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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Niu Yutian7p4pB+R2452014-01-14  
2Niu Yutian7p4pB+1.52762016-04-13  
34pNiu Yutian7pW+R1462016-09-12  
4Niu Yutian7pл 9pB+R2192014-09-14  
5Niu Yutian7pϻ5pW+R2062013-06-05  
63pNiu Yutian7p 2842014-09-07  
74pNiu Yutian7pW+R1942016-11-14  
8Գ4pNiu Yutian7pW+R1892015-05-11  
9Գ4pNiu Yutian7pB+R1612016-09-10  
10Niu Yutian7p1p ?B+9.52352013-12-01  
11ѫ1p ?Niu Yutian7pW+R1902013-10-29  
12Niu Yutian7pά1p ?W+2.52842013-10-07  
133pNiu Yutian7pB+Time2512013-10-14  
14Niu Yutian7p 5pB+R2672014-11-11  
15¦5pNiu Yutian7pW+2.52682013-11-14  
16¬ʥ2pNiu Yutian7pW+R1482012-08-10  
17Niu Yutian7pݳ2pW+R2202013-11-07  
18ݳ2pNiu Yutian7p 3012014-07-05  
19An Cho-yeong7pNiu Yutian5pB+R1812003-12-23New Star Match (Cn-Jp-Kor), 3rd1, Korea-Tianjin(Cn), Board 1
20An Dongxu4pNiu Yutian7pW+R1962013-01-23Tianyuan, 27th1
21Cai Wenchi3pNiu Yutian7pW+R1942013-09-20  
22Cao Dayuan9pNiu Yutian6pW+R1182009-07-01  
23Cao Xiaoyang3pNiu Yutian7pW+R1462011-05-21  
24Cao Xiaoyang4pNiu Yutian7pW+0.52822013-04-10  
25Niu Yutian7pCao Xiaoyang4pW+R1902013-11-28  
26Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian7pB+R1452006-01-17CCTV Cup, 18th1
27Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian6pW+0.52492008-04-05Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Sichuan vs Team Yunnan
28Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian6pB+R1832008-06-11Quzhou-Lanke Cup, 2ndRound 2
29Chang Hao9pNiu Yutian6pW+0.52692009-05-28Chinese A League, 2009Team Guangxi vs Team Shanghai
30Niu Yutian7pChang Hao9pW+R2782010-10-09  
31Niu Yutian1p ?Chen Rui4pB+0.52431996-07-14Bawang, 03rdPreliminary Round
32Chen Xian3pNiu Yutian7pB+2,753352013-10-05  
33Chen Xian4pNiu Yutian7pB+R2652015-05-03  
34Niu Yutian6pChen Xiaonan3pB+1.52162006-06-27Mingren, 19th3
35Chen Xiaonan3pNiu Yutian6pB+R2032007-11-17Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Guangxi vs Team Yunnan
36Niu Yutian5pChen Zude9pB+R2172003-05-27Chinese National Team Internet Competition, 2003Round 8
37Cher Hao2pNiu Yutian7pB+R1052014-10-19  
38Niu Yutian7pCho Han-seong9pW+R2842011-05-07  
39Cho Han-seong9pNiu Yutian7pW+0.52612012-03-03BC Card Cup World, 04th1
40Niu Yutian7pCho Han-seong9pB+R2152013-09-03Samsung Cup, 18th, winner's tournament1
41Niu Yutian5pCho Hunhyun9pB+R1872003-04-09Chinese City League B, 3rd01
42Niu Yutian7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+R2192009-12-12Chinese A League, 2009Team Sian vs Team Guangxi
43Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pNiu Yutian7pB+R1292010-04-25Chinese A League, 2010Team Guangxi vs Team Sian
44Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pNiu Yutian7pB+R2232011-07-02  
45Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pNiu Yutian7pB+R1992016-05-09Chinese A League, 2016Team Yunnan Baoshan Yongzi vs Team Chengdu Industrial Bank
46Niu Yutian6pChoi Gyu-byung9pW+R2942009-03-01BC Card Cup World, 01st1
47Choi Kihoon4pNiu Yutian7pB+0.52722012-06-14LG Cup, 17th1/16 Final - 11
48Niu Yutian6pCui Can4pB+R2612005-08-06Chinese City League A, 7thRound 9
49Dang Yifei4pNiu Yutian7pW+R2222011-03-14CCTV Cup, 23rd1
50Niu Yutian7pDang Yifei4pW+6.52902012-08-21Bailing Cup, 1st1/8 Final - 4
51Niu Yutian7pDing Lie6pW+0.52682010-08-10Mingren, 23rd2
