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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
11p ?Kim Juho9pB+0.52822015-05-31  
2Alexander Dinerstein1p ?Kim Juho3pW+R1662003-01-09Wangwifirst
3An Cho-yeong7pKim Juho3pW+R2002003-05-16Wangwi, 37thLeague, game 21
4An Cho-yeong8pKim Juho4pW+2.52342004-05-10LG Seiyu Cup, 09th1/8 Final - 4
5Kim Juho4pAn Cho-yeong8pB+3.52722004-06-15Wangwi, 38thLeague, game 17
6Kim Juho6pAn Cho-yeong9pW+R2082005-11-12Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 107
7An Cho-yeong9pKim Juho6pB+R1692005-11-25Kiseong, 17thQuaterfinal - 2
8An Cho-yeong9pKim Juho8pB+R2252008-08-14Chunwon (Tengen), 13th1/8 Final - 4
9An Dalhun5pKim Juho3pW+R1982003-08-04Samsung Cup, 08thpreliminary final(group F)
10An Dalhun5pKim Juho4pW+0.53172004-05-14Wangwi, 38thLeague, game 15
11Kim Juho8pAn Hyungjun2pB+3.53372010-03-15KBS Badukwang, 29thWinners' Section, Round 1
12Kim Juho8pAn Sungjoon1p ?B+R1392009-09-24Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Hangame vs Team Hight Jinro
13Kim Juho9pAn Sungjoon5pB+0.53012013-09-27  
14bag'geonho [~]1p ?Kim Juho9pW+T1062015-06-13  
15Kim Juho9pbag'geonho [~]1p ?B+1.52542015-09-16  
16bag'gyeong'geun [~]3pKim Juho9pB+R2572015-06-28  
17bagjaegeun [~]1p ?Kim Juho9pB+R1792015-04-22  
18bagsiyeol(sin'anceon'ilyeom) [~]3pKim Juho9pB+R2612010-10-10  
19Kim Juho9pbag'yeongrong [~]2pB+R2052015-07-18  
20Cho Chikun9pKim Juho3pB+R1812003-08-27Samsung Cup, 08th1-12
21Cho Han-seong5pKim Juho3pB+R2712002-10-02New Star Match (Cn-Jp-Kor), 2ndkrkr1
22Cho Han-seong6pKim Juho3pB+1.52612003-04-24Wangwi, 37thLeague, game 13
23Kim Juho4pCho Han-seong7pW+R1422004-03-12Wangwi, 38thLeague, game 03
24Cho Han-seong8pKim Juho6pW+6.52822005-07-02Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 31
25Kim Juho6pCho Han-seong9pW+R1762006-05-28Korean Baduk League, 2006Park Land vs World Construction
26Cho Han-seong9pKim Juho7pB+1.53132007-11-16Korean Baduk League, 2007Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Shimsung Construction
27Cho Han-seong9pKim Juho8pB+R1672008-07-06Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team T Board
28Cho Han-seong9pKim Juho8pW+R2422009-06-25Korean Baduk League, 2009Team T Broad vs Team Hangame
29Cho Han-seong9pKim Juho9pW+0.52782013-04-28  
30Cho Han-seong9pKim Juho9pB+R1352013-08-30  
31Kim Juho3pCho Hunhyun9pB+R1232003-03-19Wangwi, 37thLeague, game 03
32Cho Hunhyun9pKim Juho4pB+R2352003-09-17Chunwon (Tengen), 08th2-3
33Kim Juho4pCho Hunhyun9pB+R1352004-06-24Wangwi, 38thLeague, game 23
34Cho Hunhyun9pKim Juho7pB+R1292008-02-01Myeongin, 36thpreliminary tournament final
35Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pKim Juho6pW+0.52412005-09-14Kiseong, 17th1/8 Final - 4
36Kim Juho6pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+5.52512005-10-13Baduk Masters "Samkukji", 2005 
37Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pKim Juho7pB+R1912006-06-05  
38Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pKim Juho7pB+R1512007-01-09Wonik Cup Siptan, 2ndQuaterfinal - 4
39Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pKim Juho7pW+Time2142007-07-06Nongshim Cup, 09thprimary tournament
40Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pKim Juho8pB+R1652009-07-02Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Hight Jinro vs Team Hangame
41Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pKim Juho9pW+R1642010-07-24  
42Kim Juho9pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1642015-07-16  
43Choi Kihoon3pKim Juho9pW+R1602010-05-08  
44Choi Munyong3pKim Juho1p ?B+R2392001-08-22KT Cup Masters, 1st1/16 Final - 08
45Choi Munyong4pKim Juho4pW+R1362004-02-06BC Card Cup, 14thgame 17
46Choi Wongyong2pKim Juho4pW+R1802004-01-08BC Card Cup, 14thgame 14
47Choi Wongyong4pKim Juho7pW+1.52482006-10-29Korean Baduk League, 2006 
48Kim Juho7pChoi Wongyong5pB+R1292007-05-13Korean Baduk League, 2007Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Shimsung Construction
