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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1O Meien9pIshii Kunio9pB+R1271992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1
2Awaji Shuzo9pO Rissei9pB+93411992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1
3Komatsu Hideki8pRui Naiwei9pW+R1921992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1
4Tei Meiko7pOtake Hideo9pB+33301992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1
5Redmond, Michael7pYang Jae-ho8pW+12461992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1
6Peng Jinghua5pYoo Changhyuk5pW+32451992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1-02
7Tei Meiko8pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R1761992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd1-04
8Jiang Zhujiu9pYang Jae-ho8pW+92981992-07-15Ing Cup, 2nd2-1
9Yoo Changhyuk5pCho Chikun9pW+72451992-07-15Ing Cup, 2nd2-3
10Awaji Shuzo9pCho Hunhyun9pB+32171992-07-15Ing Cup, 2nd2-4
11Rui Naiwei9pLee Changho5pB+R1931992-07-15Ing Cup, 2nd2-5
12Wu Shongsheng39pYoda Norimoto8pW+12421992-07-13Ing Cup, 2nd2-7
13Seo Bongsoo9pOtake Hideo9pW+72861993-03-09Ing Cup, 2ndFinal, game 1
14Otake Hideo9pSeo Bongsoo9pW+52811993-03-11Ing Cup, 2ndFinal, game 2
15Seo Bongsoo9pOtake Hideo9pB+R1191993-03-09Ing Cup, 2ndFinal, game 3
16Otake Hideo9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+72841993-05-18Ing Cup, 2ndFinal, game 4
17Seo Bongsoo9pOtake Hideo9pB+R2191993-05-20Ing Cup, 2ndFinal, game 5
18Seo Bongsoo9pFujisawa Hideyuki9pB+73141992-07-15Ing Cup, 2ndPreliminaries
19Otake Hideo9pRin Kaiho9pB+73251992-07-17Ing Cup, 2ndQuaterfinal
20Takemiya Masaki9pSeo Bongsoo9pW+92201992-08-01Ing Cup, 2ndQuaterfinal - 1
21Cho Chikun9pAwaji Shuzo9pB+53031992-07-17Ing Cup, 2ndQuaterfinal - 2
22Rui Naiwei9pYang Jae-ho8pB+73171992-07-17Ing Cup, 2ndQuaterfinal - 3
23O Meien9pTakemiya Masaki9pW+R1501992-07-15Ing Cup, 2ndRound 2
24Tei Meiko7pOtake Hideo9pW+113251992-07-15Ing Cup, 2ndRound 2
25Cho Chikun9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+13131992-11-23Ing Cup, 2ndSemifinal - 1, game 1
26Seo Bongsoo9pCho Chikun9pB+13101992-11-25Ing Cup, 2ndSemifinal - 1, game 2
27Cho Chikun9pSeo Bongsoo9pW+52671992-11-27Ing Cup, 2ndSemifinal - 1, game 3
28Rui Naiwei9pOtake Hideo9pW+R2481992-11-23Ing Cup, 2ndSemifinal - 2, game 1
29Otake Hideo9pRui Naiwei9pW+R2001992-11-25Ing Cup, 2ndSemifinal - 2, game 2
30Rui Naiwei9pOtake Hideo9pW+R2721992-11-27Ing Cup, 2ndSemifinal - 2, game 3
31Zhang Wendong9pCho Hunhyun9pW+33021996-04-24Ing Cup, 3rd1
32Zhou Jungsun4pJiang Zhujiu9pW+R1421996-05-12Ing Cup, 3rd1
33O Rissei9pYoo Changhyuk7pW+R1521996-05-12Ing Cup, 3rd1
34Fujisawa Hideyuki9pLiu Xiaoguang9pW+R2061996-05-14Ing Cup, 3rd1
35Ma Xiaochun9pChin Kaei8pB+32291996-05-14Ing Cup, 3rd1
36O Meien9pCao Dayuan9pW+R2691996-05-16Ing Cup, 3rd1
37Lee Changho7pYu Bin9pB+73281996-05-16Ing Cup, 3rd1
38Yoda Norimoto9pRedmond, Michael7pB+72991996-05-16Ing Cup, 3rd1
39Takemiya Masaki9pLiu Xiaoguang9pB+52581996-05-12Ing Cup, 3rd2
40Cao Dayuan9pRin Kaiho9pW+R2761996-05-12Ing Cup, 3rd2
41Ma Xiaochun9pYang9pB+52521996-04-26Ing Cup, 3rd2-1
42Cho Chikun9pJiang Zhujiu9pB+R1891996-04-26Ing Cup, 3rd2-2
43Cho Hunhyun9pAwaji Shuzo9pB+R1731996-05-12Ing Cup, 3rd2-3
44Seo Bongsoo9pYoda Norimoto9pW+R2121996-05-12Ing Cup, 3rd2-4
45Yoo Changhyuk9pOtake Hideo9pB+12531996-04-26Ing Cup, 3rd2-5
46Rui Naiwei9pLee Changho7pW+72471996-04-26Ing Cup, 3rd2-6
47Takemiya Masaki9pRin Kaiho9pW+R1621996-05-21Ing Cup, 3rd3
48Yoo Changhyuk9pYoda Norimoto9pW+32931996-10-04Ing Cup, 3rdFinal, game 1
49Yoda Norimoto9pYoo Changhyuk9pW+32961996-10-06Ing Cup, 3rdFinal, game 2
50Yoo Changhyuk9pYoda Norimoto9pB+53091996-11-04Ing Cup, 3rdFinal, game 3
51Yoda Norimoto9pYoo Changhyuk9pW+52891996-11-06Ing Cup, 3rdFinal, game 4
52Ma Xiaochun9pCho Chikun9pW+R1621996-04-28Ing Cup, 3rdQuaterfinal - 1
53Yoda Norimoto9pCho Hunhyun9pB+R3111996-06-15Ing Cup, 3rdQuaterfinal - 2
54Lee Changho7pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R2001996-05-21Ing Cup, 3rdQuaterfinal - 3
