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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Zhang Wendong9pWang Dongliang5pB+7.52632002-06-13Chinese City League A, 4th1-9-i
2Yue Liang3pWang Yang5pW+R2502002-06-13Chinese City League A, 4th1-9-j
3Kong Jie6pWang Xi4pW+4.51882002-06-13Chinese City League A, 4th1-9-k
4Wang Yang5pMa Xiaochun9pW+1.53102002-06-20Chinese City League A, 4th1-a-5
5Peng Quan4pZhang Wendong9pW+R1722002-06-20Chinese City League A, 4th1-a-6
6Lin Feng5pYu Bin9pW+R1302002-06-20Chinese City League A, 4th1-a-7
7Zhu Songli5pKong Jie6pW+R1242002-06-20Chinese City League A, 4th1-a-8
8Yoo Changhyuk9pQiu Jun6pW+R2042002-06-20Chinese City League A, 4th1-a-k
9Zhou Heyang9pDing Wei8pW+R1522002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-8
10Yang Yi4pLiu Shizheng6pB+R2212002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-9
11Li Jie4pShao Weigang9pB+R1532002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-b
12Park Sung-cheol2pKong Jie6pW+R1462002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-l
13Lin Feng5pZhao Shouxun3pW+R1942002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-m
14Nie Weiping9pWang Yang5pB+R1992002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-n
15Zhang Wendong9pWang Yuhui7pW+0.51992002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4th1-b-o
16Tian Zhou3pLin Feng5pW+6.53052002-09-05Chinese City League A, 4th211
17Wang Yang5pHuang Yizhong6pW+2.52612002-09-05Chinese City League A, 4th212
18Zhang Wendong9pLiu Xing6pW+R1422002-09-05Chinese City League A, 4th214
19Wang Yang5pDong Yan7pW+R1682002-09-09Chinese City League A, 4th2-1-l
20Chang Hao9pLee Changho9pW+R2122002-09-12Chinese City League A, 4th2-2-d
21Kim Yeongsam5pLin Feng5pB+R1992002-09-12Chinese City League A, 4th2-2-l
22Kong Jie6pZhou Junjie5pB+R1852002-09-12Chinese City League A, 4th2-2-m
23Hang Tianpeng4pWang Yang5pB+R1732002-09-12Chinese City League A, 4th2-2-n
24Zhang Wendong9pLiang Weitang9pB+R1232002-09-12Chinese City League A, 4th2-2-o
25Luo Xihe9pZhou Junjie5pW+R2262002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-1
26Hang Tianpeng4pHuang Yizhong6pW+R2062002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-2
27Kim Yeongsam5pLiu Xing6pW+0.52562002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-4
28Kong Jie7pXie He5pB+R1132002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-5
29Wu Xinyu6pLin Feng5pW+R2442002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-6
30Zhang Wendong9pCao Dayuan9pB+1.52962002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-7
31Kim Yeong-hwan6pWang Yang5pW+8.52882002-10-10Chinese City League A, 4th2-3-8
32Hu Yaoyu7pKong Jie7pW+R2382002-10-19Chinese City League A, 4th2-4
33Chang Hao9pWang Yang5pB+R2492002-10-19Chinese City League A, 4th2-4-h
34Zhang Wendong9pLiu Shizheng6pB+R1692002-10-19Chinese City League A, 4th2-4-i
35Lin Feng5pQiu Jun6pW+4.52702002-10-19Chinese City League A, 4th2-4-k
36Gu Li7pKong Jie7pW+R2522002-10-24Chinese City League A, 4th2-5-9
37Liu Jing8pLin Feng5pW+14,52692002-10-24Chinese City League A, 4th2-5-a
38Zhang Wendong9pZhou Heyang9pW+R1962002-10-24Chinese City League A, 4th2-5-b
39Wang Yang5pMok Jinseok6pW+R1522002-10-24Chinese City League A, 4th2-5-c
40Wang Lei2pKong Jie7pW+R1982002-10-31Chinese City League A, 4th2-6-d
41Zhang Wendong9pDong Yan7pW+R2162002-10-31Chinese City League A, 4th2-6-e
42Wang Yang5pLi Junkai5pB+R1532002-10-31Chinese City League A, 4th2-6-g
43Cho Hunhyun9pDong Yan7pW+R2232002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-9
44Li Junkai5pHang Tianpeng4pW+R1662002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-a
45Zhou Junjie5pWang Lei3pB+R1872002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-b
46Zhao Xinghua3pLi Zhe3pW+0.53062002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-c
47Zhang Wendong9pWang Lei8pW+R2382002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-d
48Kong Jie7pWang Yao5pB+R1272002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-f
49Duan Rong6pLin Feng5pW+2.52732002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4th2-7-g
50Zhu Yi5pZhao Shouxun3pB+R1772002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-5
