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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1shuugorou [IGS]7d*Close [IGS]8d*W+R1322004-09-06IGS games 
2WEED [IGS]8d*tibikuma [IGS]8d*B+R1072004-09-06IGS games 
3yoggi [IGS]8d*May [IGS]8d*B+R1172004-09-06IGS games 
4yoggi [IGS]8d*Forever [IGS]8d*B+R1572004-09-06IGS games 
5WEED [IGS]8d*Forever [IGS]8d*B+R2172004-09-06IGS games 
6chaos [IGS]8d*Close [IGS]8d*B+R1672004-09-06IGS games 
7tibikuma [IGS]8d*Beer [IGS]8d*B+03212004-09-06IGS games 
8Azarashi [IGS]8d*Beer [IGS]8d*B+R2252004-09-06IGS games 
9bay [IGS]9d*Close [IGS]8d*B+R1952004-09-06IGS games 
10Mint [IGS]9dZHAOYUN* [IGS]9dW+R2072004-09-06IGS games 
11arrow [IGS]9d*siunmaru [IGS]9d*B+02382004-09-06IGS games 
12LEMON [IGS]9d*silta [IGS]9d*B+R2232004-09-06IGS games 
13Kim Soojin2pLee Min Jin4pW+2.53292004-09-06Women's Myeongin, 06thWinners' Section, Final
14Nie Weiping9pGu Li7pW+R1702004-09-06Mingren, 17thChallengers' Final, game 1
15Peng Quan5pCh'oe Ch'eol-han8pW+R2462004-09-06Ing Cup, 5thSemifinal - 1, game 1
16Yoo Jaehyeon6pMok Jinseok8pW+R1122004-09-06Kiseong, 16th1/8 Final - 2
17Yamada Kimio8pTakao Shinji8pW+R2242004-09-06Ryusei Cup, 13thFinal
18Song Taekon7pChang Hao9pB+R2692004-09-06Ing Cup, 5thSemifinal - 2, game 1

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