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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Zhou Kui3pϻ3pW+5.252432007-07-21  
2Zhou Kui4p2pW+R2142013-06-04  
3ų1p ?Zhou Kui4pB+1.52762009-06-02  
4Zhou Kui3pׯ԰3pB+R2092007-07-16  
5֮ӯ2pZhou Kui4pW+R1542012-06-26  
6Cao Dayuan9pZhou Kui2pW+4.52742004-07-01Chinese City League A, 6thRound 11
7Zhou Kui4pChen Xiaonan3pB+R1792009-04-28  
8Gu Li7pZhou Kui3pB+7.52262004-04-15Chinese City League A, 6th1
9Zhou Kui3pGuo Wenchao3pW+R1942007-07-19  
10Jia Yifan2pZhou Kui3pB+R1692007-07-15  
11Zhou Kui4pJian Lichen5pW+R2122010-12-01  
12Zhou Kui4pLi Huasong1p ?W+R2042002-04-25Chinese Cities League, Division B, 2002Round 7
13Li Huasong4pZhou Kui4pB+2,752802010-03-23  
14Zhou Kui3pLi Zhangyuan1p ?W+R1442008-04-25  
15Liu Jing8pZhou Kui2pB+1.52622004-10-21Chiuna City League A, 6thRound 14
16Liu Jing8pZhou Kui3pW+R2222005-08-20Chinese City League A, 7thRound 11
17Zhou Kui3pLiu Jing8pW+6.52572005-12-31Chinese City League A, 7thRound 22
18Zhou Kui4pLiu Shizheng7pW+R1932004-04-29 Round 2
19Zhou Kui3pLou Xi3pW+R1522009-04-29  
20Zhou Kui3pLuo Xihe9pW+R3282005-12-24Chinese City League A, 7thRound 21
21Ma Xiaochun9pZhou Kui2pB+R2132004-12-16Chinese City League A, 6thRound 22
22Zhou Kui3pMeng Lei3pW+R1862007-07-13  
23Meng Lei3pZhou Kui4pB+1.52572009-02-04  
24Meng Tailing4pZhou Kui4pB+1.52712009-06-13Chinese A League, 2009Team Sian vs Team Wuhan
25Peng Quan5pZhou Kui2pB+R572004-12-02  
26Zhou Kui3pPiao Wenyao5pW+R1682008-03-29Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Guizhou vs Team Wuhan
27Zhou Kui3pQiu Jun7pW+R2142005-06-25  
28Zhou Kui4pShao Weigang9pW+R1482008-11-29Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Shandong vs Team Wuhan
29Zhou Kui3pSun Li3pB+R2732007-07-20  
30Tan Xiao3pZhou Kui3pB+R1732007-07-17  
31Zhou Kui3pTu Qing3pB+R1072007-07-23  
32Wang Xi5pZhou Kui3pB+R2252005-05-07Chinese City League A, 7thRound 3
33Wang Yao6pZhou Kui3pB+R1292008-03-22Chinese City League A, 10thTeam Wuhan vs Team Yunnan
34Zhou Kui3pWang Yixin3pB+R1632007-07-24  
35Zhou Kui3pWang Yuhui7pW+2.52882004-11-18Chinese City League A, 6thRound 18
36Zhou Kui3pYan Huan3pB+R2772008-07-20Year 2008 Chinese Rank PromotionRound 8
37Ye Gui5pZhou Kui3pW+R1682009-04-27  
38Yu Ping6pZhou Kui3pB+R1232005-10-08Chinese City League A, 7thRound 13
39Zhao Shouxun3pZhou Kui4pW+R902004-06-10  
40Zhao Shouxun1p ?Zhou Kui1p ?B+1.52082004-11-25Chinese City League A, 6thRound 19
41Zhou Kui3pZhao Xinghua3pW+R1982007-07-12  
42Zhu Jianshun3pZhou Kui3pB+3.52312007-07-11Year 2007 Chinese Rank Promotion, round 1Round 1
43Zhu Yuanhao3pZhou Kui3pW+R1782007-07-25  

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