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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Moon To Won2pӞ2pW+R1402010-11-17  
2Moon To Won2pӞ2pB+R1692011-04-28  
3An Kukhyun3pMoon To Won2pB+3.52452011-10-27Siptan tournament, 07th1
4Aoki Kikuyo8pMoon To Won2pW+R2202011-01-08Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 01
5bag'gyeong'geun [~]1p ?Moon To Won2pB+R1992012-07-08  
6Moon To Won2pbagmingyu [~]2pB+R1592012-09-16  
7bagtaehyi [~]1p ?Moon To Won3pB+R2072015-01-18  
8bagtaehyi [~] Moon To Won3pB+R1932016-03-20  
9bagtaehyi [~]1p ?Moon To Won3pW+R2602016-04-28  
10bag'yeongrong [~]1p ?Moon To Won2pB+R1432012-06-29  
11Moon To Won2pbyeonsang'il [~]1p ?W+R1462012-04-13  
12Chinen Kaori4pMoon To Won2pW+10.53022011-01-10Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 03
13Moon To Won2pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1842011-08-16GG Auction Cup, 05thgame 16
14Cho Hyeyeon9pMoon To Won3pW+1.52822015-02-13  
15Moon To Won3pChoi Jung3pW+R1562013-04-15  
16Moon To Won3pChoi Jung3pW+0.52502013-08-18  
17Choi Jung5pMoon To Won3pW+R2282015-02-07  
18Moon To Won3pChoi Jung6pW+R1702016-02-20  
19Moon To Won3pgimhyeoncan [~]2pW+R1702013-11-21  
20Moon To Won3pgimhyerim [~]2pB+R2012016-05-03  
21Moon To Won3pgimsin'yeong [~]1p ?B+R2152015-03-10  
22Moon To Won9pgim'weonbin [~]9pW+R1702012-07-28  
23Moon To Won3pgweonjuri [~]1p ?B+4.52692016-03-04  
24Ha Hojeong4pMoon To Won2p 2082010-11-05  
25Han Seungjoo2pMoon To Won3pB+R1252013-09-15  
26Moon To Won3pHong Kipyo5pB+R1352013-08-25  
27hwangjaeyeon [~]2pMoon To Won2pB+1.52452012-09-08  
28Moon To Won3phwangjaeyeon [~]2pW+R1462013-10-13  
29Moon To Won2phwang'weonjun [~]9pW+R2062012-08-06  
30Moon To Won2pHyeon Mijin5pB+R1092012-06-27  
31Moon To Won3piyujin [~]1p ?B+3.52582015-02-26  
32Moon To Won3pJin Caiying1p ?W+R1862013-06-01  
33Moon To Won3pJin Caiying2pW+R2062017-02-16  
34Jinna Yin1p ?Moon To Won2pB+R2432011-03-24  
35Moon To Won2pjoinseon [~]2pW+R1942012-08-18  
36Kang Changbae2pMoon To Won2pB+R1652012-07-21  
37Kim Eunseon4pMoon To Won2pB+R2532012-10-19  
38Moon To Won2pKim Huilin1p ?W+R1142010-11-24  
39Moon To Won2pKim Huilin1p ?W+R1582011-03-08  
40Moon To Won2pKim Hyeomin6pB+R2152010-11-17  
41Kim Hyeomin7pMoon To Won3pW+R1782013-08-10  
42Moon To Won3pKim Hyeomin7pW+R2162014-09-12  
43Moon To Won3pKim Hyeomin7pW+R2282015-01-27  
44Kim Hyeomin7pMoon To Won3pW+R1822016-10-07  
45Moon To Won2pKim Miri1p ?B+R1932010-08-30  
46Moon To Won3pKim Miri2pW+R1582013-05-04  
47Moon To Won2pKim Sedong4pW+R1422012-10-07  
48Moon To Won2pKim Yunyoung2pB+2.52432010-12-02  
49Kim Yunyoung3pMoon To Won1p ?W+R1722011-04-21  
50Kim Yunyoung3pMoon To Won2pW+R2162012-05-20  
51Moon To Won2pKim Yunyoung3pW+5.52682012-08-12  
52Kim Yunyoung4pMoon To Won3pB+R1812016-10-11  