55Yoo Changhyuk9pRin Kaiho9pB+92471996-08-10Ing Cup, 3rdSemifinal - 1, game 1
56Rin Kaiho9pYoo Changhyuk9pW+12711996-08-12Ing Cup, 3rdSemifinal - 1, game 2
57Yoda Norimoto9pCho Chikun9pW+32881996-08-10Ing Cup, 3rdSemifinal - 2, game 1
58Cho Chikun9pYoda Norimoto9pW+R2021996-08-12Ing Cup, 3rdSemifinal - 2, game 2
59Yoda Norimoto9pCho Chikun9pB+R1491996-08-14Ing Cup, 3rdSemifinal - 2, game 3
60Cao Dayuan9pChoi Myunghun7pW+R1282000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-01
61Jang Du-jin9pChang Hao9pW+R1622000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-02
62O Meien9pYang Jae-ho9pB+R1532000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-03
63Cho Hunhyun9pAwaji Shuzo9pW+R1822000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-04
64Catalin Taranu4pOtake Hideo9pW+2.52882000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-05
65Yu Bin9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+R1872000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-06
66Rui Naiwei9pShao Weigang9pW+5.52872000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-07
67O Rissei9pLiu Xiaoguang9pB+R2312000-04-30Ing Cup, 4th1-08
68Choi Myunghun7pRin Kaiho9pW+R2062000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-1
69Takemiya Masaki9pChang Hao9pW+R1742000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-2
70Cho Hunhyun9pO Meien9pW+32812000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-3
71Ma Xiaochun9pAwaji Shuzo9pB+R2752000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-4
72Yoo Changhyuk9pOtake Hideo9pW+R1602000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-5
73Yu Bin9pCho Chikun9pB+R1512000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-6
74Yoda Norimoto9pShao Weigang9pB+12442000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-7
75O Rissei9pLee Changho9pW+R1622000-05-02Ing Cup, 4th2-8
76Chang Hao9pLee Changho9pW+73062000-11-01Ing Cup, 4thFinal, game 1
77Lee Changho9pChang Hao9pB+13282000-11-03Ing Cup, 4thFinal, game 2
78Chang Hao9pLee Changho9pB+R1292001-02-14Ing Cup, 4thFinal, game 3
79Lee Changho9pChang Hao9pB+33042001-02-16Ing Cup, 4thFinal, game 4
80Lee Changho9pYoda Norimoto9pB+32282000-05-04Ing Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 1
81Yu Bin9pOtake Hideo9pB+92812000-05-04Ing Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 2
82O Meien9pMa Xiaochun9pB+2.52632000-05-04Ing Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 3
83Chang Hao9pRin Kaiho9pB+R1672000-05-04Ing Cup, 4thQuaterfinal - 4
84Chang Hao9pO Meien9pB+R1192000-08-22Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1, game 1
85O Meien9pChang Hao9pB+32242000-08-24Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1, game 2
86Chang Hao9pO Meien9pB+R1592000-08-26Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 1, game 3
87Yu Bin9pLee Changho9pW+52432000-08-22Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 2, game 1
88Lee Changho9pYu Bin9pB+R2052000-08-24Ing Cup, 4thSemifinal - 2, game 2
89Zhou Jungsun9pAlexander Dinerstein1p ?B+93372004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th 
90Yoo Changhyuk9pLiu Xing6pB+R1892004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-01
91Kong Jie7pLee Sedol9pB+2.53262004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-02
92Cho U9pSong Taekon6pW+3.52792004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-04
93Cha Minsoo4pZhou Heyang9pW+33162004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-05
94Peng Quan5pO Rissei9pB+3.52562004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-06
95Ch'oe Ch'eol-han8pHane Naoki9pB+R1692004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-07
96Gu Li7pYamashita Keigo9pW+13252004-04-20Ing Cup, 5th1-08
97Chang Hao9pYoo Changhyuk9pB+R1132004-04-22Ing Cup, 5th2-1
98Kong Jie7pRin Kaiho9pB+R1532004-04-22Ing Cup, 5th2-2
99O Meien9pZhou Jungsun9pB+0.53052004-04-22Ing Cup, 5th2-3
100Yu Bin9pSong Taekon6pW+R2362004-04-22Ing Cup, 5th2-4

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