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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Li Xuan Hao3p2pB+1.52572011-12-28  
24pLi Xuan Hao5pW+0.52882016-04-30  
3Li Xuan Hao4pϻ5pB+R1292012-09-28  
4Li Xuan Hao2pХ2pW+R1482010-01-19  
54pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R1662016-06-16  
64pLi Xuan Hao6pW+R2582016-11-18  
7Ա2pLi Xuan Hao2pW+R1362009-12-29  
8Խ1p ?Li Xuan Hao4pW+R1702012-08-10  
9 6pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R1802015-04-29  
10١6 danLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1762011-11-18  
11Li Xuan Hao6pط6pW+R1622016-12-03  
12Li Xuan Hao5pһ3pW+0.53172013-11-02  
13Li Xuan Hao2p1p ?B+2,752842009-12-20  
14Li Xuan Hao3p¦4pB+3.53172011-06-25  
15¦5pLi Xuan Hao4pW+R2142013-07-24  
16Li Xuan Hao2pCai Jing2pB+R1632010-12-04  
17Li Xuan Hao3pCai Jing4pW+R1602012-03-19  
18Li Xuan Hao6pCai Jing6pB+R2412016-11-12  
19Chang Hao9pLi Xuan Hao5pB+3.53342016-03-07  
20Li Xuan Hao5pChen Hao4pB+R2092013-08-13  
21Li Xuan Hao2pDang Yifei3pB+1.53252009-11-21  
22Li Xuan Hao5pDang Yifei4pW+R1562014-01-17  
23Li Xuan Hao5pDang Yifei4pB+R2712014-07-09  
24Li Xuan Hao4pDing Wei9pW+R1422013-04-10  
25Duan Rong7pLi Xuan Hao2pW+R1262010-05-25  
26Li Xuan Hao4pFan Tingyu9pW+R2402013-06-02  
27Fan Tingyu9pLi Xuan Hao5pW+0.52732014-10-31  
28Li Xuan Hao1p ?Fan Yunruo6 danW+R1822008-09-18  
29Fan Yunruo3pLi Xuan Hao3pB+R1472012-07-13  
30Gu Lingyi5pLi Xuan Hao5p 3632014-11-25  
31Gu Zi Hao4pLi Xuan Hao5pB+R1772015-09-03  
32Han Han5pLi Xuan Hao2pB+R1852010-05-30  
33Hu Yaoyu8pLi Xuan Hao5pB+R1392014-05-16  
34Li Xuan Hao4pHu Yaoyu8pW+R1922014-06-03  
35Li Xuan Hao5pHu Yaoyu8pW+R1642015-05-20  
36Li Xuan Hao3pHu Yuefeng4pW+0.52962012-07-15  
37Li Xuan Hao5pHu Yuefeng5pW+R1962014-10-09  
38Li Xuan Hao5pHu Yuefeng5pW+2.52722015-04-22  
39Jiang Weijie9pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1662012-07-07  
40Jiang Weijie9pLi Xuan Hao5pB+R1792016-06-20  
41Li Xuan Hao6pJiang Weijie9pB+R1972016-11-21  
42Ke Jie3pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1622012-06-09  
43Kong Jie9pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R1702014-05-09  
44Li Xuan Hao4pLi He5pB+R1752013-03-28  
45Li Kang6pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R1682016-07-04  
46Li Ming3pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1882012-05-05  
47Li Ming5pLi Xuan Hao6pW+R2002016-10-10  
48Li Qincheng9pLi Xuan Hao6pB+R1652016-11-04  
49Li Xuan Hao5pLian Xiao7pW+R2102016-05-22  
50Li Xuan Hao5pLiao Xingwen5pW+R1962013-10-20  
