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# Black player Rank White player Rank Result # moves Date Event Round
1Zhou Ruiyang9pPark Young-hun9pW+R2042016-03-28Chunlan Cup, 11th2nd round
2Lian Xiao7pKang Dongyun9pB+R1732016-03-28Chunlan Cup, 11th2nd round
3Shi Yue9pTan Xiao7pW+R1622016-03-28Chunlan Cup, 11th2nd round
4Ke Jie9pLi Xuanhao5pB+R1752016-03-28Chunlan Cup, 11th2nd round
5Kono Rin9pGu Zihao4pW+R1822016-03-28Chunlan Cup, 11th2nd round
6Park Young-hun9pLian Xiao7pB+R2152016-12-20Chunlan Cup, 11th3rd round
7Tuo Jiaxi9pTan Xiao7pW+R2502016-12-20Chunlan Cup, 11th3rd round
8Gu Zihao5pKim Jiseok9pB+1.52732016-12-21Chunlan Cup, 11th3rd round
9Ke Jie9pMi Yuting9pB+R1792016-12-22Chunlan Cup, 11th3rd round
10Xu Haohong3pWang Yuanjun7pB+12592016-02-16Chunlan Cup, 11thpreliminary tournament, Final
11Tan Xiao7pGu Zihao5pB+R1652016-12-22Chunlan Cup, 11thSemifinal
12Chung Dae-sang2pLee Dong-gyu6pB+2.52621985-09-26Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
13Cheon Pung-jo6pYu Keon-chae6pW+R1521985-10-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
14Yi Pong-keun6pWhang Won-jun5pW+R1701985-10-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
15Kang Man-u4pJang Su-young7pW+3.52211985-12-04Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
16Kim Dongmyeon6pKim Su-jang6pW+4.52601985-12-04Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
17Jang Du-jin6pSeo Bongsoo8pW+3.52281985-12-13Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
18Paek Seongho6pKo Jae-hee6pB+R2171985-12-17Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
19Kim Jae-gu7pKim In9pW+3.52821985-12-18Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
20Ha Chan-seok7pCho Hunhyun9pB+2.52301986-06-23Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd 
21Chung Dae-sang2pJang Su-young7pW+R2401986-01-10Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
22Paek Seongho6pKang Hun6pW+0.52841986-01-10Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
23Jeong Soo-hyun5pSeo Bongsoo8pB+4,52701986-01-23Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
24Kim In9pWhang Won-jun5pB+0.52311986-02-07Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
25Yu Keon-chae6pCho Hunhyun9pW+R2241986-02-11Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
26Kim Su-jang6pMoon Young-jik3pW+R2141986-02-11Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
27Ha Chan-seok7pSeo Nung-uk7pB+1.52081986-02-17Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
28Moon Young-jik3pJeong Soo-hyun5pW+R1281986-03-07Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rd1
29Ha Chan-seok7pSeo Moosang2pB+12.52831986-03-07Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rdQuaterfinal
30Jang Su-young7pKang Hun6pW+R1661986-03-17Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rdQuaterfinal
31Kim In9pCho Hunhyun9pW+2.52431986-03-31Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rdQuaterfinal
32Kang Hun6pHa Chan-seok7pW+2.52601986-04-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rdQuaterfinal
33Yang Sangguk6pHan Seongyeol4pB+R2351985-09-24Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rdSemifinal
34Jeong Soo-hyun5pCho Hunhyun9pW+R2381986-04-21Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 03rdSemifinal
35Kim Dong-yeop2pKim Su-jang6pB+9.52701986-09-11Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 1
36Cho Hunhyun9pKim Hyojung7pB+R1811986-09-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 2
37Seo Moosang3pYim Sun-gun5pB+R1951986-10-29Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 3
38Seo Bongsoo8pJeong Soo-hyun5pW+3.52391986-11-10Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 4
39Yang Sangguk6pYun Ki-hyun8pW+R1981986-11-20Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 5
40Ha Chan-seok7pKang Hun6pW+6.52351986-12-12Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 6
41Seo Nung-uk8pYoo Changhyuk3pB+2.52431986-01-06Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 7
42Li Jionglu3pKim In9pW+R1741987-02-04Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04th1/8 Final - 8
43Kim In9pKang Hun6pW+R1741987-05-06Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thFinal, game 1
44Kang Hun6pKim In9pB+R1151987-05-22Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thFinal, game 2
45Kim In9pKang Hun6pB+R1191987-06-05Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thFinal, game 3
46Kang Hun6pKim In9pB+1.52271987-06-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thFinal, game 4
47Yim Sun-gun4pNoh Young-ha7pB+R1371986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
48Li Jionglu3pJang Su-young7pB+R1751986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
49Yun Ki-hyun8pHong Tae-sun6pB+R1651986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
50Seo Nung-uk8pKim Il-whan6pB+R1611986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
51Kim Hyojung7pCheon Pung-jo6pB+R1331986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
52Yang Sangguk6pKim Su-young6pB+R2151986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
53Kim Dong-yeop2pKim Dongmyeon3pB+R2171986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
54Lee Dong-gyu7pSeo Moosang2pW+R1841986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
