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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Yun Chanhee4p1p ?B+R1392014-09-07  
2Yun Chanhee2pAn Cho-yeong9pW+R1842008-05-02Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Contruction vs Team T Board
3Yun Chanhee2pAn Cho-yeong9pB+R1912009-12-14KBS Badukwang, 28thLosers' Section, Quarterfinal - 1
4An Cho-yeong9pYun Chanhee3pB+R972010-10-06Siptan tournament, 06th1
5An Sungjoon5pYun Chanhee5pW+R1962015-01-19KBS Badukwang, 33rdloser's tournament, Semifinal
6Bae Junhee2pYun Chanhee2pW+1.52742008-10-24Korean Baduk League 2008Team World Meridian vs Team Shimsung Construction
7bagcangmyeong [~]1p ?Yun Chanhee4pW+R1762014-05-11  
8Yun Chanhee4pbagcangmyeong [~]1p ?B+R2092014-08-16  
9Yun Chanhee4pbagdaeyeong [~]1p ?B+R1892014-05-24  
10Yun Chanhee4pbaghamin [~]1p ?B+R1532015-05-09  
11bagjaegeun [~]1p ?Yun Chanhee4pB+4.53052015-06-18  
12bagjaegeun [~]1p ?Yun Chanhee4pW+4.52662015-06-20  
13Yun Chanhee4pbagjaegeun [~]1p ?W+R2762015-10-14  
14Yun Chanhee4pbagjinsol [~]6pW+R2742014-07-12  
15bagjinsol [~]6pYun Chanhee4pB+R2252015-05-17  
16Yun Chanhee6pbagmingyu [~]5pB+R2112016-12-03  
17Cho Han-seong9pYun Chanhee2pB+0.52902008-08-08Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Construction vs Team T Board
18Yun Chanhee1p ?Cho Hunhyun9pB+2.52732007-05-12Korean Baduk League, 2007Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Shimsung Construction
19Yun Chanhee2pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1402008-09-20Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Construction vs Team GS KIXX
20Cho Hyeyeon7pYun Chanhee2pB+R2312008-05-09Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
21Yun Chanhee4pChoi Myunghun9pB+3.52672015-09-30  
22coejaeyeong [~]1p ?Yun Chanhee4pW+R2302015-07-18  
23Yun Chanhee2pHan Sanghoon2pW+R1622008-02-01Electron-Land Cup, 5thpreliminary tournament
24Yun Chanhee2pHan Sanghoon3pB+R2152008-09-10Siptan tournament, 04th1
25Yun Chanhee2pHan Sanghoon4pB+R1972009-11-09KBS Badukwang, 28thLosers' Section, Round 2
26Yun Chanhee6pHan Taehee5pB+R2032016-10-16  
27Yun Chanhee3pHan Wonggyu3pW+2.5!2532010-05-08  
28Yun Chanhee1p ?Heo Yeongho6pW+6.52652007-06-14Korean Baduk League, 2007Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
29Yun Chanhee1p ?Heo Yeongho6pB+R2252007-09-13Korean Baduk League, 2007Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Shimsung Construction
30Heo Yeongho6pYun Chanhee2pB+R2632008-12-13Korean Baduk League 2008final round 3 (Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
31Hong Kipyo2pYun Chanhee1p ?B+13.52532007-05-09  
32Yun Chanhee4pHong Kipyo6pW+R1622014-04-13  
33Hong Kipyo7pYun Chanhee6pW+R2282016-08-27  
34Hong Minpyo6pYun Chanhee2pB+R1652007-12-21Korean Baduk League, 2007final round 1 (Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Shimsung Construction
35Yun Chanhee2pHong Minpyo6pB+R2392008-10-13Siptan tournament, 04th1/16 Final - 05
36Hong Seongji9pYun Chanhee6pB+R1912016-06-25  
37icangseog [~]1p ?Yun Chanhee4pW+0.52412015-07-25  
38ihyeongjin [~]3pYun Chanhee4pB+R1772014-06-28  
39Jen Youngkyu3pYun Chanhee2pW+R1662009-03-23KBS Badukwang, 28thWinners' Section, Round 1
40Yun Chanhee2pJin Siyoung4pW+R1962010-05-08  
41Yun Chanhee2pKang Changbae1p ?B+0.52652009-08-17KBS Badukwang, 28thLosers' Section, Round 1
42Kang Dongyun8pYun Chanhee2pW+R1662008-06-15Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Ulsan Dearche
43Yun Chanhee2pKang Dongyun9pW+R2302009-06-01KBS Badukwang, 28thWinners' Section, Round 2
44Yun Chanhee4pKang Dongyun9pW+R1942014-10-27  
45Yun Chanhee6pKang Dongyun9pW+R2142016-05-19  
46Kang Seungmin2pYun Chanhee4pW+1.52872014-06-15  
47Yun Chanhee4pKang Seungmin4pW+R2382015-09-20  
48Yun Chanhee5pKang Seungmin4pB+0.52692016-01-14GS Caltex Cup, 21st1st round
