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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Kim Seong-ryong9pKim Juho6pB+3.52542005-07-16Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 39
2Cho Hunhyun9pLee Changho9pW+R2062005-07-17Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 40
3Kim Jinwoo1p ?Seo Moosang5pW+R2202005-07-21Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 41
4Lee Yeongkyu4pHeo Yeongho4pB+R1912005-07-22Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 42
5Yun Chun-sang4pCho Han-seong8pB+11.52742005-07-23Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 43
6Mok Jinseok9pSong Taekon7pB+R2012005-07-24Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 44
7Weon Seongjin6pPark Jungsang5pB+R1652005-07-30Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 47
8Park Young-hun9pYoo Changhyuk9pB+5.52612005-07-31Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 48
9Lee Cheongwu5pKim Yeong-hwan7pB+R1892005-08-04Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 49
10Lee Heeseong6pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R1582005-08-05Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 50
11Kim Seong-ryong9pPark Jungsang5pB+0.52662005-08-06Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 51
12Park Young-hun9pLee Changho9pB+2.52382005-08-07Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 52
13Jiang Zhujiu9pSon Keun-ki2pB+R2072005-08-11Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 53
14An Dalhun6pPaek Hongseok3pW+R2182005-08-12Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 54
15Kim Juho6pWeon Seongjin6pW+R942005-08-13Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 55
16Yoo Changhyuk9pCho Hunhyun9pW+3.52622005-08-14Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 56
17Rui Naiwei9pLee Yeongkyu4pW+R2422005-08-19Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 58
18Cho Han-seong8pAn Cho-yeong9pB+6.52482005-08-20Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 59
19Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pMok Jinseok9pB+R2332005-08-21Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 60
20Song Taekon7pLee Sedol9pW+R1102005-08-28Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 64
21Lee Cheongwu5pJin Donggyu2pB+R2272005-09-01Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 65
22Rui Naiwei9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+R2492005-09-02Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 66
23Kim Seong-ryong9pAn Cho-yeong9pW+R1842005-09-03Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 67
24Cho Hunhyun9pLee Sedol9pB+R2512005-09-11Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 72
25Kim Yeong-hwan7pSeo Moosang5pW+R2582005-09-15Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 73
26Lee Yeongkyu4pLee Heeseong6pB+R2352005-09-16Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 74
27Park Jungsang5pCho Han-seong8pW+R2342005-09-17Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 75
28Mok Jinseok9pPark Young-hun9pW+9.53142005-09-18Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 76
29Kim Jinwoo1p ?Son Keun-ki2pW+4.53002005-09-22Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 77
30An Dalhun6pHeo Yeongho4pW+4.52592005-09-23Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 78
31Yun Chun-sang4pWeon Seongjin6pW+R1602005-09-24Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 79
32Hong Minpyo4pPark Jungsang5pW+R2562005-10-01Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 83
33Park Young-hun9pLee Sedol9pB+R2212005-10-02Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 84
34Mok Jinseok9pLee Changho9pW+R2422005-10-09Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 88
35Jin Donggyu2pSon Keun-ki2pW+R1582005-10-13Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 89
36An Dalhun6pRui Naiwei9pB+R2072005-10-14Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 90
37Yoo Changhyuk9pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+8.52332005-10-16Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 92
38Paek Hongseok4pHeo Yeongho4pW+R1522005-10-21Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 94
39Cho Hunhyun9pSong Taekon7pB+R2212005-10-23Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 96
40An Dalhun6pSeo Bongsoo9pW+R2142005-10-28Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 98
41Kim Seong-ryong9pWeon Seongjin6pW+R1322005-10-29Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 99
42Jin Donggyu2pLee Cheongwu5pB+2.53012005-12-01Korean Baduk League, 2005Playoff
43Seo Bongsoo9pRui Naiwei9pB+R1852005-12-02Korean Baduk League, 2005Playoff
44An Cho-yeong9pKim Seong-ryong9pB+R1652005-12-03Korean Baduk League, 2005Playoff
