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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Cho Hunhyun9pNie Weiping9pW+0.52941997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
2Yu Bin9pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R1981997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
3Wang Lei6pLee Changho9pW+3.53231997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
4Choi Gyu-byung8pChang Hao8pW+R2021997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
5Luo Xihe6pHong Zhongxian8pB+R2031997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
6Jeong Soo-hyun9pZhou Heyang7pW+0.52691997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
7Ma Xiaochun9pMok Jinseok3pB+R1651997-08-26China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th1
8Cho Hunhyun9pChang Hao8pB+2.53151997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4th2
9Ma Xiaochun9pLee Changho9pW+R2921997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4thRound 2
10Jeong Soo-hyun9pYu Bin9pW+12.52791997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4thRound 2
11Zhou Heyang7pYoo Changhyuk9pB+92771997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4thRound 2
12Nie Weiping9pHong Zhongxian8pW+R2111997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4thRound 2
13Choi Gyu-byung8pWang Lei6pW+82481997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4thRound 2
14Luo Xihe6pMok Jinseok3pW+R2261997-08-28China-Korea Go Exchange, 4thRound 2

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