49Yun Chanhee6pKang Seungmin4pW+R2302016-07-10  
50Yun Chanhee2pKang Yootaek2pB+0.52842008-12-06Korean Baduk League 2008final round 2 (Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
51Yun Chanhee3pKang Yootaek3pW+R1062010-05-09  
52Yun Chanhee6pKang Yootaek7pW+R1362016-12-11  
53Kim Daeyong5pYun Chanhee4pW+1.53062014-07-15KBS Badukwang, 33rdwinner's tournament, 2nd round
54Yun Chanhee2pKim Dong-yeop9pB+7.53202008-10-12Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Ulsan Dearche
55Kim Hyeomin4pYun Chanhee1p ?W+43342007-07-13Osram Cup, 7thgame 14
56Kim Hyeomin7pYun Chanhee4pW+R1802015-07-05  
57Yun Chanhee4pKim Hyeomin7pB+R1732015-10-09  
58Kim Hyeongwoo6pYun Chanhee4pW+R2322014-06-07  
59Yun Chanhee4pKim Hyeongwoo7pB+R2112014-09-26  
60Yun Chanhee1p ?Kim Jiseok4pW+22882007-07-16Osram Cup, 7thgame 15
61Kim Jiseok9pYun Chanhee5pW+R2662014-12-22KBS Badukwang, 33rdloser's tournament, 3rd round
62Kim Jiseok9pYun Chanhee5pB+R2172016-05-19  
63Yun Chanhee2pKim Juho7pW+F2322008-04-18Korean Baduk League 2008Team Shimsung Construction vs Team Hangame
64Kim Juho9pYun Chanhee3pB+R1912011-01-17GS Caltex Cup, 16th1-01
65Kim Juho9pYun Chanhee4pB+R2332015-04-26  
66Yun Chanhee3pKim Junghyun2pB+R1532010-06-11  
67Kim Junghyun5pYun Chanhee5pW+R1722015-01-16KBS Badukwang, 33rdloser's tournament, Quarterfinal
68Kim Kiyoung4pYun Chanhee1p ?B+R2152007-10-21Korean Baduk League, 2007Team Shimsung Construction vs Team GS KIXX
69Yun Chanhee4pKim Myeonghoon3pB+R1152016-02-14GS Caltex Cup, 21st2nd round
70Yun Chanhee6pKim Seung Jae7pW+R2242016-10-23  
71Yun Chanhee6pKim Seung Jae7pW+R2982016-12-02  
72Kim Seung-jun9pYun Chanhee6pB+R1652016-06-13  
73Yun Chanhee6pKim Sooyong6pB+0.52812016-08-11  
74Yun Chanhee4pKim Whansoo5pB+R1592015-09-26  
75Ko Keuntae8pYun Chanhee4pW+0.52992014-10-26  
76Yun Chanhee4pKo Keuntae9pB+R2232015-05-03  
77Lee Changho9pYun Chanhee2pB+R1432010-01-18KBS Badukwang, 28thLosers' Section, Semifinal - 1
78Yun Chanhee3pLee Changho9pW+R1662011-07-29Olleh KT Cup, 20111/16 Final - 12
79Yun Chanhee3pLee Changho9pW+R1462011-09-27Myeongin, 39th1/8 Final - 6
80Lee Cheongwu6pYun Chanhee2pW+6.52532008-04-11Prices Information Cup, 04thLeague
81Yun Chanhee4pLee Donghoon3pW+1.52652014-10-06KBS Badukwang, 33rdwinner's tournament, 3rd round
82Lee Donghoon5pYun Chanhee5pB+R2232016-04-14GS Caltex Cup, 21stFinal, game 2
83Yun Chanhee5pLee Donghoon5pW+R1622016-04-14GS Caltex Cup, 21stFinal, game 1
84Yun Chanhee5pLee Donghoon5pW+R2282016-04-28GS Caltex Cup, 21stFinal, game 3
85Lee Heeseong8pYun Chanhee2pW+R2082009-11-23KBS Badukwang, 28thLosers' Section, Round 3
86Yun Chanhee6pLee Hobum5pB+R1732016-06-17  
87Yun Chanhee6pLee Hobum5pB+R2472016-09-17  
88Yun Chanhee4pLee Hyeongjin3pW+1.52872014-06-28Korean Baduk League, 2014Team Tbroad vs Team Jungkwangjang
89Lee Jaeung6pYun Chanhee3pB+R1672010-10-31  
90Lee Jihyeon4pYun Chanhee4pB+R2252014-10-09  
91Lee Jihyeon5pYun Chanhee6pW+R1862016-09-04  
92Yun Chanhee1p ?Lee SedolGS Caltex CupB+R2672007-11-17Korean Baduk League, 2007Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Shimsung Construction
93Lee Sedol9pYun Chanhee2pB+R1452008-10-30Korean Baduk League 2008Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Shimsung Construction
94Lee Sedol9pYun Chanhee5pB+0.52852015-02-02KBS Badukwang, 33rdloser's tournament, Final
95Yun Chanhee2pLee Seongjae8pB+R1872008-05-07Electron-Land Cup, 5thtournament 1st round
96Yun Chanhee4pLee Taehyun5pB+R2592014-09-18  
97Yun Chanhee4pLee Taehyun5pB+R2692015-06-14Korean Baduk League, 2015Team SK Enclean vs Team Tbroad
98Lee Yeongkyu7pYun Chanhee2pB+R1552008-05-07Prices Information Cup, 04thLeague
99Yun Chanhee4pLee Yongchan7pB+R1772015-08-22  
100Yun Chanhee4pMin Sangyoun3pB+R2032014-10-20KBS Badukwang, 33rdloser's tournament, 2nd round

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