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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Nie Weiping9pYoda Norimoto8pW+4.52861993-07-28Asian TV Cup, 05thSemifinal - 1
2Seo Bongsoo9pTakemiya Masaki9pB+R2051993-07-28Asian TV Cup, 05thSemifinal - 2
3Qian Yuping9pOtake Hideo9pW+R2281994-07-23Asian TV Cup, 06thFinal
4Otake Hideo9pMa Xiaochun9pB+R1871994-07-20Asian TV Cup, 06thQuaterfinal - 1
5Kato Masao9pCho Hunhyun9pB+3.52691994-07-20Asian TV Cup, 06thQuaterfinal - 2
6Yoo Changhyuk9pQian Yuping9pW+0.53151994-07-21Asian TV Cup, 06thQuaterfinal - 3
7Otake Hideo9pKato Masao9pB+3.52431994-07-21Asian TV Cup, 06thSemifinal - 1
8Yoda Norimoto9pQian Yuping9pW+3.52781994-07-22Asian TV Cup, 06thSemifinal - 2
9Kiyonari Tetsuya9pMa Xiaochun9pW+R2041995-07-12Asian TV Cup, 07th1
10Lee Changho7pCho Hunhyun9pB+72781995-07-14Asian TV Cup, 07thFinal
11Lee Changho7pKobayashi Koichi9pB+R1631995-07-11Asian TV Cup, 07thQuaterfinal - 1
12Cho Hunhyun9pNie Weiping9pB+92621995-07-11Asian TV Cup, 07thQuaterfinal - 2
13Ma Xiaochun9pLee Changho7pW+3.52431995-07-13Asian TV Cup, 07thSemifinal - 1
14Otake Hideo9pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1221995-07-12Asian TV Cup, 07thSemifinal - 2
15Kobayashi Satoru9pWang Lei6pB+R1531996-05-01Asian TV Cup, 08th1
16Cao Dayuan9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+1.52671996-05-02Asian TV Cup, 08th1
17Cho Chikun9pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R2101996-05-01Asian TV Cup, 08th2
18Lee Changho7pYoo Changhyuk7pB+R1471996-05-04Asian TV Cup, 08thFinal
19Kobayashi Satoru9pLee Changho7pW+R1961996-05-02Asian TV Cup, 08thSemifinal
20Yoo Changhyuk7pCao Dayuan9pB+1.51971996-05-03Asian TV Cup, 08thSemifinal
21Yu Bin9pO Rissei9pB+R2091997-05-15Asian TV Cup, 09thFinal
22Kobayashi Koichi9pYu Bin9pW+52661997-05-12Asian TV Cup, 09thQuaterfinal - 1
23Jeong Soo-hyun8pO Rissei9pW+7.52861997-05-12Asian TV Cup, 09thQuaterfinal - 2
24Nie Weiping9pCho Hunhyun9pB+R2271997-05-13Asian TV Cup, 09thQuaterfinal - 3
25Yu Bin9pLee Changho9pB+R1851997-05-13Asian TV Cup, 09thSemifinal - 1
26Nie Weiping9pO Rissei9pW+7.52741997-05-14Asian TV Cup, 09thSemifinal - 2
27Yoda Norimoto9pLee Changho9pB+0.52691998-08-12Asian TV Cup, 10th1-01
28Ma Xiaochun9pHonda Kunihisa9pB+R1971998-08-12Asian TV Cup, 10th1-02
29Cho Hunhyun9pCao Dayuan9pB+R1251998-08-13Asian TV Cup, 10th1-03
30Yoda Norimoto9pMa Xiaochun9pB+7.52431998-08-15Asian TV Cup, 10thFinal
31Yoda Norimoto9pYu Bin9pB+R1311998-08-14Asian TV Cup, 10thSemifinal - 1
32Ma Xiaochun9pCho Hunhyun9pB+5.52471998-08-14Asian TV Cup, 10thSemifinal - 2
