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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Chen Zude5p ?Ando Hideo? proB+R1251961-09-21China-Japan 
2Chen Zude9pCao Dayuan9pB+R2691992-12-01  
3Chen Zude9pCao Dayuan9pB+R2831994-06-28Daguoshou, 2nd1
4Cao Dayuan9pChen Zude9pB+7.52241996-03-13CCTV Cup, 08th224
5Cao Dayuan9pChen Zude9pB+R1951997-09-09省略195
6Cao Dayuan9pChen Zude9pB+1.52691998-03-29CCTV Cup, 10thRound 2
7Cao Dayuan9pChen Zude9pW+4.52372003-04-07HaoMao Cup 20031
8Cao Zhilin? proChen Zude5p ?W+R1481974-07-18National Championship 
9Chai Qingying6pChen Zude9pW+R1822003-01-20Wanbao Cup Pro-Am Match, 16th 
10Chang Hao8pChen Zude9pB+R2131999-03-07CCTV Cup, 11thRound 3
11Che Zewu7pChen Zude9pW+R1982000-11-18Chinese Southern Stock Cup1-01
12Chen Zude5p ?Chen Huifang? proB+R1771975-06-20National Championship, 3rd 
13Chin Kaei? proChen Zude5p ?B+0.51971976-06-23National Championship 
14Chen Zude9pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1662007-08-08  
15Chen Zude9pChoi Gyu-byung8pB+R2231997-08-13Samsung Cup, 02nd1
16Cui Yunzhi? proChen Zude5p ?W+R2281962-12-03National Championship 
17Chen Zude9pFang Jie7pW+10.52751997-12-04Lebaishi Cup, 1stLosers' Section, Round 3
18Fang Tianfeng5p ?Chen Zude9p ?W+R1661980-05-01National Team Championship 
19Chen Zude9pFang Tianfeng8pW+R1501996-11-18Bawang, 02ndLosers' Section, Round 1
20Chen Zude9pFang Tianfeng8pW+0.53041998-12-04Lebaishi Cup, 2ndLosers' Section, Round 2
21Chen Zude9pFeng Yun8pW+4.53131996-11-16Bawang, 02ndStage 3, Winners' Section, Round 1
22Chen Zude9pFeng Yun9pB+R1871998-12-02Lebaishi Cup, 2ndLosers' Section, Round 1
23Fujiki Hitomi8pChen Zude5p ?W+62391978-06-22China-Japan Go Exchange, 06th 
24Chen Zude5p ?Fujisawa Hideyuki9pW+0.52571973-04-20Goodwill Return Gamesgame 01
25Fujisawa Hideyuki9pChen Zude9pW+R1782002-07-21China-Japan Friendship Match, 2002 
26Chen Zude5p ?Go Seigen9pB+R1771973-05-15  
27Goto Shungo9pChen Zude9pW+22532002-03-19World Oza Toyota & Denso Cup, 1st1
28Gu Li9pChen Zude9pB+R1672006-09-19Lanke (Renka) Cup, 1stRound 1
29Chen Zude9pGu Shuiru4pB+R1401953-01-01Teaching game 
30Guo Tisheng? proChen Zude5p ?W+R1601960-10-23National Go Championships 
31Guo Tisheng? proChen Zude5p ?B+R1511962-11-25National Go Championships 
32Chen Zude9pHashimoto Shoji9pB+R2001962-07-21Japan-China Go Exchange 
33Chen Zude5p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pJigo2351976-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 1976 
34Chen Zude5p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pW+R2121977-04-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977 
35Chen Zude5p ?Hashimoto Utaro9pW+R1601978-08-13China-Japan Go Exchange, 06th 
36Chen Zude9pHashimoto Yoshimi9pW+R1871974-04-17China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
37Hu Yuqing8pChen Zude9pB+R1972007-01-27Chinese Wanbao Cup Amateur, 20th, pro-ama competitionpro-ama competition
38Chen Zude5p ?Hua Yigang7p?B+R2411980-08-30China National Individual Championship, 1999 
39Hua Yigang8pChen Zude9pW+8.52871997-04-13CCTV Cup, 09thRound 2
40Chen Zude5p ?Huang Dexun5p ?W+R2401974-07-19National Championship 
41Chen Zude5p ?Huang Jinxian? proB+91711966-05-11National Championship 
42Chen Zude5p ?Huang Jinxian? proB+R1691978-04-01National Team Championship 
43Huang Liangyu1p ?Chen Zude1p ?W+R1221966-05-06China National Individual Championship, 1999 
44Chen Zude9pHuang Yizhong3pB+R2981997-12-02Lebaishi Cup, 1stLosers' Section, Round 2
45Huang Yongji? proChen Zude5p ?B+R2331960-10-19National Championship 
46Huang Yongji? proChen Zude5p ?W+32501965-05-11China National Individual Championship, 1964 
47Chen Zude5p ?Ishida Akira7pW+R2461977-05-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1977 
48Chen Zude9pIshida Yoshio9pW+R1682002-09-10China-Japan Friendship Match, 2002 
49Chen Zude5p ?Ishige Kakuo6pW+2601963-12-03China-Japan 
50Ishigure Ikuro8pChen Zude5p ?W+R1181975-10-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1975 