49Kim Juho9pcoehong'yun [~]2pW+1.52902013-06-21  
50Kim Juho8pDing Wei9pW+R1302009-08-05Samsung Cup, 14th, integration preliminary tournament 
51gimhyeoncan [~]3pKim Juho9pB+R1712014-09-25  
52Kim Juho9pgimjinhwi [~]1p ?B+R1892013-06-24  
53Kim Juho7pHan Sanghoon1p ?B+R1332007-07-05Nongshim Cup, 09thprimary tournament
54Kim Juho7pHan Sanghoon3pW+R1942008-05-24Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team World Meridian
55Kim Juho9pHan Wonggyu3pB+R2362010-11-12  
56Han Wonggyu5pKim Juho9pB+4.52842014-04-29  
57Kim Juho8pHeo Yeongho6pW+R1562008-10-02Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
58Hong Kipyo6pKim Juho9pW+R1802015-07-29  
59Hong Minpyo4pKim Juho4pB+0.52632004-08-11Kiseong, 16th1/8 Final - 1
60Hong Minpyo4pKim Juho6pB+4,52992005-09-10Korean Baduk League, 2005 
61Kim Juho6pHong Minpyo5pB+R2472006-04-27Korean Baduk League, 2006Park Land vs GS KIXX
62Hong Minpyo5pKim Juho7pB+R1392007-06-23Korean Baduk League, 2007Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
63Hong Minpyo5pKim Juho7pB+R1992007-07-09Nongshim Cup, 09thPrimary tournament, Final
64Hong Minpyo6pKim Juho7pW+0.52252008-10-26Korean Baduk League 2008Team No.1 Fire Insurance vs Team Hangame
65Kim Juho8pHong Minpyo7pW+R1502009-11-07Korean Baduk League, 2009post season (Team Kixx vs Team Hangame
66Hong Seongji3pKim Juho4pW+R2462004-08-23Electron-Land Cup, 1st1/8 Final - 5
67Kim Juho6pHong Seongji4pB+2.52682006-01-26BC Card Cup, 16th1/8 Final - 5
68Kim Juho7pHong Seongji5pW+R2602007-12-14Korean Baduk League, 2007post season (Team Shimsung Construction vs Team No.1 Fire Insurance
69Kim Juho7pHong Seongji5pW+R1962008-02-13BC Card Cup, 18thQuaterfinal - 4
70Kim Juho9pHong Seongji9pW+R2182013-06-16  
71Kim Juho9phwangjaeyeon [~]2pB+3.52832013-11-01  
72hwangjaeyeon [~]3pKim Juho9pB+R1372015-09-26  
73Kim Juho9pihyeonho [~]3pW+R1602015-06-24  
74ihyeonho [~]3pKim Juho9pW+R1822015-09-19  
75Kim Juho4pJang Su-young9pB+R1432004-08-31Electron-Land Cup, 1stQuaterfinal - 1
76Jin Donggyu3pKim Juho7pW+R1902007-01-18BC Card Cup, 17th1/8 Final - 4
77Jin Siyoung5pKim Juho9pW+R2162013-04-12  
78Kang Dongyun4pKim Juho6pB+R1892006-03-21BC Card Cup, 16thQuaterfinal - 3
79Kang Dongyun9pKim Juho8pB+R1932009-08-30  
80Kang Dongyun9pKim Juho9pB+R1932010-09-13Siptan tournament, 06thPreliminaries
81Kang Yootaek2pKim Juho8pB+3.52652008-08-12Kuksu, 52nd1/8 Final - 2
82Kang Yootaek6pKim Juho9pB+R2032014-04-13  
83Kim Juho9pKang Yootaek6pB+R1272014-08-08  
84Kim Hyeomin6pKim Juho9pW+6.52692013-03-20  
85Kim Hyeonghwan2pKim Juho6pW+R1782005-10-17Baduk Masters "Samkukji", 2005game 10
86Kim Juho7pKim Hyeonghwan4pB+1.52722007-12-18BC Card Cup, 18th1/8 Final - 3
87Kim Hyeongwoo4pKim Juho8pB+R1772009-10-04Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Hangame
88Kim Juho9pKim Jinwoo5pB+R1572010-05-08  
89Kim Juho7pKim Jiseok4pW+R2042007-10-24Korean Baduk League, 2007Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team No.1 Fire Insurance
90Kim Juho8pKim Jiseok6pW+R2082009-11-19Korean Baduk League, 2009final round 1 (Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Hangame
91Kim Juho8pKim Jiseok7pW+R1822010-05-28Korean Baduk League, 2010Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Hangame
92Kim Juho9pKim Jiseok7pW+R1102011-03-13BC Card Cup World, 03th1/8 Final - 4
93Kim Juho9pKim Jiseok9pW+R982014-10-05  
94Kim Juho4pKim Kangkun4pB+R1732004-04-23Wangwi, 38thLeague, game 11
95Kim Juho7pKim Kiyoung4pB+0.52582008-05-10Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team Ulsan Dearche
96Kim Kiyoung4pKim Juho8pB+R1372008-09-07Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team Ulsan Dearche
97Kim Man-su6pKim Juho6pW+2.53212005-09-30  
98Kim Juho4pKim Myeongwan6pB+R2732004-01-30BC Card Cup, 14thgame 16
99Kim Juho4pKim Myeongwan6pW+R1942004-07-09Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 30
100Kim Juho9pKim Sedong4pW+R2062013-07-16  

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