33Chang Hao8pJeong Soo-hyun9pB+9.52591999-05-26Asian TV Cup, 11th1
34Liu Jing8pTakemiya Masaki9pW+R2201999-05-26Asian TV Cup, 11th1
35Lee Changho9pTono Hiroaki9pB+4,82591999-05-27Asian TV Cup, 11th1
36Yoda Norimoto9pLee Changho9pB+22431999-05-29Asian TV Cup, 11thFinal
37Chang Hao8pYoda Norimoto9pW+R1601999-05-27Asian TV Cup, 11thSemifinal
38Takemiya Masaki9pLee Changho9pW+R2421999-05-28Asian TV Cup, 11thSemifinal
39Luo Xihe8pLee Changho9pW+R2342000-05-28Asian TV Cup, 12th1-01
40Ding Wei7pImamura Toshiya9pB+R1192000-05-28Asian TV Cup, 12th1-02
41Cho Hunhyun9pRyu Shikun7pB+R2512000-05-29Asian TV Cup, 12th1-03
42Lee Changho9pCho Hunhyun9pW+4.52652000-05-31Asian TV Cup, 12thFinal
43Lee Changho9pYoda Norimoto9pB+6.52502000-05-29Asian TV Cup, 12thSemifinal - 1
44Ding Wei7pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1322000-05-30Asian TV Cup, 12thSemifinal - 2
45Ma Xiaochun9pIshida Yoshio9pB+0.52832001-05-07Asian TV Cup, 13th1-01
46Cho Chikun9pLee Changho9pB+R1292001-05-07Asian TV Cup, 13th1-02
47Mok Jinseok5pHu Yaoyu6pB+R1772001-05-08Asian TV Cup, 13th1-03
48Cho Hunhyun9pMa Xiaochun9pB+R1572001-05-08Asian TV Cup, 13th2-1
49Cho Chikun9pMok Jinseok5pW+4.52822001-05-09Asian TV Cup, 13th2-2
50Cho Hunhyun9pMok Jinseok5pB+R2272001-05-10Asian TV Cup, 13thFinal
51Ding Wei8pCho U7pW+4.52802002-05-07Asian TV Cup, 14th1-01
52Lee Changho9pHane Naoki8pB+R1632002-05-07Asian TV Cup, 14th1-02
53Ma Xiaochun9pLee Sedol3pW+R2042002-05-08Asian TV Cup, 14th1-03
54Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho9pW+3.52822002-05-10Asian TV Cup, 14thFinal
55Lee Sedol3pLee Changho9pW+R1962002-05-09Asian TV Cup, 14thSemifinal - 1
56Cho Hunhyun9pCho U7pB+1.52692002-05-08Asian TV Cup, 14thSemifinal - 2
57Peng Quan5pMimura Tomoyasu9pW+2.53232003-09-04Asian TV Cup, 15th1-01
58Jiang Zhujiu9pZhou Heyang9pW+R2082003-09-04Asian TV Cup, 15th1-02
59O Rissei9pLee Sanghun7pB+R1492003-09-05Asian TV Cup, 15th1-03
60Mimura Tomoyasu9pZhou Heyang9pW+R1942003-09-07Asian TV Cup, 15thFinal
61Lee Changho9pMimura Tomoyasu9pW+R1762003-09-05Asian TV Cup, 15thSemifinal - 1
62Zhou Heyang9pO Rissei9pB+0.52692003-09-06Asian TV Cup, 15thSemifinal - 2
63Yu Bin9pSong Taekon7pB+12.52722004-05-14Asian TV Cup, 16thFinal
64Kobayashi Koichi9pSong Taekon7pW+6.52702004-05-11Asian TV Cup, 16thQuaterfinal - 1
65Gu Li7pCho Chikun9pW+2.52342004-05-11Asian TV Cup, 16thQuaterfinal - 2
66Park Byungkyu4pYu Bin9pW+R2082004-05-12Asian TV Cup, 16thQuaterfinal - 3
67Cho Chikun9pYu Bin9pW+R1642004-05-13Asian TV Cup, 16thSemifinal - 1
