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 Game of the dayJapanese 


# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Sun Li3pLiu Jing8pB+R2192008-01-06RICOH Cup, 08th1
2Ma Xiaochun9pJiang Weijie3pW+0.52832008-01-06RICOH Cup, 08th1
3Zheng Yan2pQi Lihe1p ?B+R1692008-01-06RICOH Cup, 08th1
4Li Haojie2pWang Xi9pW+R1882008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th1/8 Final
5Chang Hao9pXie He7pW+R1862008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th1/8 Final
6Zhou Heyang9pGu Lingyi5pB+R2662008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th1/8 Final
7Zhang Wei5pChang Hao9pW+R2362008-01-07RICOH Cup, 08th2
8Ding Wei9pHu Yaoyu8pW+2.52332008-01-07RICOH Cup, 08th2
9Wang Xi9pTang Yi3pB+R1552008-01-07RICOH Cup, 08th2
10Gu LiMingrenLiu Yu1p ?B+R1812008-01-07RICOH Cup, 08th2
11Niu Yutian6pLuo Xihe9pB+7.52202008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th3
12Piao Wenyao5pZhang Yaoye9pB+5.53052008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th3
13Qiu Jun8pWang Lei8pB+R1852008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th3
14Li Zhe6pHu Yaoyu8pW+R1482008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th3
15Zhou Ruiyang5pLiu Xing7pW+R2262008-03-07RICOH Cup, 08th3
16Qiu Jun8pGu Li9pB+1.52652008-04-19RICOH Cup, 08thFinal
17Xie He7pWang Xi9pB+3.53072008-03-08RICOH Cup, 08thQuaterfinal
18Niu Yutian6pQiu Jun8pW+R2062008-03-08RICOH Cup, 08thQuaterfinal
19Gu LiMingrenLiu Xing7pB+R2512008-03-08RICOH Cup, 08thQuaterfinal
20Hu Yaoyu8pPiao Wenyao5pB+R2232008-03-08RICOH Cup, 08thQuaterfinal
21Qiu Jun8pHu Yaoyu8pB+R2192008-03-11RICOH Cup, 08thSemifinal
22Gu LiMingrenXie He7pB+R1712008-03-11RICOH Cup, 08thSemifinal

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