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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Yun Ki-hyun9pKang Cheol-min6pB+3.51911987-08-27Kukgi, 12thLeague Qualifier
2Lee Changho2pCheon Yeong-seon6pB+R2131987-08-27Kukgi, 12thLeague Qualifier
3Park Yeongchan1p ?Yang Sangguk6pB+R2051987-08-27Kukgi, 12thLeague Qualifier
4Yoo Changhyuk6pYim Sun-gun5pB+R1511987-08-27Kukgi, 12thLeague Qualifier
5Yoo Changhyuk3pKang Hun6pW+R2081986-12-18Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 01
6Paek Seongho6pSeo Nung-uk8pB+R2591986-12-18Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 02
7Yim Sun-gun5pJang Su-young7pW+1.52271986-12-19Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 03
8Yun Ki-hyun8pSeo Bongsoo9pB+8,52771987-01-14Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 04
9Yim Sun-gun5pYoo Changhyuk3pW+R1361987-01-26Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 05
10Jang Su-young8pKang Hun6pW+R2221987-02-03Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 06
11Seo Bongsoo9pPaek Seongho6pB+R1071987-02-06Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 07
12Seo Nung-uk8pYun Ki-hyun8pB+R1731987-02-18Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 08
13Seo Bongsoo9pYoo Changhyuk3pB+R2071987-02-23Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 09
14Seo Nung-uk8pYim Sun-gun5pB+R1931987-03-05Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 10
15Jang Su-young8pPaek Seongho6pB+4,52641987-03-09Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 11
16Kang Hun6pYun Ki-hyun8pB+4,52541987-03-12Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 12
17Yim Sun-gun5pSeo Bongsoo9pW+1.53071987-04-03Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 13
18Yoo Changhyuk3pSeo Nung-uk8pB+8,52511987-04-15Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 14
19Paek Seongho6pKang Hun6pW+R1441987-04-24Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 15
20Yun Ki-hyun9pJang Su-young8pW+R1981987-05-04Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 16
21Seo Bongsoo9pSeo Nung-uk8pW+12.52701987-05-04Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 17
22Kang Hun6pYim Sun-gun5pB+R1431987-05-12Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 18
23Yun Ki-hyun9pPaek Seongho6pW+5.52521987-05-22Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 19
24Jang Su-young8pYoo Changhyuk3pB+R1751987-05-22Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 20
25Seo Nung-uk8pJang Su-young8pB+R2611987-06-15Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 21
26Paek Seongho6pYim Sun-gun5pB+3.52441987-06-17Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 22
27Seo Bongsoo9pKang Hun6pB+R1791987-06-24Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 23
28Yun Ki-hyun8pYoo Changhyuk3pW+2.52681987-06-25Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 24
29Yoo Changhyuk3pPaek Seongho6pB+R2371987-07-01Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 25
30Yim Sun-gun5pYun Ki-hyun9pB+R951987-07-01Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 26
31Jang Su-young8pSeo Bongsoo9pW+1.52661987-07-06Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 27
32Kang Hun6pSeo Nung-uk8pB+3.53141987-07-06Kukgi, 12thLeague, game 28
33Kang Hun6pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1901987-07-20Kukgi, 12thTitle match, game 1
34Cho Hunhyun9pKang Hun6pB+R2391987-08-04Kukgi, 12thTitle match, game 2
35Kang Hun6pCho Hunhyun9pB+0.52951987-08-11Kukgi, 12thTitle match, game 3
36Cho Hunhyun9pKang Hun6pB+R1911987-08-21Kukgi, 12thTitle match, game 4

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