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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Aoki Guseki1p ?B+R2191672-01-06 11-02
2Honinbo Dosaku Aokii Guseki B+15141  11-03
3Fukuo Genko1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+51511678-04-03  
4Fukuo Genko1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+1541678-09-02  
5Fukuo Genko1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+41031679-01-14  
6Fukuo Genko1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+31391679-04-03  
7Fukuo Genko1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+ {moves beyond 181 not known}1811679-11-22  
8Fukuo Genko1p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ? 124   
9Hayashi Genetsu Monnyu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+12401677-08-21  
10Higashiyama Chojinbo1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+52061678-01-01  
11Higashiyama Chojinbo? proHoninbo Dosaku9p ?B+51791678-12-02  
12Hinaya Rippo5p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1491698-01-01  
13Honinbo Doetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?B+2041660-01-01 00-06
14Honinbo Doetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?B+31411669-01-01 00-07
15Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Honinbo Doetsu7pB+1871669-02-11 00-01
16Honinbo Doetsu? proHoninbo Dosaku? proB+31471669-07-18 00-02
17Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Honinbo Doetsu7pB+10711670-01-01 00-04
18Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Honinbo Doetsu7pB+32321680-06-01  
19Honinbo Doetsu? proHoninbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1541681-09-30Japanese famous game 
20Honinbo Doetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?Jigo2401681-11-09  
21Honinbo Dosaku? proHoninbo Doteki? proB+11121687-11-08  
22Hoshiai Hasseki Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+121981684-04-23  
23Hoshiai Hasseki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+R1341685-11-18  
24Inoue Dosa (Inseki)1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Jigo2391678-01-12  
25Inoue Dosa (Inseki)? proHoninbo Dosaku9p ?W+132391683-01-28  
26Inoue Inseki8p?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+141721678-10-14  
27Inoue Inseki7pHoninbo Dosaku9p ?W+12421697-08-12Castle Game 
28Itagaki Zenbei1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+41451669-01-01 15-03
29Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Itagaki Zenbei1p ?B+91571669-01-01 15-02
30Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Itagaki Zenbei1p ?B+131491669-02-10 15-01
31Kawai Chodayu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+33141681-01-01  
32Kikukawa Yuseki5pHoninbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1431670-03-17  
33Kumagai Honseki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+12041697-06-21  
34Kumagai Honseki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+11901697-06-24  
35Kumagai Honseki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+12011697-06-26  
36Kumagai Honseki? proHoninbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1301697-06-26  
37Kumagai Honseki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+12781697-08-10  
38Kumagai Honseki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+32571697-08-12  
39Kuwahara Dosetsu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+R1261660-01-01  
40Kuwahara Dosetsu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+R1331704-01-01  
41Kuwahara Dosetsu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+R217   
42Masaki Kazue Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1631670-01-01  
43Masaki Kazue1p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1581670-01-01  
44Masaki Shukei Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+R158   
45Minamisato Yohee? proHoninbo Dosaku? proB+R791672-01-01  
46Minamisato Yohee? proHoninbo Dosaku? proW+R1381672-05-16 13-02
47Honinbo Dosaku Minamisato Yohee B+R1771672-06-25 13-03
48Nagata Jutoku5p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+42021676-11-22 19-01
49Ogawa Doteki6pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?B+R921682-02-21  
50Ogawa Doteki7p?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?B+11421682-12-01Japanese famous game 
51Ogawa Doteki? proHoninbo Dosaku9p ?Left unfinished631683-01-01  
52Ogawa Doteki? proHoninbo Dosaku9p ?B+R871688-09-23  
53Ogura Doki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?B+51891697-06-10  
54Ogura Doki1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+52161697-06-28  
55Ogura Doki Honinbo Dosaku W+R1691699-07-23  
56Ono Genka1p ?Honinbo Dosaku5p ?W+1081670-05-11 20-01
57Peichin of HamahigaNRHoninbo Dosaku9p ?W+142411682-04-17Mission from Ryukyu Islandsgame 01
58Peichin of Hamahiga Honinbo Dosaku9p ?B+23243 Mission from Ryukyu Islandsgame 02
59Sakai Dotetsu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+61241697-07-20  
60Sakai Dotetsu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+12131697-07-22  
61Sakai Dotetsu Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+22201697-07-25  
62Sendai Jiseibo1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+211571682-07-18  
63Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Sugimura Saburozaemon1p ?B+151891669-04-11 12-01
64Sugimura Saburozaemon? proHoninbo Dosaku? proW+61041669-09-22 12-02
65Takahashi Yuseki Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+R1371697-06-02  
66Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?W+31461665-01-01  
67Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Yasui Chitetsu7pB+101591665-01-01 34-17
68Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+R1851667-12-05Oshiro Go 15th34-02
69Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku7pW+41881668-06-08 34-05
70Honinbo Dosaku? proYasui Chitetsu5p ?B+141851668-06-25 34-06
71Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Yasui Chitetsu5p ?B+41451668-07-12 34-04
72Honinbo Dosaku? proYasui Chitetsu5p ?B+171251668-07-20 34-08
73Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+21301668-08-02 34-07
74Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?B+5891668-08-29  
75Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Yasui Chitetsu5p ?B+42161668-10-03 34-10
76Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku? proW+111511668-12-18 34-11
77Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku9pW+42661669-07-29 34-12
78Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+102321669-08-03 34-13
79Honinbo Dosaku1p ?Yasui Chitetsu7pB+801669-09-02  
80Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+21581669-09-22 34-15
81Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku? proW+41581669-10-14 34-16
82Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku5p ?B+R1391670-09-22 34-19
83Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+42001670-10-10 34-20
84Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+101541670-10-20 34-21
85Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+51681670-10-31 34-22
86Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku5p ?W+132381670-11-02 34-23
87Yasui Chitetsu5p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?W+21521671-08-25 34-24
88Yasui Chitetsu6p?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+82631672-10-28  
89Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?W+82401673-09-03 34-26
90Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?Jigo2941674-08-22 34-31
91Yasui Chitetsu6p?Honinbo Dosaku? proW+52611674-08-30 34-32
92Yasui Chitetsu6p?Honinbo Dosaku? proB+62791674-10-02  
93Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?W+12071674-12-06 34-37
94Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?W+R1771674-12-08  
95Yasui Chitetsu6p?Honinbo Dosaku9p ?W+92651676-01-01 34-40
96Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?B+71841676-01-01  
97Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?W+52191678-01-17Castle Game 
98Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?W+191401682-01-30Castle Game 
99Yasui Chitetsu7pHoninbo Dosaku1p ?B+R204   
100Yasui Chitetsu1p ?Honinbo Dosaku1p ?B+9144   

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