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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1An Cho-yeong7pHeo Yeongho2pB+R2012003-03-26Myeongin, 34th01
2An Cho-yeong8pHeo Yeongho3pB+R1512004-11-20Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 99
3Heo Yeongho6pAn Cho-yeong9pB+R1392008-04-12Korean Baduk League 2008Team T Board vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
4Heo Yeongho9pAn Cho-yeong9pW+R1982016-10-22  
5An Dalhun6pHeo Yeongho4pW+4.52592005-09-23Korean Baduk League, 2005Game 78
6Heo Yeongho5pAn Dalhun7pW+R2122006-10-05Korean Baduk League, 2006No.1 Fire Insurance vs Youngnam Ilbo
7An Hyungjun2pHeo Yeongho8pW+R1942011-05-22Korean Baduk League, 2011, post season 
8Heo Yeongho9pAn Hyungjun4pB+R2092015-05-12  
9Heo Yeongho9pAn Jungki1p ?B+0.52472016-06-26Korean Baduk League, 2016Team Kixx vs Team Shinan Chunil Salt
10An Kukhyun2pHeo Yeongho7pB+1.52912010-07-03  
11An Sungjoon3pHeo Yeongho9pW+3.53162012-05-01Prices Information Cup, 08thblock-B
12Heo Yeongho9pAn Sungjoon3pW+R1962012-06-11Prices Information Cup, 08thblock-B
13Heo Yeongho9pAn Sungjoon3pW+R2522012-08-02  
14Heo Yeongho9pAn Sungjoon7pW+R1862016-09-03  
15Heo Yeongho9pbagmingyu [~]2pB+R2292012-09-01  
16Heo Yeongho9pbag'yeongrong [~]1p ?B+0.52042012-07-06  
17Cai Jing2pHeo Yeongho7pW+R2392010-04-23LG Cup, 15th, integration preliminary tournamentFinal
18Heo Yeongho7pChang Hao9pB+R2272009-05-18LG Cup, 14th1/16 Final - 02
19Chang Hao9pHeo Yeongho7pW+0.52632010-03-29Chunlan Cup, 08th1/8 Final
20Chen Seuyen2pHeo Yeongho2pW+R1182003-05-22Korean New Star Cup, 3rd08
21Heo Yeongho7pChen Seuyen8pB+R1372010-01-16BC Card Cup World, 02nd1/32 Final - 07
22Chen Xiaonan3pHeo Yeongho8pB+R2372011-05-13  
23Cho Daehyun9pHeo Yeongho7pW+R1682010-11-22Siptan tournament, 06th2
24Heo Yeongho1p ?Cho Han-seong5pW+R2262003-01-26  
25Cho Han-seong7pHeo Yeongho3pW+R1842004-04-26LG Seiyu Cup, 09th1/8 Final - 3
26Cho Han-seong7pHeo Yeongho3pB+R1752004-10-09Korean Baduk League, 2004Game 75
27Heo Yeongho5pCho Han-seong9pB+R2922006-11-28  
28Cho Han-seong9pHeo Yeongho7pW+R2362009-10-22Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Batoo vs Team T Broad
29Heo Yeongho9pCho Han-seong9pW+R2182014-12-11  
30Cho Han-seong9pHeo Yeongho9pW+R1442016-09-22  
31Heo Yeongho2pCho Hunhyun9pB+0.53162003-07-03Myeongin, 34thLeague
32Cho Hunhyun9pHeo Yeongho5pW+R1922006-07-27Korean Baduk League, 2006Park Land vs Youngnam Ilbo
33Cho Hyeongwuk3pHeo Yeongho3pW+R2602004-06-23Korean New Star Cup, 4thgame 11
34Cho Hyeyeon9pHeo Yeongho9pB+R2212014-01-03  
35Cho U9pHeo Yeongho2pB+1.52532003-10-23Nongshim Cup, 05th1-02
36Heo Yeongho4pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R2442005-10-11Baduk Masters "Samkukji", 2005game 06
37Heo Yeongho5pCh'oe Ch'eol-hanGS Caltex CupW+R1602006-09-29Kiseong, 18th1/8 Final - 5
38Heo Yeongho5pCh'oe Ch'eol-hanGS Caltex CupW+4.52522006-10-22Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Youngnam Ilbo
39Heo Yeongho6pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pB+R1752007-06-22Prices Information Cup, 03rdLeague C
40Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pHeo Yeongho6pB+3.52952008-05-30Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team T Board
41Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pHeo Yeongho6pW+R1902008-11-22Korean Baduk League 2008post season (Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team No.1 Fire Insurance
42Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pHeo Yeongho6pB+R2252009-02-13Fujitsu Cup, 22nd, preliminary tournament 
43Heo Yeongho7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1942010-04-01Prices Information Cup, 06thLeague
44Heo Yeongho7pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R2082010-09-14  
45Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pHeo Yeongho8pW+R1702011-03-10BC Card Cup World, 03th1/8 Final - 1
46Heo Yeongho9pCh'oe Ch'eol-han9pW+R1682011-10-22Korean Baduk League, 2011Team Hite Jinro vs Team Tbroad
47Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pHeo Yeongho9pB+R2452014-02-20GS Caltex Cup, 19th2
48Ch'oe Ch'eol-han9pHeo Yeongho9pW+1.52812016-05-19  
49Choi Hyunjae2pHeo Yeongho9pB+R1532015-07-25Korean Baduk League, 2015Team Kixx vs Team SK Enclean
50Choi Kihoon4pHeo Yeongho9pW+2.52892012-06-30  
51Heo Yeongho9pChoi Myunghun9pB+13.53532012-07-29  
52Heo Yeongho5pChoi Wongyong4pW+R1962006-06-24Korean Baduk League, 2006GS KIXX vs Youngnam Ilbo
53Choi Wongyong5pHeo Yeongho6pW+R1742008-06-29Korean Baduk League 2008Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Ulsan Dearche
54Dong Zheng1p ?Heo Yeongho2pW+2.52652003-12-23New Star Match (Cn-Jp-Kor), 3rd1, Korea-Tianjin(Cn), Board 8
55Heo Yeongho9pgimmyeonghun [~]2pB+R1512015-05-17  
56gimmyeonghun [~]2pHeo Yeongho9pW+R1962015-07-17  
57Gu Li9pHeo Yeongho6pB+R1292009-03-27BC Card Cup World, 01st1/8 Final - 2
58Gu Li9pHeo Yeongho7pW+R1902010-09-09Samsung Cup, 15th1/16 Final, 2-06
59Heo Yeongho7pGu Li9pW+2.52722010-12-07Samsung Cup, 15thFinal, game 1
60Gu Li9pHeo Yeongho7pW+R2482010-12-09Samsung Cup, 15thFinal, game 2
61Gu Li9pHeo Yeongho7pB+R1992010-12-10Samsung Cup, 15thFinal, game 3
62Heo Yeongho8pGu Li9pB+R2952011-03-05Zhaoshang Cup, 1st1-05
63Heo Yeongho8pGu Li9pW+R1942011-04-20BC Card Cup World, 03thSemifinal - 2
64Gu Li9pHeo Yeongho9pW+R1942015-09-08Samsung Cup, 20thWinners' Section, 1st round
65Gu Lingyi3pHeo Yeongho4pW+R2082005-08-29Samsung Cup, 10thPreliminaries
66Heo Yeongho6pGu Lingyi5pB+R2492009-04-18LG Cup, 14th, integration preliminary tournament 
67Heo Yeongho9pGu Lingyi5pW+R2642011-06-29Chunlan Cup, 08thFinal for 3rd place
68Han Chong-chin7pHeo Yeongho6pW+R1802007-09-17Wonik Cup Siptan, 3rd1
69Han Sanghoon4pHeo Yeongho7pB+R1992009-10-02Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Hight Jinro vs Team Batoo
70Heo Yeongho7pHan Sanghoon5pB+R2112010-07-16Nongshim Cup, 12th, preliminary tournament 
71Heo Yeongho7pHan Sanghoon5pB+R1692010-10-03  
72Heo Yeongho8pHan Sanghoon5pW+0.53072011-04-06  
73Han Sanghoon6pHeo Yeongho9pW+R2622012-07-12  
74Heo Yeongho9pHan Seungjoo4pW+R2342016-10-07  
75Heo Yeongho9pHan Taehee2pB+R1712012-03-03BC Card Cup World, 04th1
76Han Wonggyu2pHeo Yeongho7pB+0.52842009-08-23Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Hangame vs Team Batoo
77Heo Yeongho7pHane Naoki9pB+R1832010-09-08Samsung Cup, 15th1/16 Final, 1-15
78Hong Jangsik4pHeo Yeongho3pW+R1242005-02-15BC Card Cup, 15thgame 17
79Hong Kipyo4pHeo Yeongho9pW+R1942011-07-05Kuksu, 55th1/8 Final - 8
80Heo Yeongho9pHong Kipyo4pW+2.53212011-07-22  
81Hong Kipyo6pHeo Yeongho9pB+R1592015-07-07  
82Hong Minpyo6pHeo Yeongho6pB+5.52802009-03-24  
83Heo Yeongho7pHong Minpyo7pB+2.52722009-08-29Korean Baduk League, 2009Team Kixx vs Team Batoo
84Heo Yeongho7pHong Minpyo7pW+R2782010-07-21Nongshim Cup, 12th, preliminary tournament 
85Hong Minpyo4pHeo Yeongho7pW+R1702010-09-17Kuksu, 54thQuaterfinal - 1
86Heo Yeongho3pHong Seongji3pB+R1652004-06-29Korean New Star Cup, 4thgame 12
87Heo Yeongho4pHong Seongji4pW+4.52892005-04-25Osram Cup, 5thgame 01
88Hong Seongji5pHeo Yeongho6pW+3.52682007-12-20Korean Baduk League, 2007final round 1 (Team Yeongnam Ilbo vs Team Shimsung Construction
89Heo Yeongho6pHong Seongji5pB+3.52652007-12-24  
90Heo Yeongho6pHong Seongji6pW+6.52622008-06-06Korean Baduk League 2008Team Hangame vs Team Yeongnam Ilbo
91Hong Seongji8pHeo Yeongho7pW+R2382010-06-27  
92Heo Yeongho9pHong Seongji9pW+R2282013-04-12  
93Hu Yaoyu8pHeo Yeongho6pW+1.53092009-03-22BC Card Cup World, 01st1/16 Final - 16
94Heo Yeongho6pHuang Yizhong6pB+R2432008-04-24LG Cup, 13thintegration preliminary tournament
95Huang Yizhong7pHeo Yeongho7pW+R1842009-09-10Samsung Cup, 14th1/16 Final, 1-15
96Heo Yeongho7pHuang Yizhong7pB+R1472009-09-12Samsung Cup, 14th1/16 Final, 3-7
97Iyama Yuta7pHeo Yeongho5pB+R1632006-11-14Asian New Star Match, 07th2
98Jin Donggyu2pHeo Yeongho4pW+3.52922005-09-08  
99Heo Yeongho6pJin Donggyu3pW+2.52492007-06-26SK New Star best 10, 11thLeague A
100Heo Yeongho7pJin Donggyu5pB+R2052010-07-12  

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