53Moon To Won1p ?Lee Hajin3pW+R1782008-10-27  
54Moon To Won3pLee Hobum3pW+R1502013-07-20  
55Lee Jaeung7pMoon To Won2pW+R2622012-06-23  
56Moon To Won2pLee Min Jin6pW+R2842011-03-10  
57Moon To Won2pLee Min Jin6pW+R1882011-05-05  
58Lee Min Jin6pMoon To Won2pB+0.52902011-07-14  
59Moon To Won3pLee Min Jin7pW+R2482015-03-17  
60Moon To Won3pLee Min Jin7pB+R2052016-02-27  
61Moon To Won3pLee Min Jin7pB+R2672016-10-12  
62Lee Sanghyun1p ?Moon To Won2pB+2.52942012-06-16  
63Lee Sula1p ?Moon To Won2pB+R1332010-07-30  
64Lee Sula3pMoon To Won2pB+R2232011-07-06  
65Moon To Won2pLee Sula3pB+R1792012-06-02  
66Li He3pMoon To Won2pW+7.53082011-01-11Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 04
67Moon To Won2pLu Jia2pB+18.52942011-01-09Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 02
68Moon To Won2pMukai Chiaki4pB+1.52872011-01-12Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 05
69ojeong'a [~]1p ?Moon To Won2pW+R1282012-09-22  
70Moon To Won2pojeong'a [~]1p ?B+R1912013-01-28  
71ojeong'a [~]3pMoon To Won3pW+R2502016-10-10  
72Moon To Won3poyujin [~]1p ?W+R2342013-06-23  
73Moon To Won3poyujin [~]1p ?B+R1992015-02-20  
74Park Jiyeon2pMoon To Won2pB+1.52472010-10-26  
75Park Jiyeon2pMoon To Won2pB+R2872011-02-25  
76Park Jiyeon2pMoon To Won2pB+R1772011-03-29  
77Park Jiyeon3pMoon To Won2pW+R2002012-04-29  
78Moon To Won3pPark Jiyeon3pW+5.52592013-05-19  
79Park Jiyeon3pMoon To Won3pB+R2112015-02-10  
80Moon To Won3pPark Sohyun3pB+0.52962015-03-14  
81Moon To Won7 danRu Lee (Gu Li ?)9pW+R1502007-06-28  
82Moon To Won2pRui Naiwei9pW+R1762009-09-30  
83Rui Naiwei9pMoon To Won2pB+R1812010-10-18Women's Kuksu, 16thQuaterfinal - 1
84Seo Bongsoo9pMoon To Won2pB+6.52612010-08-27GG Auction Cup, 04th 
85Seo Nung-uk9pMoon To Won2pW+R2322012-07-31  
86seojunghwi [~]3pMoon To Won2pB+R1712011-05-20  
87Moon To Won2pSong Ronghi5pB+R2052011-01-13Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 06
88songhyeryeong [~]1p ?Moon To Won3pB+R2172015-02-01  
89Moon To Won3psonghyeryeong [~]1p ?W+R1942016-04-21  
90songhyeryeong [~]1p ?Moon To Won3pB+R2472016-10-05  
91Suzuki Ayumi5pMoon To Won2pW+3.52802011-01-14Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 07
92Tang Yi2pMoon To Won2pB+R1692011-03-22Jeongganjang Cup, 9thgame 08
93Moon To Won3pWang Chenxing5pW+4.52662015-03-22  
94Wang Chenxing5pMoon To Won3pB+R1852016-03-29  
95Wang Chenxing5pMoon To Won3pB+R2152016-05-08  
96Wu Cheng-E1p ?Moon To Won2pW+R1982011-06-22  
97Moon To Won3pYu Zhi Ying2pW+R1662013-04-07Huanglongshi Cup, 3rdgame 09
98Yu Zhi Ying5pMoon To Won3pB+R2572016-04-01  
99KangG_S (gangjiseong) [TGM~]9pMoon To Won [TGM]3pB+R1912013-11-03  
100Moon To Won [TGM]2pLee Min Jin [TGM]5pW+0.52902010-10-21  

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