51Li Xuan Hao5pLiao Xingwen5pW+R1822014-09-14  
52Liao Xingwen5pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R1822016-02-29  
53Liu Tong1p ?Li Xuan Hao1p ?W+R1702009-02-03  
54Li Xuan Hao3pLuo Xihe9pB+3.52842011-05-21  
55Li Xuan Hao1p ?Ma Ju-lung1p ?B+R1432009-04-26  
56Li Xuan Hao5pMao Ruilong4pB+R2152013-08-18  
57Mao Ruilong5pLi Xuan Hao6pB+R1612017-01-16  
58Li Xuan Hao1p ?Meng Tailing4pW+R2462009-02-04  
59Meng Tailing5pLi Xuan Hao2pB+3.53032009-11-20  
60Li Xuan Hao5pMeng Tailing6pB+R2452014-06-05  
61Mi Yuting3pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R2502011-09-29  
62Mi Yuting9pLi Xuan Hao6pW+0.52802016-09-12  
63Niu Yutian7pLi Xuan Hao2pB+R2572010-05-15  
64Niu Yutian7pLi Xuan Hao5pB+R1752014-05-18  
65Li Xuan Hao2pPark Man9pW+R2002011-05-07  
66Li Xuan Hao5pPark Man9pW+R2042014-06-28  
67Li Xuan Hao5pPark Man9pB+R1612015-06-30  
68Li Xuan Hao2pPeng Liyao5pW+R2022010-04-25  
69Li Xuan Hao5pPeng Liyao5pW+R1702015-05-08Mingren, 28th2
70Qin Yuexin3pLi Xuan Hao4pB+R1432013-06-05  
71Qiu Jun8pLi Xuan Hao3pB+R1372011-10-13  
72Li Xuan Hao6pryaowianheo [~]5pB+R1292016-10-28  
73Shi Yue9pLi Xuan Hao5pB+R1772015-03-09  
74Li Xuan Hao5pShi Yue9pW+R2062015-11-13  
75Song Ronghi5pLi Xuan Hao4pW+R1822013-06-05  
76Sun Li5pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1862011-11-17  
77Sun Mengxia3pLi Xuan Hao3pB+R1652011-06-22  
78Li Xuan Hao5pSun Tengyu7pW+R2242013-10-25  
79Tan Xiao4pLi Xuan Hao1p ?B+R1492009-04-27  
80Tan Xiao7pLi Xuan Hao5pB+R1772013-08-17  
81Tang Weixing3pLi Xuan Hao4pB+R1672012-11-10  
82Tang Weixing9pLi Xuan Hao5p 2342014-07-05  
83Tang Weixing9pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R1962014-11-22  
84Li Xuan Hao5pTang Weixing9pW+R1522015-07-11  
85Li Xuan Hao6pTang Weixing9pW+R2082016-10-08  
86Tao Xin4pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1582011-05-14  
87Li Xuan Hao2pTao Xinran3pB+1.52532010-01-25  
88Tao Xinran4pLi Xuan Hao3pB+R1792011-05-28  
89Tao Xinran4pLi Xuan Hao3pW+R1842012-04-28  
90Li Xuan Hao4pTao Xinran4pB+R2052013-07-18  
91Li Xuan Hao5pTao Xinran5pW+5.52622013-09-09  
92Tao Xinran5pLi Xuan Hao5pW+R3712014-01-14  
93Tao Xinran6pLi Xuan Hao6pW+R1882017-01-14  
94Li Xuan Hao5pTong Mengcheng4pB+R1892013-09-07  
95Li Xuan Hao5pTong Mengcheng4pW+R1542016-11-24  
96Tuo Jiaxi3pLi Xuan Hao3pB+3.52642012-06-23  
97Tuo Jiaxi3pLi Xuan Hao4pB+R1612013-05-16  
98Li Xuan Hao5pTuo Jiaxi9pW+R1842015-09-05  
99Wang Haoyang6pLi Xuan Hao4pW+R2302013-04-05  
100Li Xuan Hao5pWang Haoyang6pW+R1902014-09-07  

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