB+R2112001-03-24Mingren, 14thRound 3
48Zhu Songli6pShao Weigang9pB+R1992005-06-04NEC Cup, 11th1
49Shao Weigang9pZhu Songli6pB+R1792010-06-29  
50Zhu Songli6pShi Yue4pW+0.52882008-02-27China NEC Cup, 14thpreliminary tournament
51Shi Yue4pZhu Songli6pB+R1912009-06-30  
52So Yokoku8pZhu Songli6pJigo2922006-04-17Year 2006 Chinese City League B, round 5Round 5
53Zhu Songli6pTuo Jiaxi3pW+R1822007-02-05CCTV Cup, 19th2
54Wang Guanjun8pZhu Songli5pB+R2051998-09-16China National Individual Championship, 1998 
55Wang Jianhong9pZhu Songli5pB+R1832001-03-31Qiwang, 08th3-4
56Zhu Songli5pWang Lei8pW+R1742001-09-22China National Individual Championship, 20017
57Zhu Songli6pWang Lei8pW+R2002007-05-10Agon Cup, 9thLast primary tournament
58Wang Lei8pZhu Songli6pW+R2222012-08-14  
59Wang Xi1p ?Zhu Songli1p ?B+1.5?2342002-05-30  
60Zhu Songli5pWang Yang5pW+R2522001-07-20Oteai, 2001 
61Zhu Songli5pWang Yao4pB+R1272001-03-22Mingren, 14thRound 2
62Wang Yao5pZhu Songli5pB+R2772003-05-21Chinese National Team Internet Competition, 2003Round 4
63Wang Yuhui6pZhu Songli5pB+R2191999-04-23China National Team Championship, 1999Round 2
64Zhu Songli5pWang Yuhui7pB+R2512001-03-29Qiwang, 08th2-8
65Wang Yuhui7pZhu Songli6pW+R1962003-11-20Chinese City League A, 5thRound 18
66Weon Seongjin7pZhu Songli6pB+7.53312007-06-22Year 2007 Chinese City League B, round 4Round 4
67Zhu Songli6pWu Guangya6pW+0.52862013-04-10  
68Xie He7pZhu Songli6pB+R1972008-04-02CCTV Cup, 20th3
69Yang Yi6pZhu Songli6pW+R1902009-06-30  
70Yu Bin9pZhu Songli5pW+0.52371998-09-23China National Individual Championship, 1998237
71Yue Song3pZhu Songli6 danW+R1242003-07-17HaoMao Cup 2003Round 5
72Zhang Dongyue5pZhu Songli6pB+R3092007-04-02Mingren, 20th, preliminaryPreliminaries
73Zhang Wendong9pZhu Songli6pW+R2802003-10-30Chinese City League A, 5thRound 15
74Zhang Xin5pZhu Songli6 danW+R1202003-07-24HaoMao Cup 2003Round 6
75Zhang Yaoye9pZhu Songli6pB+R2832012-10-15Longchen, 04th1
76Zhu Songli5pZhen Hong9pB+R2251998-09-24China National Individual Championship, 1998 
77Zhu Songli5pZhou Bo3pB+R2011998-09-22China National Individual Championship, 1998 
78Zhou Heyang7pZhu Songli4pB+R1551997-10-07China National Individual Championship, 1999Round 7
79Zhou Heyang9pZhu Songli5pB+R2432001-09-16China National Individual Championship, 20013
80Zhou Heyang9pZhu Songli6pB+R2092005-11-14CCTV Cup, 18th1
81Zhou Junjie4pZhu Songli5pB+R1611999-07-25Chinese Oteai, 1999 

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