51Zhao Zhelun3pWang Dongliang6pB+5.52602002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-6
52Wang Xi4pNie Weiping9pB+3.53022002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-7
53Park Sung-cheol2pYue Liang3pW+R1642002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-8
54Yu Ping6pKong Jie7pW+R1502002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-9
55Zhang Wendong9pLi Jie4pB+R2212002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-a
56Wang Yang5pYang Yi5pW+R942002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-c
57Cao Dayuan9pDong Yan7pW+R1602002-11-14Chinese City League A, 4th2-8-k
58Cho Hunhyun9pSong Xuelin9pB+R1672002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-d
59Yu Ping6pHang Tianpeng4pB+R2652002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-e
60Zhou Junjie5pLi Jie4pB+R2782002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-f
61Yang Yi5pLi Zhe2pB+1.53142002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-g
62Wang Xi4pLin Feng5pB+R1352002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-i
63Zhang Wendong9pYue Liang3pW+R1622002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-j
64Wang Dongliang5pWang Yang5pW+4.52502002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4th2-9-k
65Kohno Rin6pLin Feng5pW+2.52192002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-5
66Zhang Wendong9pYu Bin9pW+R2202002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-6
67Ma Xiaochun9pWang Yang5pB+R1432002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-7
68Wang Bogang4pPeng Quan5pW+4.52582002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-8
69Wang Xi4pKim Yeongsam5pB+R2272002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-9
70Hang Tianpeng4pZhu Yi5pW+R1742002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-a
71Yue Liang3pLi Jie3pW+2.52442002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-b
72Zhou Junjie5pWang Dongliang6pW+R1982002-11-28Chinese City League A, 4th2-a-c
73Luo Xihe9pDong Yan7pW+R2322002-12-01Chinese City League A, 4th2-b-1
74Kong Jie7pNie Weiping9pW+R1322002-12-01Chinese City League A, 4th2-b-l
75Zhao Zhelun3pLin Feng5pW+R1642002-12-01Chinese City League A, 4th2-b-m
76Wang Yang5pPark Sung-cheol2pB+R1432002-12-01Chinese City League A, 4th2-b-n
77Wang Yuhui7pZhang Wendong9pW+R1402002-12-01Chinese City League A, 4th2-b-o
78Ma Xiaochun9pCho Hunhyun9pW+R2702002-06-27Chinese City League A, 4thRound 11
79Yu Ping6pMa Xiaochun9pB+1.52612002-10-31Chinese City League A, 4thRound 17
80Ding Wei8pWang Yang5pB+R2172002-11-07Chinese City League A, 4thRound 18
81Kong Jie6pRuan Yunsheng7pB+R1972002-04-08Chinese City League A, 4thRound 2
82Wang Lei8pLiu Xing6pB+R2072002-04-08Chinese City League A, 4thRound 2
83Zhou Junjie5pWang Yang5pW+R2042002-04-08Chinese City League A, 4thRound 2
84Kim Yeongsam3pLin Feng5pB+R1732002-04-08Chinese City League A, 4thRound 2
85Zhang Wendong9pHang Tianpeng4pB+R1532002-04-08Chinese City League A, 4thRound 2
86Kong Jie7pZhu Yi5pB+R2052002-11-21Chinese City League A, 4thRound 20
87Gu Li6pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R2762002-12-01Chinese City League A, 4thRound 22
88Dong Yan7pWang Xi4pB+3.53012002-04-18Chinese City League A, 4thRound 3
89Hu Yaoyu6pKong Jie6pW+R2322002-04-25Chinese City League A, 4thRound 4
90Zhou Heyang9pPark Sung-cheol2pB+3.52232002-04-25Chinese City League A, 4thRound 4
91Yu Bin9pYoo Changhyuk9pW+R2162002-05-09Chinese City League A, 4thRound 5
92Gu Li7pKim Yeongsam5pW+R2022002-05-13Chinese City League A, 4thRound 6
93Kono Rin6pLiu Xing6pW+2.52562002-06-06Chinese City League A, 4thRound 8
94Wang Lei8pKim Yeongsam5pB+R1152002-06-06Chinese City League A, 4thRound 8
95Cao Hengting3pDing Wei8pW+R2122002-06-13Chinese City League A, 4thRound 9
96Qiu Jun6pDong Yan7pB+R1892002-06-13Chinese City League A, 4thRound 9
97Zhu Songli6pHu Yaoyu7pW+R2712003-04-07Chinese City League A, 5th 
98Wang Yimin7pQiu Jun6pW+R2102003-04-07Chinese City League A, 5th 
99Wang Xi4pKong Jie7pB+R2452003-10-23Chinese City League A, 5th14
100Chang Hao9pNie Weiping9pW+R1502003-10-23Chinese City League A, 5thRound 14

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