68Zhou Heyang9pSong Taekon7pW+R1742004-05-12Asian TV Cup, 16thSemifinal - 2
69Cho Han-seong8pCho U9pW+2.52762005-06-17Asian TV Cup, 17thFinal
70Gu Li7pYoda Norimoto9pW+R2962005-06-14Asian TV Cup, 17thQuaterfinal - 1
71Liu Xing7pCho Han-seong8pW+0.53062005-06-14Asian TV Cup, 17thQuaterfinal - 2
72Lee Changho9pCho U9pW+2.52942005-06-15Asian TV Cup, 17thQuaterfinal - 3
73Yoda Norimoto9pCho Han-seong8pW+10.52092005-06-15Asian TV Cup, 17thSemifinal - 1
74Yu Bin9pCho U9pW+2.52422005-06-16Asian TV Cup, 17thSemifinal - 2
75Lee Changho9pWang Xi5pW+R1622006-08-11Asian TV Cup, 18thFinal
76Hane Naoki9pLuo Xihe9pB+R2752006-08-09Asian TV Cup, 18thQuaterfinal - 1
77Lee Changho9pImamura Toshiya9pB+6.52362006-08-08Asian TV Cup, 18thQuaterfinal - 2
78Wang Xi5pYoo Changhyuk9pB+14.52862006-08-08Asian TV Cup, 18thQuaterfinal - 3
79Hane Naoki9pLee Changho9pW+2.52972006-08-10Asian TV Cup, 18thSemifinal - 1
80Wang Xi5pCho U9pB+R2392006-08-09Asian TV Cup, 18thSemifinal - 2
81Lee Sedol9pZhang Yaoye5pB+R2172007-06-14Asian TV Cup, 19thFinal
82Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pPiao Wenyao5pB+R1432007-06-11Asian TV Cup, 19thQuaterfinal - 1
83Yuki Satoshi9pLee Sedol9pW+7.52552007-06-11Asian TV Cup, 19thQuaterfinal - 2
84Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pZhang Yaoye5pW+6.52412007-06-13Asian TV Cup, 19thQuaterfinal - 3
85Zhang Yaoye5pCho Chikun9pB+R1872007-06-12Asian TV Cup, 19thSemifinal - 1
86Wang Xi9pLee Sedol9pW+R1822007-06-12Asian TV Cup, 19thSemifinal - 2
87Cho Hunhyun9pHonda Kunihisa9pB+R2471989-10-22Asian TV Cup, 1st ? 
88Yoo Changhyuk3p 8pW+R1661989-10-22Asian TV Cup, 1st ? 
89Nie Weiping9pSeo Nung-uk8pB+52771989-08-12Asian TV Cup, 1st ?1
90Takemiya Masaki9pSeo Nung-uk7pB+R2191989-08-14Asian TV Cup, 1st ?1
91Cho Han-seong9pLee Sedol9pW+0.52882008-06-04Asian TV Cup, 20thFinal
92Xie He7pCho U9pB+R1872008-06-01Asian TV Cup, 20thQuaterfinal - 1
93Li Zhe6pCho Han-seong9pW+0.52752008-06-02Asian TV Cup, 20thQuaterfinal - 2
94Lee Changho9pCho Chikun9pB+1.53062008-06-02Asian TV Cup, 20thQuaterfinal - 3
95Cho Han-seong9pLee Changho9pB+R1452008-06-03Asian TV Cup, 20thSemifinal - 1
96Lee Sedol9pXie He7pB+R1212008-06-02Asian TV Cup, 20thSemifinal - 2
97Kong Jie7pLee Sedol9pB+R2452009-06-12Asian TV Cup, 21stFinal
98Kong Jie7pKang Dongyun9pB+R1772009-06-09Asian TV Cup, 21stQuaterfinal - 1
99Takemiya Masaki9pZhou Heyang9pW+R1782009-06-09Asian TV Cup, 21stQuaterfinal - 2
100Kong Jie7pLee Changho9pB+2.52812009-06-11Asian TV Cup, 21stSemifinal - 1

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