45Lee Changho9pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1762005-12-04Korean Baduk League, 2005Playoff
46Cho Han-seong8pAn Cho-yeong9pW+R2222005-12-10Korean Baduk League, 2005Playoff, Round 2
47Lee Cheongwu5pLee Jaeung4pW+R2502006-05-12Korean Baduk League, 2006 
48Lee Cheongwu5pSong Taekon8pW+3.52902006-10-27Korean Baduk League, 2006 
49Kim Jiseok3pYun Chun-sang4pW+R1522006-10-27Korean Baduk League, 2006 
50Oh Gyu-cheol9pHong Minpyo5pB+R2292006-10-28Korean Baduk League, 2006 
51Park Jungsang9pKang Dongyun5pW+R1982006-10-28Korean Baduk League, 2006 
52Cho Hunhyun9pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+3.52882006-10-29Korean Baduk League, 2006 
53Choi Wongyong4pKim Juho7pW+1.52482006-10-29Korean Baduk League, 2006 
54On Sojin3pYang Jae-ho9pW+3.52722006-11-02Korean Baduk League, 2006 
55Rui Naiwei9pKim Yeongsam7pB+2.52862006-11-02Korean Baduk League, 2006 
56Lee Yeongkyu6pAn Cho-yeong9pW+12.52442006-11-03Korean Baduk League, 2006 
57Mok Jinseok9pWeon Seongjin7pB+R2372006-11-03Korean Baduk League, 2006 
58Yun Seonghyun9pHong Seongji5pW+R2122006-11-04Korean Baduk League, 2006 
59Yoo Jaehyeon7pKim Hyeongwoo1p ?W+R1842006-11-04Korean Baduk League, 2006 
60Lee Changho9pLee Heeseong7pB+0.52522006-11-05Korean Baduk League, 2006 
61Park Young-hun9pKo Keuntae5pB+1.52322006-11-05Korean Baduk League, 2006 
62Lee Sedol9pKim Seung-jun9pB+R1732006-11-09Korean Baduk League, 2006 
63An Cho-yeong9pKim Jiseok3pW+R2342006-11-09Korean Baduk League, 2006 
64An Dalhun7pYang Jae-ho9pB+R2252006-11-10Korean Baduk League, 2006 
65Mok Jinseok9pSong Taekon8pW+4.52352006-11-10Korean Baduk League, 2006 
66Cho Hunhyun9pPark Young-hun9pB+R1692006-11-11Korean Baduk League, 2006 
67Lee Heeseong7pKang Dongyun5pB+R1532006-11-11Korean Baduk League, 2006 
68Kim Juho7pYun Seonghyun9pB+19.52772006-11-12Korean Baduk League, 2006 
69Kim Hyeongwoo1p ?Seo Gunwoo3pB+1.53422006-11-12Korean Baduk League, 2006 
70Cho Han-seong9pPark Jungsang9pB+4,52572006-11-16Korean Baduk League, 2006 
71Lee Jaeung5pLee Cheongwu5pB+R1572006-11-16Korean Baduk League, 2006 
72Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pYoo Changhyuk9pB+1.52682006-11-17Korean Baduk League, 2006 
73Yun Chun-sang4pHong Minpyo5pB+5.52372006-11-17Korean Baduk League, 2006 
74Lee Yeongkyu6pKim Yeong-hwan8pB+R2592006-11-18Korean Baduk League, 2006 
75Yoo Jaehyeon7pWeon Seongjin7pW+R1262006-11-18Korean Baduk League, 2006 
76Lee Changho9pKim Seong-ryong9pB+R1632006-11-19Korean Baduk League, 2006 
77On Sojin3pKo Keuntae5pW+0.52892006-11-19Korean Baduk League, 2006 
78Kim Hyeomin4pWeon Seongjin7pB+1.52582006-12-02Korean Baduk League, 2006 
79Kim Yeongsam7pKim Jiseok3pW+R2062006-12-02Korean Baduk League, 2006 
80Lee Sedol9pKim Seong-ryong9pW+0.52902006-12-03Korean Baduk League, 2006 
81Lee Yeongkyu6pAn Dalhun7pB+1.52432006-12-03Korean Baduk League, 2006 
82Song Taekon8pOn Sojin3pW+R2142006-12-03Korean Baduk League, 2006 
83Kim Yeongsam7pYoo Changhyuk9pB+5.53022006-12-09Korean Baduk League, 2006 
84Lee Cheongwu5pKim Seong-ryong9pB+R2372006-12-09Korean Baduk League, 2006 
85Cho Han-seong9pWeon Seongjin7pW+R2182006-12-10Korean Baduk League, 2006 
86Lee Yeongkyu6pKim Man-su6pB+R1872006-12-10Korean Baduk League, 2006 
87On Sojin3pYun Chun-sang4pW+R2102006-12-10Korean Baduk League, 2006 
88On Sojin3pPark Jungsang9pW+R2082006-12-14Korean Baduk League, 2006 
89Hong Minpyo5pKim Yeongsam7pB+R1712006-12-14Korean Baduk League, 2006 
90Weon Seongjin7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1482006-12-15Korean Baduk League, 2006 
91Choi Wongyong4pKim Seong-ryong9pW+R2322006-12-15Korean Baduk League, 2006 
92Kim Yeongsam7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+6.52332006-12-16Korean Baduk League, 2006 
93Lee Jaeung5pLee Yeongkyu6pB+1.53042006-12-16Korean Baduk League, 2006 
94Choi Wongyong4pWeon Seongjin7pW+2.52642006-12-17Korean Baduk League, 2006 
95On Sojin3pHong Minpyo5pW+10.52672006-12-17Korean Baduk League, 2006 
96Hong Minpyo5pKim Yeong-hwan8pB+R2252006-10-07Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Maeil Milk Industry
97Hong Seongji5pPark Jungsang9pW+R1902006-10-08Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Maeil Milk Industry
98Choi Wongyong4pLee Changho9pW+R1682006-10-08Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Maeil Milk Industry
99Yoo Jaehyeon7pCh'oe Ch'eol-hanGS Caltex CupW+8.52642006-10-08Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Maeil Milk Industry
100Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pMok Jinseok9pW+3.52562006-08-10Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Shimsung Construction

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