51Chen Zude5p ?Ishii Kunio8pB+R1771973-08-02China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973 
52Chen Zude5p ?Iwata Tatsuaki9pW+22241965-10-15China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
53Chen Zude5p ?Iwata Tatsuaki9pB+102961965-10-25China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
54Chen Zude5p ?Iwata Tatsuaki9pB+5,32651978-06-24China-Japan Go Exchange, 06th 
55Chen Zude9pJang Swen7pW+R2241996-03-16Chinese Friendship Cup, 2ndPreliminary Round 1
56Chen Zude5p ?Jiang Zhujiu? proB+42661978-09-08National Individual Championships 
57Jiang Zhujiu? proChen Zude5p ?W+R1861980-01-10Training game 
58Chen Zude5p ?Jin Yaxian? proB+R1771962-11-06National Championship 
59Kajiwara Takeo8pChen Zude5p ?B+R2291965-04-12China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965Chen Zude - Kajiwara match, game 3 (of 6)
60Kajiwara Takeo8pChen Zude5p ?Jigo2751965-04-18China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
61Chen Zude8pKajiwara Takeo8pB+R1251965-04-20China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965Chen Zude - Kajiwara match, game 3 (of 6)
62Chen Zude5p ?Kato Masao8pB+R1871973-08-06China-Japan Go Exchange, 1973 
63Chen Zude6 dan?Kikuchi Yasuro6 dan?B+R2631979-01-01WAGC, 01st1
64Kikura Yamuro? proChen Zude5p ?W+R2101962-07-25China-Japan 
65Chen Zude7pKo Jae-hee9pW+R1902001-09-02  
66Kobayashi Koichi6pChen Zude5p ?W+1.52121974-04-09China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
67Chen Zude5p ?Kong Xiangming3p ?B+R1491976-06-30National Championship 
68Chen Zude5p ?Koyama Yasuo7pW+2251961-09-21China-Japan 
69Chen Zude5p ?Kudo Norio6pB+12871965-04-14China-Japan Go Exchange, 1965 
70Chen Zude5p ?Kurahashi Shozo7pB+52031974-11-29China-Japan Go Exchange, 1974 
71Chen Zude5p ?Kuwahara Munehisa7pB+R2511963-09-21China-Japan 
72Chen Zude9pLi Gang 26pB+R2351996-03-15Chinese Friendship Cup, 2ndPreliminary Round
73Chen Zude9pLi Liang5pW+R2301999-04-30China National Team Championship, 1999Round 3
74Li Yuchuan4pChen Zude9pB+R2031991-07-22Mingren, 04thLeague Placeholder Play-off
75Chen Zude9pLin Feng? proW+2.52781998-11-06Chunlan Cup 
76Chen Zude9pLiu Jing4pB+R1771991-03-01Mingren, 04thLeague Qualifier, Round 3
77Chen Zude9pLiu Jing5pW+R1201994-12-19Qiwang, 06thRound 3
78Liu Lihuai? proChen Zude5p ?W+R1681960-10-28National Championship 
79Chen Zude5p ?Liu Lihuai? proW+R2001961-01-25Training game 
80Chen Zude9pLiu Shizheng6pW+0.53062005-12-24  
81Liu Xiaoguang? proChen Zude5p ?W+2.51901979-05-03National Championship 
82Liu Xiaoguang5p ?Chen Zude5p ?B+R1411980-08-24China National Individual Championship, 1999 
83Chen Zude9pLiu Xiaoguang9pW+R1241991-05-25Mingren, 04th124
84Liu Xiaoguang9pChen Zude9pB+R1511993-02-09Tengen1
85Chen Zude9pLiu Xiaoguang9pW+R2121998-10-22KiseiFinal 9 dan
86Chen Zude9pLiu Xiaoguang9pB+5.51942000-11-24Qisheng, 3rd9-dan Section
87Luo Jianwen? proChen Zude5p ?W+43141964-05-05National Championship 
88Chen Zude9pLuo Jianwen7pB+R2432000-11-19Nanfang Securities Cup for Veterans2
89Luo Xihe5pChen Zude9pB+R1351994-11-21Bawang, 01stPreliminary Round
90Luo Xihe5pChen Zude9pW+2.52621996-02-25CCTV Cup, 08th262
91Luo Xihe6pChen Zude9pB+R1871997-11-30Lebaishi Cup, 1stWinners' Section, Round 2
92Luo Xihe7pChen Zude9pB+R2011998-12-01Lebaishi Cup, 2ndPreliminaries
93Ma Xiaochun? proChen Zude5p ?B+R1811980-08-26China National Individual Championship, 1980 
94Ma Xiaochun9pChen Zude9pB+R1591995-05-01STV Cup, 1stFinal, game 1
95Chen Zude5p ?Miyamoto Naoki8pB+R1691963-11-04China-Japan 
96Chen Zude9pMiyamoto Naoki9pB+1.52531996-07-14省略253
97Chen Zude9pMiyamoto Naoki9pB+R2132006-05-25  
98Miyamoto Yoshihisa8pChen Zude5p ?W+22461966-11-15China-Japan Go Exchange, 1966 
99Chen Zude5p ?Nie Weiping? proB+R811974-07-23National Championship 
100Chen Zude5p ?Nie Weiping? proW+R1721975-09-24National Championship, 3rd 

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