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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Kim Deok-gyu6pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1821995-09-29Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 11
2Choi Gyu-byung7pKim Deok-gyu7pB+R2051996-08-29Kukgi, 19thQuaterfinal - 4
3Jang Su-young9pKim Deok-gyu6pB+R1911995-08-23Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 08
4Kim Deok-gyu7pJiang Wanyu7pB+2.52531996-04-13Kukgi, 19th1/8 Final - 3
5Kim In9pKim Deok-gyu5pW+52401983-04-11 League, game 03
6Kim Deok-gyu6pKim Man-su1p ?W+8.52371995-06-05Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 04
7Kim Yeongsam5pKim Deok-gyu7pB+5.52642002-10-29KAT Cup, 2nd31
8Lee Sanghun3pKim Deok-gyu6pB+R1711995-10-21Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 13
9Li Xiangzhe5pKim Deok-gyu6pB+R2481995-11-02BC Card Cup, 06th1/8 Final - 3
10Kim Deok-gyu6pOh Gyu-cheol2pW+R1941988-04-15Paewang, 23rd1
11Seo Bongsoo9pKim Deok-gyu6pB+14.52311989-12-06Kuksu, 34thQualifications
12Kim Deok-gyu6pSeo Nung-uk9pB+1.52591995-05-11Mobile Cup, 5thLeague, Group B, game 02
13Song Taekon3pKim Deok-gyu7pB+R1752003-02-19KAT Cup, 3rd18
14Kim Deok-gyu6pYoo Changhyuk3pW+R2381990-02-21Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 07th1/8 Final - 5

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