52Ding Wei8pNiu Yutian5pB+R3152003-05-26Chinese National Team Internet Competition, 2003Round 7
53Niu Yutian6pDing Wei8pB+R3012006-04-20Chinese City League A, 8thYunnan vs Dalian
54Ding Wei8pNiu Yutian6pW+R2182006-06-29Mingren, 19thSemifinal
55Ding Wei9pNiu Yutian6pB+R2032008-01-28Tianyuan, 22nd1
56Ding Wei9pNiu Yutian7pW+R2262010-03-01BC Card Cup World, 02nd1/8 Final - 5
57Niu Yutian7pDong Ming2pB+R1712013-10-03  
58Niu Yutian4pDong Yan7pB+R2782001-05-24Chinese City League A, 3rd6
59Dong Yan7pNiu Yutian6pW+R1942005-04-16  
60Dong Yan7pNiu Yutian6pB+R2862007-07-07Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Guangxi vs Team Xicai
61Niu Yutian6pDong Yan7pB+R1432009-02-10Tianyuan, 23rd1
62Fan Tingyu3pNiu Yutian7pB+R2352011-10-13  
63Fan Tingyu3pNiu Yutian7pB+1.52942012-01-12RICOH Cup, 12th3
64Niu Yutian7pFan Tingyu9pW+R2442013-09-09Longchen, 05th1
65Niu Yutian7pFan Yunruo3pB+R2352012-06-09  
66Niu Yutian7pFan Yunruo4pB+1.53252012-09-30  
67Niu Yutian7pFan Yunruo4pW+R1962013-06-22  
68Niu Yutian7pFan Yunruo4pB+R1672014-10-09  
69Niu Yutian6pFang Jie7pW+R2022006-12-21CCTV Cup, 19th1
70Feng Wei3pNiu Yutian6pW+R2322007-12-22Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Guangxi vs Team Baejing Ocean
71Niu Yutian6pFu Chong4pB+3.52372008-11-06Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Guangxi vs Team Yunnan
72Gu Li7pNiu Yutian5pB+R2772003-05-23Chinese National Team Internet Competition, 2003Round 6
73Niu Yutian6pGu LiMingrenB+R1712007-12-15Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Chongqing vs Team Guangxi
74Niu Yutian7pGu Li9pW+R2522011-03-15CCTV Cup, 23rd3
75Gu Li9pNiu Yutian7pB+R2232013-05-27Changqi Cup, 10th1
76Gu Li9pNiu Yutian7pB+R2442014-07-07Agon Cup, 16th1
77Gu Li9pNiu Yutian7pB+R2372016-07-04  
78Niu Yutian6pGu Lingyi5pB+R2232007-09-27Chinese City League A, 9thTeam Wuhan vs Team Guangxi
79Gu Lingyi5pNiu Yutian6pB+R1492008-07-01Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Guangxi vs Team Sichuan
80Gu Lingyi5pNiu Yutian7pW+0.53142009-12-05Chinese A League, 2009Team Guangxi vs Team Sichuan
81Gu Lingyi5pNiu Yutian6pW+R2342010-11-16  
82Gu Lingyi5pNiu Yutian7pB+R1992013-01-25Tianyuan, 27th3
83Niu Yutian7pGu Lingyi5pW+R2542014-11-22  
84Gu Lingyi5pNiu Yutian7pW+R1782016-10-10  
85Niu Yutian7pGuo Wenchao5pW+R1682013-04-11  
86Niu Yutian7pHan Han5pB+R1752013-09-12  
87Han Sanghoon5pNiu Yutian7pB+R1572010-08-06Samsung Cup,15th, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
88Niu Yutian5pHan Ye4pB+R2072004-04-04Chinese City League B, 4thRound 5
89Hang Tianpeng5pNiu Yutian4pW+0.52262001-07-21Oteai, 2001 
90Hu Yaoyu6pNiu Yutian4pB+R1692001-06-17Chinese City League A, 3rd9
91Niu Yutian6pHu Yaoyu8pW+R2482006-11-11Chinese City League A, 8thRound 16
92Niu Yutian6pHu Yaoyu8pW+R1742006-12-29RICOH Cup, 07th3
93Hu Yaoyu8pNiu Yutian6pB+R1892008-05-22Changqi Cup, 05th1
94Niu Yutian6pHu Yaoyu8pW+R2342008-11-01Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Shanghai vs Team Guangxi
95Niu Yutian7pHu Yaoyu8pB+1.53212009-10-10Chinese A League, 2009Team Shanghai vs Team Guangxi
96Hu Yaoyu8pNiu Yutian7pB+R1192010-05-08  
97Niu Yutian7pHu Yaoyu8pW+R2302012-07-27  
98Hu Yaoyu8pNiu Yutian7pB+R1852013-11-16  
99Niu Yutian7pHu Yuefeng5pW+R2742012-09-08  
100Hu Yuqinga8Niu Yutian7pW+R1802010-03-31Mingren, 23rdFinal

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