55Hong Jong-hyun6pYoo Changhyuk2pW+R1401986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
56Seo Bongsoo8pOh Gyu-cheol1p ?B+R1271986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
57Yi Pong-keun6pKim Su-jang6 danW+R2201986-07-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
58Kim In9pChung Dae-sang2pB+R1251986-07-19Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQualifications
59Seo Nung-uk8pYun Ki-hyun8pB+R1751987-02-09Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQuaterfinal - 1
60Kang Hun6pJeong Soo-hyun5pB+R2011987-02-17Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQuaterfinal - 2
61Kim Dong-yeop2pCho Hunhyun9pB+R1691987-02-25Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQuaterfinal - 3
62Seo Moosang3pKim In9pW+R1941987-03-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thQuaterfinal - 4
63Kang Hun6pSeo Nung-uk8pB+2.52921987-03-16Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thSemifinal - 1
64Kim Dong-yeop2pKim In9pW+8.52441987-04-14Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 04thSemifinal - 2
65Moon Young-jik4pYim Sun-gun5pB+R1911987-12-04Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
66Kim Jwa-gi5pPark Yeongchan1p ?B+32851987-12-04Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
67Seo Nung-uk8pKim In9pW+R2711987-12-11Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
68Paek Seongho6pKang Hun7pB+R1991988-01-04Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
69Jeong Soo-hyun5pYang Jae-ho5pW+R1041988-01-08Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
70Kim Dong-yeop3pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1781988-01-25Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
71Seo Moosang3pSeo Bongsoo9pW+62781988-02-03Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1
72Heo Janghoi6pJang Su-young8pW+R3021987-12-17Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05th1/8 Final - 4
73Cho Hunhyun9pMoon Young-jik4pB+R1491988-06-10Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thFinal, game 3
74Paek Seongho6pJang Su-young8pW+R2001988-02-12Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thQuaterfinal
75Moon Young-jik4pKim Jwa-gi5pB+42661988-02-22Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thQuaterfinal
76Kim In9pCho Hunhyun9pW+112401988-03-07Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thQuaterfinal
77Seo Bongsoo9pYang Jae-ho6pW+3.52971988-03-18Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thQuaterfinal
78Jang Su-young8pMoon Young-jik4pW+R1761988-04-01Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thSemifinal
79Yang Jae-ho6pCho Hunhyun9pW+R2281988-04-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thSemifinal
80Cho Hunhyun9pMoon Young-jik4pB+R1511988-05-14Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thTitle match, game 1
81Moon Young-jik4pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1781988-05-31Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 05thTitle match, game 2
82Jang Su-young8pJang Su-young5pB+R1351988-10-18Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 1
83Paek Seongho7pMoon Young-jik4pW+1.52891988-11-08Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 2
84Paek Seongho4pSeo Nung-uk8pW+R2101988-11-18Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 3
85Hong Tae-sun7pKim Jae-gu7pB+R1551988-11-18Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 4
86Yang Jae-ho6pJang Su-young7pB+R1151988-11-18Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 5
87Whang Won-jun8pHong Jong-hyun6pB+R1571988-12-07Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 6
88Kang Hun7pLee Dong-gyu7pB+R1571988-12-22Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 7
89Seo Bongsoo9pCho Hunhyun9pW+R2481989-01-09Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06th1/8 Final - 8
90Seo Bongsoo9pCho Hunhyun9pW+0.53261989-05-29Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thFinal, game 1
91Cho Hunhyun9pSeo Bongsoo9pB+R1811989-06-17Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thFinal, game 2
92Seo Bongsoo9pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1641989-06-27Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thFinal, game 3
93Yang Jae-ho6pSeo Nung-uk8pB+32601989-01-20Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thQuaterfinal - 1
94Kang Hun7pMoon Young-jik4pB+R1611989-01-20Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thQuaterfinal - 2
95Hong Tae-sun7pCho Hunhyun9pW+R1841989-02-10Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thQuaterfinal - 3
96Jang Su-young8pHa Chan-seok8pB+R2091989-03-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thQuaterfinal - 4
97Jang Su-young8pYang Jae-ho6pB+52811989-04-10Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thSemifinal - 1
98Kang Hun7pCho Hunhyun9pW+R2561989-05-19Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 06thSemifinal - 2
99Yim Sun-gun6pWhang Won-jun6pW+2.52311989-12-15Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 07th1/8 Final - 1
100Kang Cheol-min7pJang Su-young8pW+11.52041990-01-09Chunwon (Tengen) Old, 07th1/8 Final - 2

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